Tuesday, August 25, 2009

British Scene Prospect Watch: Ryan Walsh

Dave Oakes continues his look at the top young fighters in the UK. On Monday, Dave profiled Don Broadhurst and Stephen Smith, and today starts us off with 23 year old featherweight, Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh

One of three fighting brothers from Cromer, Norfolk, the others are Michael (5-0 5KO’s) and Luke (5-0 4KO’s). The three brothers are talented, brash and confident, but Ryan stands out as the best. He boxes in the featherweight division and is currently 7-0 with 2 stoppages.

The Positives:

He’s got quick hands, great movement and is full of self-confidence. He beat former British title challenger Marc Callaghan in his last outing, stopping him in the third round. The stoppage came as result of an arm injury to Callaghan but Walsh was picking him apart and was well on his way to victory anyway. He’s also got decent amateur pedigree having won the Junior ABA’s in 2004.

The Negatives:

His confidence is often construed as arrogance. This, along with his flashy style, could make him unpopular with the fans. He often boxes with a hands down style and at times seems to be more interested in posturing and looking the part rather than getting on with the job at hand. He’s also been getting away with hanging his chin in the air against low level opposition; he might be in for a shock when he steps up a level.

The Future:

It’s a case of keeping him busy and gradually increasing the standard of opposition. I do feel he’s got to be more aware defensively if he’s to progress to domestic honours, he’s got the ability to do that and hopefully his brothers will learn that from him as well.

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