Saturday, November 7, 2009

Quick Predictions for Valuev-Haye and Dawson-Johnson

By Lee Payton

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Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to see Valuev-Haye or Dawson Johnson. It's always a sad day when life decides that boxing is going to have to wait. As gutted as I am to miss a freakish heavyweight battle and a light heavyweight championship fight, I'm pressing on with some quick thoughts and predictions.

Here goes...

Valuev vs. Haye

Could these two men be more different? In Valuev we've got a soft-spoken giant. Haye is a vain loud-mouth who at least looks the part of a heavyweight champion. If this was a photo-shoot or a soap opera audition, the Brit comes out on top every time.

Boxing is no beauty contest though. Sometimes this sport is as ugly as it gets.

It might seem odd at first to say anyone has an edge in physicality when one fighter is 7'2, 315 lbs, but the smaller man has much more athletic ability, and I believe that is the key to him winning this fight.

Speed kills and Valuev has shown vulnerability against quicker fighters who are capable of showing him some movement. Haye should be able to switch angles on the outside and jump in with power shots before "Niko" can do anything about it.

If he's smart, Haye will fire his cannon ball fists to the ribs on the inside. With some significant work to the body, he just might bring his humongous foe to his knees.

I'll take Haye to win a wide decision. Valuev won't be able to find him with anything more than the occasional jab.


Will Glen Johnson ever get old? If it's going to happen, most fans feel that tonight is as good a night as any, because Chad Dawson is a speedy southpaw who can move. Typically, that's enough to beat a 40 year old man.

However, I don't buy into the "Glen is one year older and Chad is one year better" theory. The first reason is that I think the younger man is what he is. I don't see him changing anything in there. He'll do what he does.

Second, I don't think what Chad does was good enough to win the first time around. I saw the old timer push the fight for 12 rounds, while hurting his man a handful of times along the way. Glen Johnson knows what he has to do to win. He also knows that he can't be hurt by this man.

I think Johnson will be the more confident fighter tonight, based on his belief that he won the first time, and his sparring with Lucian Bute. He'll be up for this fight in a big way, and I just get the sense that the timing is right for him to pull off the upset.

I'll take Glen Johnson to win a close decision on the cards.

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