Friday, April 3, 2009

Timothy Bradley vs Kendall Holt Predictions

Tomorrow night on Showtime, up and coming star Tim Bradley puts his undefeated record on the line against talented fellow title holder Kendall Holt.

While two belts will be at stake in the junior welterweight unification clash, the real prize for the winner could be a big money fight in the not too distant future.

The Boxing Bulletin writers make their picks...

I expect a very tactical fight. Bradley has a bit more physical strength & Holt carries more pop. Timmy will have to assume the role of the aggressor and Holt will be moving. I really don't have a strong opinion. I'm expecting a fight that is closer and more significant than it is exciting. I'll take Holt by SD, but I'm not betting on it. - Mark Lyons

I think Holt will be cautious early on but will be forced to take more chances as the fight progresses. I expect Bradley to control the fight in the first six rounds by using educated pressure before weathering a late charge from Holt to take a comfortable points decision around 117-111. - Dave Oakes

Holt's biggest assets going into the fight lie in his height and reach advantage over Bradley. I don't think he'll make full use of those advantages, and expect him to throw about half the jabs Bradley's going to throw. I look for Bradley to concentrate on putting his jab to Holt's stomach and set him up for overhand rights, particularly along the ropes.

Holt will have rounds where he counters well and starts to time Bradley as he comes in. Bradley's better at making adjustments from round to round though, and won't allow Holt to have success for a sustained period of time.

I see Bradley either winning a comfortable decision in which he decks Holt, or knocking Holt out in the late rounds. - Michael Nelson

To me, it's the explosive bursts of Holt against the steady work of Bradley. Usually, I'd go with the more consistent fighter, but in this case, I'll take the more talented fighter. Even if Holt is losing a round by getting outworked, I believe he can turn it around at any point with his superior speed and power. I also noticed that Bradley drops his left hand when he's trying to close the distance which creates an opening for a straight right that he won't see coming. We've never seen Tim get hit on the chin too hard, so his ability to take a shot is still a mystery to me. He could be the new Marvin Hagler, but I'm not sure there is a 140 lber out there who can take Holt's very best shot on the button.

Very tough fight to pick... Holt gets a KD and is awarded a split decision in a fight that could have gone either way. - Lee Payton

I'm picking Bradley to win convincingly. He's the more complete fighter and I expect him to consistently be doing the better work. Plus, in terms of who's more likely to land something damaging, I think that's Bradley as well. - Andrew Fruman