Monday, August 31, 2009

The Boxing Bulletin Pick'em Game - Week 1

The Boxing Bulletin's Pick'em game has arrived.

Our game is a little different than most of the variations we've seen online, as it's a combination of picking the winners straight-up and beating the odds. If you're ready to match your prognostication skills against other boxing fans, then let's get started...

How to play:

The game is strictly for fun, and entry is free. The deadline to enter this week is Thursday night at 11 PM EST. We'll post the pick breakdown on Friday, and have the results tabulated and online by Sunday night.

Pick The Winners

This part's easy - 2 points for each correct answer.

Beat The Odds

This is where it gets a little more involved. You will have the option of choosing 1 fight to risk double points, and 1 fight to risk triple points. Points gained (and lost) will be multiplied by two and three times respectively for these fights.

You do not need to risk points on every fight. If you wish to skip a fight, just check "pass" for both fighters.


We will keep standings for the full year, although each game will only last for 1 month. At the end of the month standings will be reset and a new game will begin.

We've got a few details below on the fights in play this week, but if you're ready to get started, here's the Week 1 game sheet.

This Week's Line-up - clicking on the fighter's name will open up their boxrec page

September 4

John Simpson vs Paul Truscott - Commonwealth featherweight title - Middlesbrough, Yorkshire, United Kingdom (Television: Sky, UK)

These two featherweights fought back in January, with Simpson coming away with an 8th round "stoppage" win. It went in the books as a TKO, but it was an accidental clash of heads that lead to the bout being called (the correct ruling under British rules). Simpson was coming on strong at the time, and enters Friday's rematch as the favorite.

Jose Lopez vs Marvin Sonsona - WBO super-flyweight title - Rama, Ontario, Canada (Television, TSN, Canada)

This will be a huge jump in class for the 19 year old Sonsona who's fought a grand total of 38 professional rounds. Is he ready for it? Here's the Filipino phenom's one punch knock-out win over Wandee Singwnacha this past May.

The 37 year old Lopez is 15-0-1 since dropping a 12 round decision to Fernando Montiel back in 2001.

September 5

John O'Donnell (21-1-0) vs Tom Glover (9-5-3) - 12 rounds - Commonwealth welterweight title & Lee Purdy (11-1) vs Peter McDonagh (14-14) - 10 rounds - Watford, Hertfordshire, United Kingdom (Television: ITV4, UK)

O'Donnell enters the main event as a big favorite, but Glover has put together an unlikely string of upsets, including a win over former European lightweight champion Jon Thaxton last time out.

Purdy's only defeat as a pro... a 10 round points loss to McDonagh last December.

Luis Concepcion vs Omar Solado (12 rounds) - interim WBA flyweight title - Panama City, Panama

Solado was stopped last year in a WBC eliminator by Julio Cesar Miranda. After a couple of wins, he's getting another crack at a strap but will have to travel to Concepcion's hometown for the opportunity.

Concepcion's lone defeat game in his 4th pro fight and since then has rolled off 18 straight victories. Here's the video from his latest fight (it's a short one): click

For a short previews of Simpson vs Truscott and O'Donnell vs Glover, check out Part 1 of our UK Season preview by Dave Oakes.

If you're ready to play, click here for the week 1 game sheet.


Bratalot said...

Nice job guys

Andy said...

Thanks - now we just need some players.

JD said...

missed this post but will play next week!

Andy said...

We'll be posting the standings for week 1 tonight, and week 2's game sheet will be out on Monday.

Andy said...

Week 1 Standings (a more detailed break-down will appear Monday)

Matt Chudley - 34 points
Andy - 32 points
Lee - 29 points
Michael Nelson - 20 points
Pocoroba - 15 points
dna - 8 points
Dynamic Hispanic - 0 points
edub - -2 points