Saturday, August 15, 2009

Live Blog: Roy Jones vs Jeff Lacy

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of tonight's "Hook City" PPV show. The headliner of course features former light-heavyweight superstar Roy Jones taking on once promising Olympian Jeff Lacy.

Also on the show are 3 other bouts and we'll be providing updates on those starting at 9 PM EST.

If you've been with us before for our live blog round by round coverage, welcome back. If this is your first time, thanks for checking us out. Feel free to participate by giving your scores and comments.

There's also another PPV on tonight, and if you're looking for quality round by round updates of the Pinoy Power II show, check out Bad Left Hook's fight night coverage.

Coverage starts at 9 PM EST

Roy Jones 174 (53-5) vs Jeff Lacy 174 (27-2) - 12 rounds

Danny Green 179.5 (26-3) vs Julio Cesar Dominguez 181.5 (20-4-1) - 12 rounds

B.J. Flores 200 (23-0-1) vs Epifano Mendoza 199 (29-7-1) - 10 rounds

Jason Litzau 135.5 (24-2) vs Verquan Kimbrough 135 (21-1-2) - 12 rounds

We will be providing round by round updates for all bouts on the show.

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Refresh this page often as updates will be frequent

7:25 PM... Check back in with us in just over 90 minutes.

8:55... 5 minutes until we're underway.

9:00... The show's starting. Updates will start once punches are exchanged.

9:10... Jason Litzau is in the ring. On the front of his t-shirt are the faces of Arturo Gatti and Vernon Forrest.

9:12... Verquan Kimbrough's ready to go as well. The ring announcer is Michael Williams.

9:15... The fighters are in the center of the ring receiving their final instructions.

9:19... Litzau is having the better of the action so far. He's landed his right hand very effectively so far. There were a couple moments in round 1 where it looked like Kimbrough may have been a little stunned, and at one point he stumbled a little after eating a chopping right.

9:23... Kimbrough just landed a couple decent right hands early in round 2. He's looking a little out of his depth defensively though, as he's unable to really avoid getting hit clean in return. The action is nearly all from long range, and Litzau is also using his effectively. Kimbrough just landed a couple hard right hands. Litzau looked bothered by those. Litzau bangs Kimbrough back in return though, and they clinch. Now Litzau comes forward and bangs in a right hand. Litzau with a huge right hand that buzzes Kimbrough along the ropes. Kimbrough is holding on here. His legs don't look good. Another big right hand. Kimbrough is down. He's up with about 15 seconds left in the round, but he doesn't look good. He's got a nasty looking cut on the side of his right eye.

9:23... The knockdown was a hard right hand over Kimbrough's low left.

9:27... The cut is on the side of Kimbrough's eye. He's trying to use the jab to keep Litzau at a distance, but Litzau responds by banging home a hard right hand that drives Kimbrough back into the corner. Litzau follows up and down goes Kimbrough. He's up, and tries to fight back, with a looping right that just misses. Litzau is trying to finish things. Kimbrough backing up. He's eating right hands. His legs don't look good. Litzau drives him into the ropes and opens up. This should be stopped. It's all Litzau. Down goes Kimbrough. He's up... and amazingly the ref is letting this go. We've got 50 seconds left. Kimbrough is taking a lot of punishment. He doesn't have his legs. Litzau with another hard right hand. And another. This ref is TERRIBLE! He's got no idea. Kimbrough goes down again, and the ref rules a slip. Litzau keeps banging away. Kimbrough backing up. There is no reason why this ref hasn't stopped it. Kimbrough is just getting hammered here. There's the bell. There's no way this fight should go on. This is crazy.

9:28... Kimbrough's corner has stopped it. Thankfully. I NEVER want to see this ref ever again. That was absolutely appalling. He had several chances to stop the fight, but for some reason just let it go.

9:29... Kimbrough's okay. That should be said. But he took way more shots than he needed to. We're hearing that the fight was stopped by the doctor. At least someone has some sense.

9:30... I missed his name during the intros. Randy Phillips was the blood thirsty man in charge of the proceedings.

9:32... Next up is BJ Flores against Epifano Mendoza.

9:33... By the way the broadcasters for tonight's show are Barry Tompkins and Daniel Edouard.

9:35... Epifano Mendoza's in the ring.

9:38... Mendoza is no longer in the ring. He just headed to the locker room. Perhaps there's an equipment issue or an emergency bathroom break. Flores has just made his ring walk, and I imagine he's surprised to see he's the only one there.

9:39... Mendoza's back. He forgot his protective cup. He's now fully equipped.

9:42... The intro's are out of the way, and we're ready to go.

9:42... This one is scheduled for 10.

9:43... Tompkins points out that Mendoza is 23 pounds heavier than he's ever been before.

9:45... Both fighters cautious to start. Mendoza landed a looping overhand right. Not much on it though. Flores is sticking his jab out there. Flores with a left hook that is short. Mendoza responds with a chopping right hand that's short as well. Flores is now backing Mendoza up a little with the jab, Mendoza circling to his left. About 1:00 to go in the round. Flores with a 1-2 combo... the right hand landed nicely. Mendoza with another looping overhand right. It landed, but Flores doesn't appear bothered at all. He's slowly edging forward behind the jab. He's sticking it home effectively. He just misses with a follow-up right hand. There's the bell.

9:50... Tompkins mentions that Mendoza needs to find a way to counter BJ's jab, and he hasn't been able to do that. He shows a little aggression though, and comes forward with a right hand. BJ responds though, and has the better of it. Flores with a combo into the gloves as Mendoza backs up. Mendoza tries to come forward with a looping right hand, that BJ easily avoids. BJ with a nice combo that lands clean. Mendoza is backing up to his right. He throws a combo into the gloves. BJ with another nice combo. 1:00 to go. BJ tries to come forward with a 1-2, but Mendoza avoids it backing up. You get the feeling that if BJ opened up a little here, he could get Mendoza out of there, but he's been very cautious so far. He lands a nice jab. Now he lands a nice right hand. Flores in complete control as the round ends.

9:54... BJ is sticking the jab home. Mendoza comes forward, but misses with a left hook. BJ opens up and lands a nice right hand, followed by a hook that knocks Mendoza back. Another nice combo forces Mendoza into the ropes. BJ just looks a lot stronger... and he's a natural cruiser, so that's not a surprise. BJ with a left hand that backs Mendoza back. He lands a nice jab. BJ slowly edging forward here. He comes forward, with another combo that backs Mendoza up. It's all Flores here. It' also not very exciting. The pace is fairly slow, and Mendoza is just unable to really offer much in response. He doesn't pack the punch at this weight to really give BJ much to worry about. Flores with a 3 punch combo. Jab,right, hook. He just landed a heavy right hand over the top that backs Mendoza into the corner. Mendoza has the guard up covering up, as Flores fires a combo as the round comes to a close.

9:56... Mendoza's in trouble here early in the 4th. His left shoulder appears to be injured. It might be a blessing in disguise, because he's badly outgunned here. Mendoza trying to fight back, but he can't really lift his left hand. BJ has been very cautious in attacking. 2:00 to go in the round. BJ lands a left that backs Mendoza up. BJ could really jump on him now and finish it. Now Mendoza turns away holding his arm in pain. This one is over.

9:57... Mendoza might have a dislocated left shoulder. He's clearly in discomfort.

9:58... The official announcement... 1:19 seconds into round 4. Winner by TKO is BJ Flores.

10:00... According to Barry Tompkins, Flores is talking about fighting Vassilly Jirov. Isn't it about time BJ stepped up in competition and fighting Jirov is not doing that.

10:02... Up next is Danny Green vs Julio Cesar Dominguez.

10:05... It appears there will be a little bit of a weight for Green and Dominguez. In the meantime, we're getting a 4 rounder from earlier in the evening.

10:07... We've got two fighters making their pro-debut in this one. It's a super-featherweight contest. Frederick Bowen vs Yaundale Evans. The ref is Randy Phillips. I had just mentioned that I never want to see Mr. Phillips handling a bout again. So much for that wish.

10:09... This one is over in 40 seconds. Evans hurt Bowen almost immediately with a hard right hook, and followed up by banging Bowen along the ropes. Phillips quickly jumped in and stopped it.

10:11... That seemed a very early stoppage. Considering that happened earlier in the evening, perhaps someone suggested to Phillips that he refrain from giving the quick hook next time. That could explain why he let the Litzau/Kimbrough fight keep going when Kimbrough was clearly done. Either way, Phillips needs to use some better judgment next time a fighter is clearly finished.

10:15... We're almost ready for the next one. Danny Green is on his way in.

10:18... I jumped the gun a bit there. That was Dominguez heading in earlier. Green's just coming in now.

10:20... Michael Williams with the intros. This one should be getting underway shortly.

10:21... The ref is Freddie Steinwinder III.

10:23... We're underway. This one is scheduled for 12. Barry Tompkins just said that Dominguez looks a bit more like his accountant than a fighter.

10:27... Green is pressing forward. Dominguez has his gloves up in a bit of shell defense. He comes forward, and wings shots to the body. There might have been a clash of heads there. Green is patiently moving forward. Based on that early flurry, Eduoard comments that Dominguez' plan might be to fight in spurts and try and get lucky. He comes forward again, and bangs the body. He got a really nice right hand to the midsection in that time. Green firing the jab, but it's right into Dominguez' card. Dominguez just walked into a hard right hand, and he's wobbled. The ref is ruling that the ropes held him up I think has called it a knockdown. 10 seconds left in the round. Green with a jab, and hooks to the body. Green didn't really try and jump on Dominguez after the count.

10:28... That was a flush right hand on the button as Dominguez was coming in. He kind of fell forward and grabbed the ropes. I'd say a knockdown was a fair call.

10:31... Green is slowly edging forward to start the round. Dominguez tries to fire back with a right hand, but it's way short. Green is throwing the tighter shots. Dominguez is much wider with his. Green jabs to the body, and lands a nice hard jab upstairs that knocked Dominguez backwards. Green just missed with a right hand. He's patiently moving forward, as Dominguez is backing away to his left. Now Green hooks to the body with a left. Green with a jab. Dominguez hasn't opened up with anything this round. Just as I say that he comes forward with a flurry. All wide shots that Green copes with easily. Green just stings him with a right hand that seemed to wobble Dominguez a bit. Green could have really pressed there, but stays patient, and the round comes to a close.

10:35... Green comes out moving forward, firing the jab. Dominguez with the guard up, he fires a jab back and then tries to flurry to the body. Green with a nice heavy jab, and tries to follow up with a hook. Dominguez flicking out a few jabs here. He follows up with a wild left hand downstairs that misses. Green with a heavy right hand as they both fired rights at the same time. Now Dominguez lands a good right hand. Green comes back with his own. A nice little spurt of action. We've got 1:20 to go in the round. Green sticking int he jab, and follows up with a hook that is blocked. Dominguez comes forward and opens up with a flurry. He got a couple shots home there, but nothing of consequence. Green resumes pressing forward. Green with a nice head snapping jab. Dominguez now comes forward and fires off a hook. Dominguez with another hook that landed, and Green comes back with a hard right that lands flush, and the bell rings. Dominguez tries to fire back after the bell and almost catches the ref!!

10:39... Dominguez trying to flick out the jab, but he's doing so from a distance that isn't going to land. Green just landed a nice counter shot on the button. Tompkins points out that there's blood on the cheek of Dominguez, but he's not sure where it's coming from. He's got a little swelling on the right eye. Green with a jab upstairs, and then a jab to the body. Green accidentally elbows Dominguez and immediately apologizes. Green with a couple jabs, and follows up with an uppercut. Green hooks to the body. Dominguez is backing up and circling to his left, as Green steadily does the better work. Green with a right hand over the top that lands. Pretty much all Green this round. Dominguez tries to flurry as the round comes to a close.

10:43... Green on the attack to start the 5th. He's coming in nicely behind the jab. Eduoard comments on Dominguez' lack of a jab. He throws them occasionally, but nothing on them and always from too far back. Green lands a nice little uppercut on the inside. He jabs to the body. 2:00 to go here in the round. Green with a combo, and finishes it up with an uppercut. Green with a couple jabs. All Green here. He lands a hard hook that seemed to buckle Dominguez' knees. Green with a huge combo. Big right hand there. Now a jab. Dominguez is eating some hard shots here. Green is opening up a little more. Dominguez backs into the ropes. Green with a combo and down goes Dominguez. He's up quickly, but he can't take much more of this. Green presses forward, looking for the finish. Dominguez is on wobbly legs as he backs up. He's trying to hold on in close. Did Green just kiss Dominguez on the cheek in the clinch there!? The ref separates them. Dominguez still doesn't have his legs completely under him, but it looks like he's going to survive the round. No, he's not. Big combo and down goes Dominguez, and this one is over.

10:46... The first knock down was almost a half jab / half hook. Green finished Dominguez with a flurry along the ropes, punctuated by a right hand, left hook. Official time 2:53 seconds of round 5.

10:51... Jeff Lacy is having his hands wrapped at the moment, unless the clip we're seeing is from earlier in the evening. I'd guess with all the fights ending early so far, the main event might be some ways off from starting.

11:00... I'll post an update as soon as I find out when the fighters might be making their way in. Right now Tompkins and Edouard are chatting away, while a replay of Jones/Sheika plays.

11:05... According to Barry Tompkins, there's a delay in the locker room of Jeff Lacy. The state commission is there. Tompkins doesn't believe it will effect the fight, but it would be nice to know what the situation is.

11:13... Looks like things are moving again as it's time for the national anthem.

11:17... The issue appears to be glove related. The Mississippi state commission requires both fighters to wear the same kind of gloves. Jeff Lacy is not agreeing to that.

11:19... Barry Tompkins has just suggested that he and Daniel Edouard do a little tap dance to entertain the spectators during the delay. No, I'm not making that up.

11:22... We're getting a look inside Lacy's room. Lacy is bouncing up and down a little trying to stay warm. No gloves in sight at the moment. Roy is pacing around his room. He's got his gloves on.

11:26... Back to Lacy's room. Here's Lacy... "The commission want me to wear gloves that I can't even put my hand in... They want me to wear a glove that I've never wore in my life. Nothing against Grant, but I've never worn that in my life."

11:27... Supposedly there were no issues yesterday at the weigh-in, and Lacy was under the impression he'd be wearing Everlast gloves.

11:28... Over to Roy's room. Roy... "A glove is a glove, it's time to fight."

11:31... The gloves are coming on. Lacy bangs them together. Looks like we're finally going to get a fight.

11:36... Just Tompkins and Edouard chattering away here, with shots of the spectators patiently waiting for the fighters.

11:39... Jeff Lacy is on his way in.

11:40... Some scattered boos greet Lacy as he steps into the ring.

11:42... Here comes Roy.

11:43... Roy gets a big ovation as he steps through the ropes. He's got a big smile and looks like he's enjoying himself.

11:44... Michael Williams with the intros.

11:48... Final instructions have been given, and we're ready to go.

11:52... Action in the center ring to start. Lacy edging forward behind his jab, and now fires an overhand right that was partially blocked. Roy has his left hanging low. He lands a jab. Now he lands a hook. Lacy tries to fire back, but he's short with a right as Roy backs away. Roy jumps in with a clean right. He does it again. Lacy looked a little wobbly for a sec. Roy has both hands hanging by his sides. He catches Lacy with a jab on the way in. All Roy so far. 1:30 to go. Lacy with his gloves up edging forward, but with no luck. Roy ties him up as Lacy bulls Roy into the ropes. Lacy hooking to the body. He lands a right. Roy has the guard up, as he's catching most of these shots. Now Lacy backs up, before rushing in and Roy ties him up. Lacy with a big right, that almost got in there. Now Lacy bulls Roy into the corner and ties him up. Lacy opens up with a combo, with Roy's back to the ropes. Roy fires back, and then slips a Lacy right. 10 seconds to go. Lacy with the pressure on as Roy has his back to the ropes. Lacy banging away. Most of those were blocked. Roy had things all his way for the first 2 minutes, but Lacy came on strong in the last minute. He landed some effective body shots with Roy along the ropes. Entertaining first round.

11:53... Lacy's corner is telling him to put his head right on Roy's chest and go to work.

11:56... Lacy comes forward and digs to the body with a left. Now he pushes Roy into the corner and tries to bang away. Roy has him tied up though. Lacy is leaning in and banging away. Roy needs to get a bit of space to work and he's not getting it. Lacy banging away with both hands. Chopping rights, and hooks. He just fired an uppercut that just missed. All the action here now with Roy's back pushed into the ropes. Roy now catches Lacy with a nice 3 punch combo. Lacy tries to fire back, but Roy slips away, only for Lacy to catch up and press him up against the ropes on the other side of the ring. 1:10 to go. Lacy with his head down, banging away. Roy with a nice counter shot to the body, but Lacy fires back with a right. Roy another nice counter. Roy with a shot to the body. Roy with a bit of space firing off nice combos. He catches Lacy with a little hook in close, but Lacy just puts his head down and presses forward. Roy with a hard body shot that really got Lacy's attention, but Lacy just puts his head back down and presses Roy back into the ropes. Roy fires back with a body shot, and follows with a little shot upstairs. Lacy plowing forward, but Roy looks to be the one leaning the cleaner shots. There's the bell. Another good round.

11:57... Roy was under pressure that whole round, but he landed some real nice body shots.

12:00... Lacy immediately presses Roy into the ropes, and tries to dig downstairs. Lacy banging away, but Roy's got his elbows tucked and gloves up. He's also landing some quick counters when he can get a little space. Roy with a nice little uppercut. Roy with a couple lefts. Lacy head down banging away at Roy's rib cage. Roy with a nice combo that backs Lacy right off. Lacy looks like he's cut. Now Lacy tries to rush Roy again, and Roy ties him up. Lacy's cut looks bad. Roy catches him with a jab on the way in, but Lacy pushes Roy right into the corner and tries to fire to the body. Lacy with an uppercut that just misses. Lacy with a left that just misses. Lacy not getting through with much upstairs. Roy with a quick combo. Lacy just ate a hard body shot, and a nice uppercut. But he puts his head back down and again pushes Roy into the ropes. He's ate a lot of clean counters, but appears undaunted and keeps coming forward. Roy looks relaxed though. 10 seconds to go. Lacy with a chopping right, that Roy blocks. There's the bell. Very fast pace here. Interesting to see how long Lacy can keep it up, as he's the one expending way more energy.

12:01... Tompkins says the cut doesn't appear as serious as it first looked.

12:04... The cut looks like it might be below the eye according to Tompkins. Lacy hanging back a bit here to start the 4th. Now pressing Roy hard. Roy jabbing from long range. Lacy then rushes forward, but misses with a right hand and Roy ties him up. Roy catches Lacy on the way in. The action shifts to the center of the ring. Lacy not so eager to press right now. Roy with a jab. Roy with a hook. Roy with another hook. Lacy with a different approach this round, but not getting better results. Now he tries to come forward and press, only to eat an uppercut. Roy posing in the middle of the ring now. Lacy charges forward, but gets tied up. Lacy again charges, but can't get any good work done as Roy turns him around and opens up. Roy with a flurry that backs Lacy up. Roy with an uppercut. All Roy Jones here. Huge round for Roy. Lacy looking very tentative now. He's just standing there now, while Roy with his hands down is almost inviting him in. Now Lacy charges forward, but misses.

12:05... Not sure how much longer Lacy can take this. He's getting an absolute beating.

12:08... Round 5 is underway. Lacy edging forward. Roy sticks in the jab. Lacy misses a hook and misses a follow up right hand. He puts his head down and walks Roy into the corner and tries to maul Roy, but Roy slips out of trouble and lands a crisp uppercut. Action now shifts to the center of the ring. Lacy not showing the same kind of intensity now. 2:00 to go. Roy backs into the ropes to avoid a looping overhand right. Lacy trying to push Roy into the ropes and work, but Roy responds with a quick combo. 1:30. Lacy puts his head down and fires away, but misses. He tries to land an uppercut, but again misses. Roy pot shots him in return. Lacy with a right hand that misses. Lacy trying to dig to the body wtih Roy along the ropes, but Roy looking very comfortable there. Lacy with a hook that partially lands. Lacy with a combo into the gloves. Lacy looking a little fatigued, but pressing. Roy responds with a real nice combo. Roy with a another combo. Lacy tries to fight back, but can't land. There's the bell. Another very one sided round.

12:12... Action in the center of the ring to start the round. Lacy tries to jab his way in and bangs a right hand to Roy's body. Roy with a little uppercut in close. Lacy trying to maul Roy along the ropes. Too wide though. Roy landing some little shots in return, and then tying Lacy up. Lacy doesn't have nearly the same intensity that he did in the first couple of rounds. He's got his head down, pushing Roy back, but not letting his hands go much. Lacy with a chopping right. Roy responds with a hook to the body. 1:30 to go. Roy with a nice hook. Roy to the body. Lacy looked like a tired beaten fighter, but still plugging away. Roy mugging to the crowd as Lacy tries to work in close. Lacy misses with a hook. He's pushing his shots in close. Roy responds with a couple shots to the body. Lacy now backs off, and then comes back with a right hand that Roy handles. Lacy trying to flurry with Roy on the ropes... while Roy is talking to the crowd. There's the bell.

12:13... At some point Lacy's corner is going to need to think about stopping this. Their man doesn't have much left.

12:16... Roy immediately catches Lacy with a lead hook to start the round. Lacy edging forward tentatively. Lacy now pushes forward, but Roy ties him up. Lacy with his head in Roy's chest, throws a chopping right hand. Roy with his back along the ropes, but looking comfy. He lands a little uppercut. He's landing little shots here on the inside. Lacy leaning against Roy, but not letting his hands go. All he can do really is just lean forward. 1:30. Roy is the one working here. Little hooks, and shots to the body. Lacy head down, eating shots. Now Lacy bangs a combo to the body. A spurt of life shown there by Lacy. Roy responds though with a triple left hand. Roy with another left. Lacy's left eye is now cut as well. Lacy trying to lean on Roy, now Roy pushes Lacy back. Roy with an uppercut. Roy is now talking to Tompkins and Edouard. 15 seconds left in the round. Roy with a hook to the body. Lacy tries to respond, but he's just too slow. There's the bell.

12:17... We've had 7 very one sided rounds. Lacy's too tired to mount much of an attack, and he's taken some punishment. I know he doesn't want to call it a night, but it's getting the point where it's just not worth it.

12:17... A little delay in the start of round 8 due to a tape issue with Lacy's gloves. During the wait, Roy was walking around smiling at the crowd.

12:21... Lacy puts his head down, presses forward. Edouard comments that he's got no steam on his punches. He's still trying though. Now Roy opens up and fires off a combo. Roy with several unanswered shots. Lacy now backs away, but Roy retreats back to the ropes and Lacy follows. Roy leaning back against the ropes looking to counter. Lacy just pushing his shots. He's got nothing behind them. Roy with a hook to the body. Roy with another hook to the body. Lacy puts his head down and throws a couple hooks downstairs. Roy responds though once again. Roy is now milking the crowd. He backs up with his hands down as Lacy follows. Lacy is short with a right. 20 seconds to go in another one sided round. Lacy just launched a big right, but it missed. Roy fires a hook to the body. Roy almost puts Lacy down as the round comes to a close. Lacy's left eye is swollen badly. His right eye doesn't look good either. It's time for someone to call this one off.

12:22... Don't know if the doctor has checked Lacy in the corner or not, but he should. Lacy's face doesn't look good. He's got no chance to win. He's taken a beating. This has stopped being entertaining.

12:25... Lacy trying to press, but having no luck. He's pushing Roy back, but Roy very relaxed on the ropes. Not much going on for the first minute. Now Roy unloads with a combo that backs Lacy across the ring. Lacy is in full retreat now. Roy is going after him. Where is the ref!? Tompkins think it's time to stop it. Lacy now walks into another body shot. 1:00 to go in the round. Lacy no longer aggressive. Not pushing forward. He's now being pushed back by Roy. He's got nothing left. Tomkins again mentions that the ref should be taking a long look at Lacy. 30 seconds left in the round. Lacy trying to fight back. He pushes Roy into the ropes, but it's Roy landing with a counter. Now Roy with another quick shot on the inside. Roy unloads and backs Lacy off as the round ends.

12:25... Lacy's corner NEEDS to stop this. Or the ref. Or the doctor. Someone needs to stop it. Lacy doesn't want to quit. Someone needs to step in for him.

12:29... Round 10 about to start. Lacy is coming out. Lacy doesn't want his corner to stop it, but surely the doctor or the ref can? This is totally irresponsible. Lacy looked very tired. He can't even press now. Roy is showboating now. Banging Lacy with poper shots. Lacy holds on in close. Lacy's left eye is almost swollen shot. He eats a hard body shot. There's no quit at all in him, but he's got nothng left. He tries to push Roy back, and Roy is chatting away with the fans. Lacy with his head in Roy's chest desperately trying. 1:30 to go in the round. Lacy pushes Roy back. He's not throwing though. He's pushing against Roy, but not letting his hands go. Roy isn't really either at the moment. Now Roy fires off a hook. Roy catches Lacy and backs him up. Lacy holds on. Lacy almost falling into Roy, he's so tired. The ref doesn't appear to have any interest in stopping it. Tompkins again suggests the fight can be stopped. Lacy is so tired in there. He can barely see. He's still coming forward though. He eats a left hook that knocks him backward. Now a right. Lacy holding on. If Roy wanted, he could finish this. But he's taking his time, smiling, looking at the crowd. Not stepping on the gas.

12:29... Finally, this is over. Jeff Lacy's corner has stopped it. That's the second fight tonight where we've seen a referee let a fight go on WAY too long.

12:31... The ref holds Roy's hand up as his name is announced as the winner. The official call is that Lacy's corner stopped it.

12:34... Roy is saying a few words. He's looking forward to heading to Australia to meet with Danny Green. Green is in the ring, standing in the background while Roy is interviewed.

12:37... That's it for The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of tonight's show. Unfortunately we didn't get a single competitive fight, but I imagine Roy Jones fans are pleased. Please check back with us next week for our live blog of HBO's triple-header featuring Juan Diaz vs Paulie Malignaggi, Malcolm Klassen vs Robert Guerrero and Daniel Jacobs vs Ishe Smith.


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Andy said...

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Great stuff Andy, How much longer until the Jones/Lacy fight?

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Andy said...

Thanks Josh. Not sure, but they are showing a replay of Jones/Sheika at the moment. I'd guess at least 20 minutes until we see Jones/Lacy, and that might be an optimistic guess.

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roy didnt seem comfortable at the weigh in with that bein said i think roys goin down man!!

Anonymous said...

thank you andy for your coverage of the Green fight from Geoff in Melbourne , Australia

Anonymous said...

Is this must be a beauty pageant or is Lacy just a Drama Queen?

Anonymous said...

what is happening with the Lacey v Jones fight?

Anonymous said...

come on jones, your long time fans always got your back, give the world one last hurrah.

Andy said...

No problem, Geoff. Thanks for checking out our coverage.

Looks like we're almost ready for the main event. Lacy is in the ring. Roy should be heading in any moment.

Anonymous said...

Id give my fucking left leg to see this fight. Go Roy Jones, you were once the baddest and fastest nigga on the planet. He still a bad motherfucker.

Anonymous said...

bout time. btw, great coverage of the boxing! sitting here in australia - it is really appreciated

Anonymous said...

Roy Jones= OLD MAN

Lacy Gonna knock him out!

Lacy to fast for the old man!

Anonymous said...

"Id give my fucking left leg to see this fight." - Or, you could get it on PPV for $34.99.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if i was rich, i just got out of work. The way its sounding (you joke lacy fans) the fight aint going to last much longer. Go Rjj u the shit.

Anonymous said...

I just heard from my friend that Rjj won. This does not suprise me. I should have bet my house on this fight Rjj you my hero.

Anonymous said...

Cyborg just TKO'd Carano in the 1st round.

Anonymous said...

top man andy, fanx 4 dis! COM ON RJJ

Anonymous said...

Who gives a living shit about Cyborg.

MMA is crap and boring and I'd rather have caught a stream of the Jones fight than ANY MMA snoozefest.

Anonymous said...

ps. Thanx for the coverage, Lacy sure took a beatin by the sound of it.

He was never much cop anyway, Calzaghe proved that much.

pps. A woman named Cyborg is no woman and just another MMA rig-fest of a pseudo athlete.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for posting! we love you for it.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, my family and I subscribed to PPV on the Roy Jones vs Jeff Lacy fight last night (8/15/09) and it was the worst managed program we have ever seen. Nothing but rhetoric on Jones, then Lacy, they "delay's, delay's, delay's". I lost track of how long it took them to get to the main event. well, Left Hook Promotion's, "adio's" and "never again !"


two fighters in their prime.
will meet in november.
1 will be kOed in the 11th round.
pacquiao will take home the belt