Friday, March 27, 2009

Sam Peter vs Eddie Chambers Predictions

Sam Peter, weighing in at a career high 265 pounds, returns to the ring for the first time since his one sided drubbing at the hands of Vitali Klitschko back in October. His opponent, Eddie Chambers, who's on a three fight winning streak since losing to Alexander Povetkin last year, tipped the scales at a none too lean 223 pounds.

Check out what The Boxing Bulletin writers have to say on the match-up...

I give Peter very little chance of making this competitive. I liked Chambers the whole time, even before the weigh-in. Peter can get some things done against a banger, but he isn't good at cutting off the ring and I honestly don't see him landing cleanly with anything all night. Chambers by shutout decision. - Mark Lyons

I saw little reason to believe Peter would beat Chambers before news that he weighed in 12 pounds heavier than he did in his last fight. Now I see virtually no reason. His career high weight is just indicative of the downward turn his career has taken in recent years.

Of course, Peter has a puncher's chance. But Fast Eddie is sturdy, and will dominate the fight down the stretch to win a wide decision. - Michael Nelson

The Sam Peter experiment has come to an end. Obviously he no longer has respect for himself, his opponent, his management (who never should have taken this fight anyway) or the sport, so good riddance to him.

Even if he was in shape, Chambers would have given him Hell, but since he decided that discipline isn't really necessary in professional boxing, he could get embarrassed yet again.

Chambers by wide, slow decision is my pick, but I wouldn't be surprised if Peter pulled the plug on his career. -Lee Payton

I've never rated the cumbersome Peter. I think Chambers will be too fast, strong and hungry for Peter to cope with. Chambers by wide decision. - Dave Oakes

Chambers can fight, and Peter needed to show up in shape to have a chance at winning this one. 265? Come'on Sam, what are you thinking? Unless the big guy lands something very damaging early, and I think that's far from likely, he's going to get beaten handily.


Michael Nelson said...

I'm about to watch Holmes/Witherspoon again to wash the taste out my mouth.

Andy said...

There are brief moments every so often when Chambers looks like he wouldn't be out of place with those guys. If only he could maintain that desire for more than occasional bursts of 10-15 seconds, he could do some good things. Losing that spare tire would be a step in the right direction.

MJL99 said...

It's hard to imagine either guy lasting five rounds with Holyfield. Not prime, now.