Monday, November 16, 2009

Nonito Donaire Sr. Discusses Marvin Sonsona's Upcoming Fight

The Boxing Bulletin's Ivan Montiel had a chance to chat briefly with Filipino southpaw Marvin Sonsona's co-trainer Nonito Donaire Sr (pictured) about this Saturday's fight against Mexican Alejandro Hernandez.

Photo © Giordano Ciampini

Ivan Montiel: I've heard Sonsona still has to lose a bit of weight. How's that coming?

Nonito Donaire Sr: Well Sonsona is 6 pounds over at this point in time, but he’s doing just fine.

IM: What do you know about his opponent, Alejandro Hernandez?

ND: We’ve seen his last fight against Wilbert Uicab, and yes sure Hernandez has speed but he lacks power.

IM: What kind of approach will Sonsona bring to the fight this time around?

ND: We will see how Hernandez comes into the fight but it doesn’t matter because Sonsona will counter attack whatever he does.

IM: Sonsona was knocking all of his opponents out and never had gone 12 rounds until his last fight against Lopez. What has Sonsona learned from going 12 hard rounds?

ND: I was surprised that fight went the distance. Lopez got hit a lot yet I believe once this guy gets hit he will go down and out. Sonsona is always ready to go rounds, but with his power he will knock this guy Hernandez out

IM: Any predictions?

ND: I say 4 to 5 rounds so we can go home with no bruises (laughing).

IM: Well seƱor Donaire thank you for your time, and all the best to Team Sonsona!

ND: Thank you Ivan.

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