Saturday, February 28, 2009

HBO WCB Predictions: Juan Manuel Marquez vs Juan Diaz

Tonight in Houston, Juan Manuel Marquez puts his world lightweight title on the line against "The Baby Bull", Juan Diaz. Here's what The Boxing Bulletin writers have to say on who'll emerge victorious.

Despite Juan Diaz being exactly the type of youthful, energetic opponent that foists his style on the fight and imposes his will on his opponents, I would not be surprised to see Marquez's counter punching mastery pick the sometimes off balance younger man apart.

In what I expect to be a very competitive and entertaining bout, I'll take Marquez to win a clear decision. This is the fight he makes it certain, if their were still any doubt, that he is a fighter to be admired right along with his other more highly celebrated contemporaries.- Jeff Pryor

Uppercuts and body work were instrumental in Nate Campbell breaking Diaz down, and Marquez has one of the better uppercuts in boxing and is no slouch when it comes to body punching. Diaz does have a strong, consistent jab that will give Marquez fits, but Marquez will eventually find his way around it. Also, aside from Barrera, Marquez has left all of his recent opponents with compromised vision, and if Diaz suffers a gash, his corner will have to do a lot better with handling blood than they did in the Campbell fight.

I see Marquez winning a close decision, a bit more decisively than the scorecards are going to indicate. - Michael Nelson

JMM is going to need fight changing punches to stop the pressure Diaz will bring, and I don't think he hits hard enough to do it.

I expect the first three or four rounds to go clearly the baby Bull's way, before JMM works his way back into the fight over the next third but it will take a ton of effort and his older legs will feel it. Diaz will take over down the stretch and win a clear decision in a fight that is more competitive than it is close. 8-4 or 9-3ish. Stronger, faster, younger and at this point in their careers, just plain better. - Mark Lyons

I'm taking Diaz by close decision. I think his advantages in youth, speed, size and volume punching will carry him to a close decision. Make no mistake about it, Marquez is as skilled and savvy as it gets, but he's a bit too and old and small. - John Vaci

Granted Marquez is probably a little undersized for the division, and is getting up there in years, but he's still the best counter puncher in the sport. Diaz will do his thing and let his hands go, while Marquez will pick his spots very effectively, and the judges will have to choose between quality verse quantity. If they go with quality, I think JMM will take it by 8-4, 7-5 type scores. - Andrew Fruman

I like Marquez by decision. Straighter punches and professionalism will allow him to thrive off the younger man's spirited effort. It is going to be a great fight. - Lee Payton


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