Saturday, November 7, 2009

Round by Round Blog: Chad Dawson vs Glen Johnson II, plus Angulo vs Yorgey

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of HBO's Championship Boxing Show, featuring the rematch between Chad Dawson and Glen Johnson. Also on the bill is a junior-middleweight clash between Alfredo Angulo and Harry Joe Yorgey.

The HBO broadcast starts at 9:30 PM EST, and we'll be doing detailed round by round updates for both fights.

If you're watching at home, please feel free to contribute by posting your scores and opinions of the fights.

Chad Dawson 28-0 (175) vs Glen Johnson 49-12-2 (173 1/2)

Alfredo Angulo 16-1 (153 1/2) vs Harry Joe Yorgey 22-0-1 (153 1/4)

Refresh this page often as updates will be frequent

6:45 PM EST... Check back in with us at 9:30 PM EST for the start of the show, as round by round coverage will begin with Angulo vs Yorgey.

9:20... Coverage will start in 10 minutes.

9:31... The show's starting. Updates will begin momentarily.

9:35... With Angulo's fight up first, Lampley and Kellerman are going over the top names at 154 to start the show.

9:36... Angulo is 164 tonight, while Yorgey has re-hydrated to 166.

9:37... The fighters are in the ring, and the introductions are underway.

9:38... From Bridgeport, PA... Harry Joe Yorgey.

9:38... From Mexicali, Mexico... Alfredo Angulo.

9:39... We're ready to go.

9:42... Manny Steward is joining Kellerman and Lampley in the booth. Angulo coming forward, with Yorgey fighting from the outside to start things off. Angulo presses forward, firing hooks and rights and pushes Yorgey into the ropes. Yorgey slips away, but Angulo keeps the pressure on. Yorgey moving side to side, as Angulo presses. Yorgey flicking jabs out from the outside. Angulo with his elbows tucked, and gloves up, edging forward. He's sticking out the jab as he moves in. 1:30 to go in the round. Yorgey keeping his distance here. Angulo jabbing his way in, and then hooking to the body. Yorgey trying to jab and move. Angulo backs Yorgey into the ropes, and unloads and lands a solid right. Yorgey on the move, Anuglo stalking. Yorgey trying to counter off the ropes, but he's not doing anything to keep Angulo honest right now. Angulo digging in as he pushes Yorgey to the ropes to end the round.

9:47... I don't think this one's going to last too long. Angulo's closing the distance and managing to unload in close when he does. Round 2 underway. Harold has it 1-0 for Angulo. Yorgey moving to his left, then to his right, and flicks out a jab. Angulo pumps the jab as he moves forward. Yorgey backs into the ropes and then fires a combo, but Angulo keeps stalking. Angulo jabbing his way in, and Yorgey slides away to his right. Angulo lands a right to the body. Angulo presses Yorgey into the ropes and fires a right. Yorgey gets out of there, but Angulo is on him right away and gets him along the ropes again. Yorgey is strictly fighting from the outside, while Angulo stalks. Angulo with a hard shot with Yorgey along the ropes. That hurt him. Anuglo goes after him. Yorgey in trouble along the ropes. Angulo pouring it on and down goes Yorgey. He's up, and takes the count. He's on the move, but Angulo's after him hard. Yorgey is in bad trouble. Angulo is pouring it on, landing hard shots. Hooks, right hands, shots to the body. Yorgey is in desperate trouble, as he can't keep distance. Angulo pouring it on with Yorgey on the ropes. Yorgey to his credit is trying to fight back, but he's taking a real beating here. There's the bell.

9:47... It was a hard right hand that hurt Yorgey.

9:49... Angulo immediately starts chasing to start round 3. Yorgey is in trouble, but he's fighting back. He's taking a beating though, and down he goes. He's up immediately, but the ref should really think about stopping this. Angulo pours it on, as Yorgey retreats to the ropes. He's getting pounded here. The ref would be very wise to stop it. Angulo with a huge right hand and down goes Yorgey. He's out.

9:50... Yorgey really didn't need to take that last shot. He was in desperate trouble BEFORE the round started. When he went down early, it was enough. There was no need for that final flurry. Why let a fighter clearly out of his depth take all that extra punishment??

9:50... That was vicious. It was a left hand, right hand combination that ended the fight. Yorgey is finally up. Good to see he's okay.

9:51... The official time - 1:03 of round 3.

9:57... There was an odd sequence late in the 2nd round which I should mention. Not sure exactly what happened, as I was struggling to type as fast as the action, but I just took another look. Yorgey was on the ropes, and kind of turned around as he came off the ropes and Angulo hit him in the back of the head. The ref came between them and Yorgey retreated to the other corner, and Angulo didn't chase, but seemed to wait for the ref to rule, but the ref backed off and the action started up again.

10:00... We just got a shot of Johnson and Dawson warming up in their dressing rooms. They both look ready to go, so despite the short nature of the first fight, it looks like this one might be starting reasonabl soon.

10:04... I just watched the first knockdown from the second round again. Very questionable decision making from the ref. Yorgey was clearly down, being held up by the ropes and Angulo was teeing off on him, and the ref didn't do a thing. Oh well... not like the result would have been any different, but the man in charge certainly didn't do Yorgey any favors.

10:05... Dawson is 191 tonight, and Johnson is 189. Supposedly Dawson is intersted in fighting in the super six. Hard to imagine him getting all the way down to 168, if he's re-hyrdating all the way up to 191. I think he was around 185 for Tarver II. Either way, it looks like he's filled into a big light heavy.

10:07... Glen Johnson has just stepped into the ring. He's decked out all in yellow, with black trim.

10:08... Dawson is making his entrance. He's in black, with orange trim.

10:09... Mark Lichtenfeld with the introductions.

10:10... Michael Ortega is the ref.

10:11... Johnson looks all business as his name is announced.

10:11... Chad Dawson gets a nice ovation. He's the hometown man.

10:12... Final instructions have been given. We're ready to go.

10:15... Here we go. Johnson immediately begins moving forward. He lands an early right hand. Johnson circling away to his right. Dawson flicking his right jab out. Johnson pressing forward. He's firing the jab, and then coming with the right hand. Dawson staying at long range for now. He's flicking mostly jabs. Glen with his gloves up, pressing forward. He flicks a jab out, and then lands a right hand. Action in the middle of the ring now. Dawson sticking out his right, but not getting close enough to really land it. He's cautious so far. Johnson with a right hand over the top. Dawson with a jab, and a straihgt left to the body. Dawson flicking the jabs out. Now he lands a left hand. Johnson short with a right hand. Dawson comes back with a left, but is short. Johnson moving his head, as he flicks the jab, and tries to comg in with a right hand. Dawson backs away as it misses. Dawson now lands a left hand. Chad doing better in the last minute of the round, while Johnson had the better of things early. There's the bell.

10:15... Dawson's corner tell him they want to see more jabs.

10:16... Glen's corner also wants to see him jabbing.

10:19... Lampley is spouting off punch-stat numbers. Harold has it 1-0 for Dawson. Action in the middle of the ring to start the 2nd. Johnson edging forward, as Dawson slides away to his right. Dason sticking the jab in there. Glen following, trying to get in range. Glen is short with a jab. Dawson is short with a counter left. Johnson with a jab. Dawson misses a left. Dawson sticking home a jab. Glen just misses with a right hand. Now he misses again as he shoots it over the top. Johnson short with a right hand. Dawson flicking out the jab, keeping Johnson from getting off here. Dawson lands a left. Johnson with a jab, and fires a right to the body. Glen edging forward, and is short with another right, as Dawson slips away to his right. Johnson is flicking out the jab, "pawing with it" Lampley points out. Dawson with a left hand. Now Johnson with a right to the body. Johnson now pushes Dawson to the ropes and tries to flurry, but Dawson gets out of there. Now Dawson responds with a nice combo. There's the bell.

10:19... Might be my imagination, but Glen looks like he's pushing his shots a bit. Doesn't seem to have the sting he did during the first fight.

10:23... Round 3. Harold's got it 2-0. Not sure about the first, but Dawson definitely won the 2nd. Dawson with a combo, and slides away to his right. Johnson follows. Dawson flicks the jab out, and Johnson tries to fire a right hand but misses. Dawson moving from side to side, keeping Johnson from getting set and loading up. Johnson follows, and gets tagged with a left. Dawson with a jab. Johnson is short with a right hand. Johsnon now misses with a right hand as Dawson ducks underneath. Now Dawson unloads with a nice 3 punch combo. Dawson looking good this round. Johsnon follows and fires a jab/right, but Dawson avoids both shots. Dawson now lands another combo. Good round for Chad here. Glen fires a hard right, but misses with it. He's just not finding the range with that right hand. Dawson lands a straight left. Johnson edges forward, and misses with another right. Dawson really keeping his distance nicely. Now he lands a left hand. Johnson keeps following, keeps edging forward, now he tries to flurry, but again Dawson slips away without any damge. They exchange with about 10 seconds left. There's the bell.

10:24... Glen's corner telling him he's got to go to the body.

10:27... Johnson comes out moving forward, while Dawson slides off to his right, now his left, and then again to his right as Glen follows. Dawson flicks the jab out to the body and moves away again. Johnson follows, flicking his jab out and then fires a right hand. Might have glanced off Dawson there. Glen pawing with the jab, and trying to follow up with a right, but misses. Glen now jabs, and fires a right to the body. Action in the middle of the ring. Dawson with a jab, and a left hand. Johnson presses forward, and fires the right, but I don't think it landed. Dawson moves things back to the middle of the ring. Glen flickign the jab out, trying to line up his right hand. Now he bangs a right to the body. DAwson responds with a left. Dawson flicking out the jab and moves. Now DAwson fires a hard left. Johnson comes forward with the jab, and fires the right to the body, but Dawson backs away and it doesn't land. Now Glen misses with a hook. Dawson with a nice jab. Dawson flicking out the jab, and Johnson not so eager to attack at this stage as the round comes to a close. There's the bell.

10:28... Johnson's corner is trying to get their man moving. They are telling him he's down 4 rounds. That might be the case, although he may have taken the opening frame.

10:31... Harold has it 4-0. Johnson pressing forward to start the round. Dawson circling. JOhnson trying to get close, but Dawson slides away to his right. Dawson keeping his distance here. Johnson with a 1-2 that lands. Johnson pressing, with Dawson circling to his right. Now Dawson moves to his left and Johnson chases. Johnson with a right hand to the body. Johnson with a right that misses. Dawson lands a jab and then gets out of there. Now Glen closes the distance, but Dawson immediately gets out of there. Dawson with a combo, and then gets on the move again. Dawson was standing his ground a lot more in the previous rounds. He's strictly on the move in this one. Johnson following, but not having much luck. Glen with a 1-2, and Dawson then slips away. Dawson flickng the jab and moving. Glen with a jab, and tries to go to the body with a right. Dawson throws a left. There's the bell.

10:35... Round 6. Harold has it 5-0 for Dawson. I think Johnson had a good argument for the 5th. Dawson circling and keeping his distance. Johnson following, trying to get close enough to land his right. Dawson is flicking that jab, and keeping Glen from unloading. Now Glen with a nice jab. Glen with a nice right hand downstairs. Action in the middle of the ring here. Dawson flicking the jab out. Glen probing with his jab. Glen just misses with a right hand. Dawson coutners with a left. Johnson with a jab. Glen edging forward, and Dawson slides away to his right. Glen comes forward and I think he landed a right hand. Glen with a jab. DAwson coutners with a left. Dawson with a nice left. Dawson on the move again. Johnson short with a jab, and misses witha right hand. Johson with a right hand, and Dawson lands a counter left. There's the bell.

10:36... Johnson's corner is telling him he hasn't won a round.

10:40... Harold gave Johnson the 6th. He's got it 5-1. Glen pressing forward as usual to start the 7th. Lampley says he think if Johnson's won a round, it was the 5th. I agree with Jim. Johnson moving forward, but Dawson circling and picking his spots nicely. He just landed a nice body shot. Glen is stalking, but just not finding the range. Dawson's moving very nicely, and landing most of the clean punches. Action in the middle of the ring now. Glen is not steadily coming forward as much as he was earlier. Now he edges forward, as Dawson circles away to his right. Dawson with a straight left. Johnson tries to fire back with a right. Glen misses with a right hand. Glen now pawing with the jab as he edges forward. Dawson firing the jab out. There's the bell. Not a thrilling round. Johnson looks like he's slowing down a little, and given what the scorecards probably look like, that doesn't bode well for him.

10:43... 6-1 on Harold's card. I'd guess the official judges have similar scores. Johnson presses forward, but Dawson circles away. Now Dawson stops and fires a combo. Glen gets on the attack, but again Dawson stops and fires a combo. Dawson now with a straight left, and turns Johnson and slips away. Johnson follows, as Dawson moves away to his right. Now Dawson moving to his left, as he flicks a couple of jabs out. Glen now presses Dawson into the ropes and fires a right, but again Dawson slips away. Dawson in control here. Glen edging forward, flicking the jab out and trying to find the range with his right, but he's just not landing it. Dawson nicely slips away to his right, and then peppers Glen with a jab/left. Glen keeps coming though. He jabs to the body and follows as Dawson backs away. Dawson now circles to his right, and pops Johnson with a couple jabs. Johnson fires a right hand, but misses with it. Dawson on the move here and Johnson unable to get close enough to land. There's the bell.

10:44... Lampley just said that this is the closest Johnson has ever looked to being an "old fighter". I'd have to agree. He just doesn't seem to have the same snap on his shots as he did last time. He just looks slower all around.

10:47... Round 9. Harold has it 7-1. Glen comes forward, and Johnson smacks him with a combo, and then slides away to his left. Dawson now bangs home a couple of body shots. Johnson keeps coming, as Dawson slides away to his right. Johnson trying to get close, but not having any luck. Dawson flicking out a couple jabs that land. Glen tries to fire a right hand, but doesn't get through. Now Glen lands a decent right hand. Dawson though fires back with a left and slips away. Glen presses forward and tries to dig downstairs, but it's Dawson that responds with what looked like the harder body shot. Now Johnson fires a right hand that may have landed. Dawson though slips away, and then stops and lands a combo. Glen with a right hand into the guard as Dawson backs away. Dawson looking very comfortable. Johnson with a 1-2 that's short. Action in the middle of the ring now. Glen was pressing early in the round, but now he's eased up. He fires a right hand that lands. Dawson responds with a left. Now DAwson with a combo. Johnson might have got a right hand in return. Dawson fires a combo, and Johnson responds as the bell goes.

10:51... Round 10. Alfredo Angulo is ringside, and he gives the thumbs up to the cameras. Glen comes out pressing, while Dawson circles to his left. Now Dawson goes right. Glen pushes forward, and lands a right hand. Glen digs to the body. Dawson responds with his bown body shot. A nice combo from Dawson. Harold has it 8-1. Dawson now flicks the jab as he backs away. Glen follows, but Dawson on the move, keeping a comfortable distance. Glen trying to jab his way in, but Dawson circles away. Glen trying to jab his way in again, and he gets Dawson along the ropes, but Dawson slides off. Now Glen fires a right hand that glanced off Dawson. Glen edginf forward, as Dawson backs away. Dawson stops and fires a shot to the body, and then a straight left. Now Dawson gets on the move again, flicking out his jab. Glen comes forward and misses a right hand. Glen just looks slower tonight. He's again short with a right, and Dawson lands a left in response. Glen closes the gab, and fires a 1-2. Now he misses with a shot. Dawson responds with a decent combo. There's the bell.

10:52... Dawson's corner tells him he's won every round. "Just don't get careless."

10:52... Glen's corner tells him that when he sees Dawson sliding along the ropes, he's got to take chances and go after him.

10:55... Harold has it 9-1. Johnson edges forward, as Dawson slips away, flicking the jab as he does so. Glen flicking out the jab as he comes forward, but he's not getting close enough. Glen fires a hook that misses. Glen is short with a 1-2. Glen lands a right hand. Dawson fires back with a combo. Dawson stuck around a traded there, but then slips away. Now Glen backs Dawson into the ropes and rips a couple shots to the body, but Dawson takes them and slips away. Johnson is short with a couple jabs, as Dawson backs away. Dawson lands a nice left hand. Dawson with a nice combo. Glen keeps coming though, but Dawson circles away. Dawson now rips a left hand on the inside that just missed. Glen edges forward, but a little tentaively now. Dawson hanging around on the inside for a moment, and now flicks the jab out and slips away. Another round in the books.

10:56... "Keep the jab going," Dawson's corner tells him. "You can't stop swinging." - the advice from Johnson's corner.

10:59... Round 12. 10-1 on Harold's card. Johnson with some urgency here, moving forward, while Dawson circles away to his left. Now Dawson moves to his right. Glen with a jab that lands. Glen digs hard to the body. Glen now tries to follow up with a right, but it whizzes over DAwson's head. Now Glen keeps pressing. Dawson backs away. Dawson now fires back with a real nice quick combo and gets out of there. Glen presses forward. He's jabbing his way in, and trying to land a right. Dawson fires off another quick combo, and that drove Johnson back into the ropes. Dawson gets on the move again. He's moving to his right. Action now in the middle of the ring. Glen tries to land a right, but is short. Glen flicking the jab out as he edges forward. Dawson sticks his jab out and moves. Glen gave a good charge to start the round, but now is looking a little tired, as he's not pressing. Dawson circling, but Glen can't get close. Now Glen tries to edge forward, but he's a little tenative and there's the bell to end it.

11:00... Johnson raised his hands at the end, but I'm sure he's aware that he's come up well short. He gave it his all, but he was in wtih a younger, fresher, quicker fighter tonight. Dawson was on the top of his game.

11:01... Harold gave the 12th to Johnson.

11:02... Here are the scores. 115-113, 115-113, and 117-111... all for Chad Dawson. I'm surprised at how close those scores were.

11:04... That wasn't thrilling, but Dawson did what he had to. He moved very well, picking his spots, and managed to have things mostly his way.

11:05.... Dawson is with Kellerman for the post fight interview. "I outboxed him every round. I used my legs. I used my speed. I outclassed him."

11:07... Kellerman mentions Jean Pascal and Tavoris Cloud as possible opponents, and asks Dawson who he'd like to fight. "Bernard Hopkins." Dawson acknowledges that if he can't fight Hopkins, he'd like to fight Pascal.

11:08... Looks like we're not going to hear from Glen Johnson. I think that kind of sucks. Yeah, he didn't come close to winning, but I think it would have been nice to give him a chance to say a few words.

11:09... Well that's it for our round by round coverage. I hope you enjoyed it.