Friday, April 24, 2009

Carl Froch vs Jermain Taylor Predictions

Can Little Rock's Jermain Taylor take another step towards restoring his once lofty status in the boxing world, or will Britain's Carl Froch prove to be too strong for the former middleweight champ?

The Boxing Bulletin writers weigh-in with their picks for tomorrow night's super-middleweight clash.

I think Froch/Taylor is a potential FOTY. I like Froch's activity and toughness while Taylor probably has the edge in speed. As much as I hate to predict a dubious decision, that's what I see coming. The fight will have high action and both will have many moments, but I think Taylor gets a SD in a fight that most thought Froch won. - Mark Lyons

Froch-Taylor is a tough fight to call. Taylor will probably land more jabs, but Froch should be able to hold his own in a jabbing contest, as he controlled Jean Pascal with his upjab for long stretches of their fight. Otherwise, Froch has the edge in power and I think will land the more significant blows.

In the end, Taylor's stamina issues might be too much to overcome in a tough fight and I'm not sure he can handle heat from a hard hitting super middleweight. I see Froch taking him out in the final three rounds. - Michael Nelson

I've never rated Taylor and don't believe he's got anything to worry Froch. Taylor can jab and throw a straight right well but he hasn't got the best of chins, isn't a big puncher and hasn't got a fighters mentality. Froch is the hungrier fighter, one who's willing to walk through fire to land his own punches. I can see Froch starting cautiously before picking up the pace and stopping Taylor around the 8th round. - Dave Oakes

I see Froch making an impressive big time debut in the US with a knockout of Taylor, who doesn't have the defense or chin to deal with the incoming. And when it comes down to it, I think the man from Nottingham is just more of a natural fighter. Froch KO6. - Lee Payton

As Lee mentioned, Froch is more of a natural fighter, and I feel the pace and intensity of the bout will bring that edge out. While the style match-up isn't similar to the Bradley/Holt scrap from earlier this month, I think in much the same way Holt came undone in the face of Bradley's tenacity, the same thing will happen here. - Andrew Fruman