Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Topic of the Week: Paul Williams

With his dominating win over Winky Wright last Saturday, Paul Williams sent a message that he's a legit middleweight threat. Should he go after Kelly Pavlik? Or take care of unfinished business at 147? Or try and settle in at 154?

Photo © Ray Kasprowicz

We asked our writers to give their thoughts on what they would like to see next from the talented southpaw.

What would you like to see next from Paul Williams?

"I want to see him get his chance at Kelly Pavlik. While Williams has never been in with a big hitting middleweight, or even a real power puncher at any weight, Pavlik would actually have to hit him more than a few times, and that's not going to be easy when you consider the athletic difference between the two and the champ's unproven counter punching ability." - Lee Payton

"I don't have much interest in seeing Williams at welterweight anymore. While there's plenty of talent at 147, I think he's just too big for those guys. If a fight with Pavlik or Abraham can be made, I'd like to see it, but since they are rumored to be fighting each other later this year, perhaps looking at 154 would be best. I'd love to see Williams against either Kirkland or Angulo. He's a little ahead of those guys in terms of experience, but they're both strong as hell and I think will push him harder than anyone at 147 could." - Andrew Fruman

"I agree that Williams should look at 154 since Pavlik's locked up for the rest of 2009 and Abraham will likely move up a division after fighting Pavlik. Fighting the winner of Dzinziruk/Kirkland would be a good move, and how well they perform against each other will tell us more on what their chances are against P-Will. I believe Angulo will handle Kermit Cintron easily and his performance should drum up some interest for a matchup with him. Daniel Santos is a dangerous opponent as well. Most of these guys are hungry so Paul has options." - Michael Nelson