Friday, April 10, 2009

Williams vs Wright Predictions

On Saturday night, Paul "The Punisher" Williams takes on tough and crafty former World Champion, Winky Wright. Can Paul handle this class of fighter? Does Winky still have some fight left?

Here are our predictions...

I've seen deterioration in Wright since he fought Soliman. I can't imagine 20 months off is what he needed to cure his rapid decline. Couple that with the fact that an active fighter has always posed problems for Wright and I see a complete white washing.There is no possible scenario for a Wright victory in my view. Williams wins every round until the corner stops it in the late rounds. -Mark Lyons

If Wright hasn't lost much during his long layoff I think he has what it takes to beat Williams. Williams is good, but I'm not sure he's ready for a guy with an educated jab who's never been knocked out. I see a close decision in Wright's favor because Williams throws with enough volume to keep it tight. - John Vaci

I've always had a soft spot for Wright but I can't see him winning this fight. Williams is the younger, hungrier, more athletic fighter. If you add Williams' height and reach advantages and Wright's inactivity into the mix, then it makes for a one-sided fight. I think Wright's experience and mental toughness will be enough for him to make it to the final bell but I envisage a wide points decision in favour of Williams. -David Oakes

Paul Williams of today against the Winky Wright of 3-4 years ago would be a pick-em fight. Now, with Wright getting older and coming off a nearly two year hiatus, I'd give the definitive edge to Williams.

How much of the old Winky's left is a bit of a mystery. But he's never been dominated or anywhere close to getting stopped since the Vasquez fight 15 years ago, and he's been in against tough opposition for the last 3rd of his career. That means something. I think he'll put a good fight.

I wouldn't be shocked if Wright continued the recent trend of old fighters beating young volume punchers who were penciled in to conquer them. But with a 21 month layoff, I see Williams outworking him for a 116-112 decision. -Michael Nelson

The fight really depends on what Winky shows up and how old that Winky is. If it's the Wright who doggedly sticks to his defensive, jab and turtle shell style whether it's working or not, he will lose. But if it's the Wright who came forward and worked inside on Jermain Taylor, then I think he has a chance to make it a good fight and maybe pull the mild upset. Winky takes a lot of crap at times for his safety first approach, but he can actually be pretty gritty.

I wouldn't necessarily be surprised to see Winky win the fight, but I think at this stage of the game he's not hungry enough to do what it takes, and his recent flat footed style is going to be a tough sell against Williams' bunches of punches. For Williams, he just needs to swamp Wright and keep him at bay. I expect Winky to have some moments, but for Williams to win by decision as the older man just can't keep up. -Jeff Pryor

The age and lay-off will have Winky stuck in the mud enough for Paul to beat him 9-3. He'll have to fight hard to win those rounds, and will learn a few things along the way. -Lee Payton

Williams is an exciting fighter with a ton of talent, but he's still not polished enough for me to pick him here, even against what is reasonable to assume will be a somewhat diminished version of Winky Wright. I'm taking the cagey vet in a close one. - Andrew Fruman


dread said...

Article idea: The effect of layoffs on fighters. Wright's layoff isn't like he got ktfo comeback fight, but simply a lot of inactivity.

dread said...

Oh, and Williams close.

Andy said...

That's an interesting idea. A year lay-off or even longer these days isn't that uncommon.

dread said...

Between all the big brains at the BB, you could probably come up with 10 fights where "ring rust" was supposed to be a factor. The one that leaps to mind to me (for obvious reasons) is Tszyu-Mitchell.
Vitali-Peter is another one that seems to break the mold, tho I think Vitali was a heavy favorite. Spinks-Karmazin.

The criteria should be guys who were underdogs based on the speculation of "ring rust"

Mark Lyons said...

Winky had more left than I thought. He can beat a lot of guys. Paul is well on his way to topping the p4p charts.

Lee Payton said...

Wink is a very tough guy, and a pro. The way he was dominated last night, I think he'd have done well against a prime Wright.

This Williams has that special something.