Friday, May 29, 2009

HBO Bad Predictions: Andre Berto vs Juan Urango; Alfredo Angulo vs Kermit Cintron

HBO BAD has a good looking double header tomorrow night. Alfredo Angulo takes on Kermit Cintron at 154 pounds in the opener, while the main event features Andre Berto going against Juan Urango at 147.

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The Boxing Bulletin writers give their predictions after the jump...

Andre Berto vs Juan Urango

Berto is going to war with Urango, no doubt about it. Andre's speed should dominate the exchanges, but Juan will rock him a few times. Urango showed some nice body work in his last fight. I can't recall anyone really attacking Berto downstairs.

I'm not going to lie, I was one of Berto's biggest detractors, but he won me over during that war against Collazo. I still don't think he is in a class with the very best in the sport and I honestly doubt he ever will be. He is one of the most exciting fighters in the world, and I expect another sizzling battle, with Andre winning an 8-4 type decision. - Mark Lyons
Urango is a 140 title holder, but he'll be right at home at 147. This is going to be some fight. I think it will go the full 12 rounds, and whoever wins the decision will have worked hard for it. Berto will use his speed to beat Urango to the punch with right hand explosions, but I do have some concern for Andre in exchanges, where I think he'll get caught and hurt. The Colombian is underrated when it comes to counter-punching skill.

It's always hard to go against an undefeated fighter. You tend to think his management team knows what they're doing, but it's clear that Berto doesn't like southpaws or body punches. I'll pick the upset. Urango take's Berto's 0 by close, gutty decision. - Lee Payton
Berto vs Urango should be a good fight. I think Berto’s speed will give Urango problems early on and he’ll win the majority of the early rounds before surviving a late surge by Urango to take the fight by a comfortable points decision. - Dave Oakes
Berto/Urango is interesting, and I consider Urango a fairly live dog. His body attack will be a stern test for Berto. But that can be somewhat neutralized by clinching on the inside, which Berto had no problem doing against Collazo before the referee forced him to fight in close by taking a point away. And in previous fights, Urango hasn't worked inside of the clinch as often as he should.

I think the hand and foot speed advantages Berto have will get him a competitive decision in a fight where he has to survive some rough moments. - Michael Nelson

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Berto by 117-111 scores. The rounds will be competitive, but I think Berto's edge in hand speed will allow him to consistently do just a little bit more. - Andrew Fruman

Alfredo Angulo vs Kermit Cintron

I don't expect Angulo to have any trouble with Cintron. He will punish him from the jump and score a stoppage within six rounds. Lets say four. - Mark Lyons
Cinton doesn't have the stuff to hang with Angulo. He has no defense and absolutely nothing inside. He's going to get ripped to shreds. I'll be surprised if he goes 6. - Lee Payton
I think Angulo v Cintron could be a bit of a war depending on Cintron's frame of mind. Angulo is open to straight rights and I believe that Cintron could hurt Angulo early with that punch. My main worry is that Cintron gets caught and decides he doesn’t fancy getting involved after that. I think that is probably the most likely scenario and think Angulo will win via late stoppage. I wouldn’t rule out a shock Cintron win though. - Dave Oakes
I agree with Mark and Lee about Angulo/Cintron. Angulo's too big, too strong, and too much of a body puncher for Cintron. Cintron will get his licks in en route to getting taken out within 5 rounds. Should be a nice appetizer before the main dish. - Michael Nelson
It's not impossible that Angulo walks into a big right hand early in the fight, but I think once Cintron feels Angulo's power, his determination to stand in and land one of those fight changing punches will drop dramatically. Angulo by stoppage inside of 8 is my pick. - Andrew Fruman


The Boxing Stop said...

I'll take both the faves, Berto and Angulo. Cintron seems to get in over his head and Urango is too slow.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the weigh-in. Cintron is the bigger, stronger fighter and I believe he wins via mid round KO. Let's say round 6.

dread said...

Berto in a cakewalk, possibly a snoozer. I hope Urango catches him early and tests him, but I don't think so. Berto 9-3

This is Cintron's last stand. Either he stands up to him and it's a good scrape, or he gets Margaritoed. Perro KO5 is

dread said...

Perro KO5 is implausible, that is. Cintron winning a pretty decisive decision is what I was about to say.

Anonymous said...

Cintron looked good, he really surprised me. The main event was among the worst fights I have ever seen.