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Live Ricky Hatton vs Manny Pacquiao Blog

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of the much anticipated mega-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Ricky Hatton.

If you joined us last week for our live blog of the Froch/Taylor & Lopez/Penalosa fights, we appreciate you coming back. If this is your first time with us (it's only our second time doing this) then thanks for checking us out, and we hope you enjoy our coverage.

Coverage will start at 9 PM EST.

Please refresh this page often, as I'll be doing regular updates throughout the undercard fights and will update the main event after each round.

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9:04...The show is underway. The first fight fight of the night is Erislandy Lara vs Chris Gray. Both fighters have rehydrated to 162 pounds. Michael Buffer is doing the intros.

9:07... Larry Merchant just mentioned that Lara got married yesterday. The HBO crew is singing Lara's praises. Steward says he has a very good professional style.

9:08... Steward says that Lara is always in a position to execute, and never over-extends himself and leaves openings when he punches.

9:11... Lara had things mostly his way in the first round. Gray backed up, while Lara followed. The Cuban managed to get several punches through Gray's guard, but Gray managed to escape the round mostly unscathed.

9:12... Steward praises Gray for making an attempt to fight considering how overmatched he is. Lara's stalking and mixing up his punches nicely. "Gray does not know what to expect," says Steward.

9:13... Steward just said that some of the top middleweights in the world including Kelly Pavlik would have problems with Lara.

9:14... Another round in the books. Pretty much all Lara.

9:15... Lampley asks Steward about his remark that Lara could give any middleweight in the world problems, "Even Paul Williams?" "Yes."

9:16... I should mention that Steward is talking about a "short fight".

9:17... With a chuckle, Larry pokes a bit of fun at Steward's excessive praise of Lara, "Are you sure you didn't get him to defect?"

9:18... Round 3 in the books. All Lara.

9:22... Round 4... More of the same. Harold has it 40-36. Not a big surprise. "4 very decisive 10-9 rounds."

9:24... All 3 judges have it a shut-out, and Lampley is now rattling off compubox numbers.

9:26... Hatton is chatting away with Oscar while he warms up in his dressing room.

9:27... According to Larry, yesterday's weigh-in was so packed that 5,000 people were turned away.

9:28... Next up is Matvey Korobov vs Anthony Bartinelli. Korobov has rehydrated to 170, while Bartinelli is 166 tonight.

9:29... Fight is about to get started. Buffer has finished with the intros.

9:30... Steward and Lampley comment on the pro-style we're now seeing from countries that used to focus mainly on the amateur game.

9:31... I should mention that Korobov is a southpaw. 1 minute into the round, and he's having things all his own way.

9:34... Not surprisingly, Korobov is tagging Bartinelli at will. Bartinelli's mouthguard just went flying after getting caught on the button with a right hook. It happened with about 15 seconds left in the round. I have a feeling this isn't going the full 4 rounds.

9:34... Steward estimates the mouth-guard flew about 30 feet.

9:35... Korobov's corner told him to work the body this round.

9:37.... Referee Robert Byrd stops this one with about a minute left in the second round. Bartinelli was just getting tagged at will. He was put down early in the round with a straight left on the button, but got up for more punishment. Korobov was very patient about putting the finishing touches on. He mixed in some nice body work, before forcing Bartinelli into the corner, where after a barrage of power shots, Byrd jumped in.

9:39... Official time is 2:15 of round 2. Matt Korobov moves to 5-0, all 5 coming by stoppage.

9:42... As impressive as Lara and Korobov are, I got to say that I would rather see some well matched action fighters on the undercard. These opening two bouts were about as exiting as casual sparring sesssions. There are a lot of second tier fighters that could provide good entertainment for a reasonable price, and I think giving them some airtime on a night like this would be better entertainment.

9:45... Lampley is interviewing Ann Wolfe regarding the James Kirkland situation. Ann's disappointed in Kirkland, but she's sticking by her fighter and says she hopes he gets the opportunity to keep going with the work they've been doing.

9:46... Next up is Daniel Jacobs vs Michael Walker. Both fighters have rehydrated to 169 pounds.

9:50... Jacobs-Walker is underway, and Lampley informs us that Jacobs is a budding chef.

9:51... Lampley informs us that Jacobs sometimes switches to southpaw and has power in both hands. Larry just asked Steward how Korobov would do against Lara, and Steward says he likes Korobov a little bit better.

9:53... Jacobs came on strong at the end of the first round, and had Walker covering up along the ropes.

9:56... Steward comments the most effective punch for Jacobs has been the left hook to the body. Steward comments that while Walker's skill level isn't that high, he's very determined. He's standing in and trading with Jacobs and trying to make the most of his chance tonight.

10:00... Walker just threw Jacobs to the canvas, dislodging Jacobs' protective cup, and we've got a time-out while Jacobs is getting fixed up.

10:02... Walker is giving a spirited effort here and really making Jacobs work hard. Early in the round, he managed to force Jacobs into the corner and landed a looping right hand, although Jacobs turned the tables by spinning out of trouble and tagging Walker with several shots in the same corner.

10:02... Harold has it 3-0 for Jacobs... "Beautiful ring generalship." - Harold

10:03... Steward comments that Walker is starting to walk through some of Jacobs shots and is becoming more effective.

10:06... Walker is bulling forward, backing Jacobs up. A nice combo from Walker seem to make Jacobs rethink his approach, as he became more patient, looking to pick his spots the rest of the round. Jacobs has been landing some very nice body shots. He's also had a lot of success finishing up to the body after flurrying upstairs.

10:10... Steward comments on the differntial in size here. Jacobs is about 6 inches taller. There was just an accidental clash of heads, but thankfully no damage done, although Walker got the worst of it. Jacobs is doing a good job firing off combos and moving. Walker is undeterred and keeps pushing forward and Lampley comments that Walker has really earned Jacobs respect, although Jacobs is winning all the round.

10:11... Harold has it 5-0.

10:13... 6 rounds now in the book. I think Jacobs is looking a bit tired, but he's got this well in control. He's jabbing and moving, and then throwing in the occasional flurry, but not with much on it. He seems content to be just scoring points here.

10:16... Not much happening here. Larry and Steward are debating whether or not Jacobs is a puncher.

10:17... Steward is enthusiastic with his praise of Jacobs, although not quite to the level that he raved about Lara and Korobov.

10:20... "Jacobs trains in Coney Island and looks like he's not going to be a day about the beach for anyone for some time." - Larry (not that you had to ask).

10:22... That's it. Harold has it 8-0. That's what all 3 judges will have it too. Walker never stopped coming forward and gave a good effort, but he was just outclassed. Jacobs boxed nicely, and picked his spots well. Steward comments on how well he switches from jabbing to stopping and letting loose with a power shot.

10:24... Up next will be Humberto Soto vs Benoit Gaudet.

10:30... Soto weighs 141 tonight while Gaudet is only 137.

10:32... This one is underway.

10:35... Soto went right after Gaudet early and caught the Canadian with a left hook as he was moving backward that dropped him. Gaudet was up quickly and Larry and Steward say it was more of a balance knockdown.

Larry says that Gaudet's plan is try and outbox Soto the way Guzman was able to. Gaudet is using the whole ring, jabbing and moving and changing directions. Steward had a feeling Gaudet won't be strong enough physically and mentally to cope with Soto down the stretch.

10:37... Soto is patiently stalking, while Gaudet is doing his best to stay on the move.

10:38... Steward comments that Gaudet has fast hands and is very swift on his feet and Soto is going to have to really step it up and put more pressure.

10:39... Two rounds in the books. Steward feels that Soto will step things up as he realizes that Gaudet can't hurt him.

10:40... Soto's corner is telling him that he's got to chase Gaudet down.

10:40... 2-0, 20-17 on Harold's card for Soto.

10:41... Gaudet is moving left, then moving right. He's doing a good job of not letting Soto load up, but he's not offering too much offense.

10:43... Round 3 in the books. Soto stepped up the pressure and managed to close the gap on several occasions. He landed some decent right hands in the process. Gaudet had a few moments as well, catching Soto with a couple right hands.

10:45... "Benoit Gaudet has some good skills, there's no doubt about it, but he doesn't pack a punch." - Harold

10:46... Gaudet is hanging in there. He's always fighting in reverse, but he's stopped and landed his right hand a few times.

10:47... 4 rounds complete. Soto constantly moving forward, Guadet going side to side, jabbing and throwing the occasional right hand while trying to slip shots and tie Soto up. Not thrilling to watch.

10:48... Harold gave round 4 to Gaudet.

10:49... Lampley comments that Soto has been unable to land his left hook to the body so far.

10:50... "I don't know what happened, but something happened to Soto in the early part of this round. I don't know if it was an injury, but he looks uncomfortable." - Steward

10:51... Soto closed the round strong, although it wasn't a great round for him until the last 40 or so seconds.

10:52... Harold has it 49-45 after 5.

10:53... Steward comments that Gaudet is looking comfortable. No word on whether or not anything's wrong with Soto. Steward might have been reaching with that one.

10:55... This is not tremendously entertaining, but it's competitive.

10:56... Harold gave round 6 to Gaudet. He's got it 4-2, but a 3 pound gap in total because of the early knockdown.

10:57... Accidental clash of heads to start round 7, but no damage done.

10:58... Gaudet is keeping out of range, and picking his spots effectively early in the round. Soto is following, but he's just not doing too much. Yikes. Gaudet just caught Soto VERY low and down goes Humberto, and we'll have a bit of break here.

10:59... Jay Nady won't be taking a point. Soto takes about a minute, and we're underway again.

11:00... Soto with a burst of aggression with about 40 seconds left in the round, but Gaudet takes it nicely and slips out of trouble.

11:00... Soto's corner is telling him to finish to the body and work the uppercuts inside. "You're not going to rip off his head, work the body, work the sides!"

11:01... Harold gave the 7th to Soto.

11:03... Lampley comments on how Gaudet has made a bigger commitment to the body than Soto, and Steward comments on how well Gaudet has taken Soto's power shots when they've landed.

11:04... Soto landed a very nice right hand with about 7 or 8 seconds left in the round, but Gaudet took it very well. Over the last minute or so of the round, Soto wasn't fighting with much fire at all and there are moments now, where he's backing away.

11:05... Harold gave the 8th to Soto. He's got it 78-73.

11:06... Soto's sitting back again here to start the round. Looks like he wants Gaudet to open up and come to him a bit, which he's doing a bit, but there's not really a whole lot happening. Just as I said that, Soto catches Gaudet with a big uppercut and sends him down. He's up, and trying to hold on. 45 seconds left in the round.

11:07... Soto lands a hard right hand, and another clean shots sends Gaudet down and Nady stops it immediately. Gaudet opens his arms up in protest, but that's it.

11:08... The uppercut that hurt Gaudet was a nice clean right hand. Landed flush and sent Gaudet toppling backwards.

11:10... Soto finished matters with a right hand that sent Gaudet into the ropes and to the canvas. The official time 2:25 of round 9.

11:13... The main-event is next. HBO is showing some gym highlights to hype it.

11:15... For those watching on TV that are following along with the live blog, feel free to throw out your scores for the main-event in the comments down below.

11:18... I'll use this downtime to complain for a moment at HBO not picking up the Glen Johnson - Tomasz Adamek fight. WHY!? Guaranteed classic! Yeah, yeah, budget reasons. Screw that. This would have been epic, and now we're not going to see it!

11:20... The anthems have just started, so I think we're still at least another 10-15 minutes from seeing the fighters enter the arena.

11:25... Hatton is 152 tonight, while Pacquiao is 148.

11:27... Hatton is about to enter. He's elected to come out first because according to what he told Larry Merchant, he's the challenger tonight fighting for the P4P title. Not sure I agree with Ricky there, but that's his reason.

11:28... Hatton is now in the ring. By the way, in case you're wondering, he's not wearing the "Fatton" suit that he entered the ring for last time against Malignaggi.

11:29... Pacquiao is about to make his way in.

11:32... Pacquiao is now in the ring. Michael Buffer with the intros.

11:33... Kenny Bayliss is the man in charge.

11:34... From Manchester England, the 3 time world champion, etc, etc... Ricky Hitman Hatton.

11:35... From the Philippines, the 5 time world champion, currently recognized as the P4P #1 fighter in the world, Manny Pacman Pacquiao.

11:36... They are face to face in the middle of the ring receiving their final instructions.

11:37... "They are warrior kings with armies of fans that follow them to the battle, but now they will be alone in the battle." - Larry

11:37... Hatton immediately comes forward and tries to get inside. Manny with the first good punch, a right hook that lands clean, and now they clinch.

11:38... Pac manages to tie Hatton up and Ricky roughs him up in the clinch. Manny with a couple nice right hooks. Hatton comes forward and Manny slips under a hook. "Hatton's face is already red." - Larry. "Pacquiao's landed 3 significant right hooks already." - Lampley. Pac lands a nice straight right hand!

11:39... Down goes Hatton! 45 seconds left. He was caught with a clean conter. Pac with another hard right hand, and Hatton manages to tie him up along the ropes. Pac on the attack here. Another right hand. Hatton is in big trouble. Pac pouring it on. Down goes Hatton! He's up at the count of 8 as the first round ends!!!!

11:40... Here's[ the replay of the first knockdown. A right hook on the button as Hatton was coming forward.

11:41... Lampley is rattling off "utterly devastating" compubox numbers.

11:41... Hatton just landed a hard left hand and forced Pac backwards. They clinch. Hatton has his legs back here in the second round.

11:43... Pac with a hard left hand. Steward says that Hatton needs to smother Pac. Pac lands a nice clean right, and Hatton digs a low blow to Pac's hip and is warned for hitting and holding. Hatton is just walking into a lot of shots, but he manages to catch Manny with a left, but immediately Manny comes roaring back and backs Hatton off.

11:43... Lampley comments that Pac's got a little wild. Steward comments that Ricky needs to move his head, and as soon as he finishes saying that, Pacquiao catches Hatton with a HUGE shot and puts him down and out. This one is over. Hatton is completely out.

11:45... Hatton is being attended to by medical personal. He's now moving his head and is starting to come around.

11:45... The knockout blow was a huge left hand that landed flush. Hatton looked like he was out before he hit the canvas, and landed very hard.

11:46... That was absolutely devastating.

11:47... Hatton is sitting down on a stool. He's alert.

11:48... The official time 2:59 of round 2.

11:52... Larry is asking Pacquiao about Floyd. "If he beats Marquez, is that a fight you want?" "I can fight anybody." - Pac

11:53... Freddie Roach tells Larry that based on watching tapes of Hatton, he doesn't have the ability to adjust.

11:54... I'm not sure if we'll get a chance to hear from Hatton as that was a very rough finish.

11:56... Lampley just said that Hatton will not be interviewed. The camera is following Ricky as he walks from the arena to his dressing room. At least he's walking about okay so that's good news.

11:59... Thank you to everyone for stopping by and thanks to those that commented. Glad you enjoyed our coverage tonight and please tune in next time.


Michael Nelson said...

I'd like to see Lara put a right hook behind that left hand. If I was to nitpick, he never threw more than two punches at a time.

Definitely someone to look out for though.

dread said...

This is sort of an interesting mismatch here. Jacobs put together five punches at the end of round 7 and I don't think one landed. If Walker could punch, I think he'd have put him on the canvas at least once.

jim said...

YO!!! Keep it up bro i just found this blog....awsome. non stop updates NICE.

Lee Payton said...

Great work Andy.

Our fellow Canadian, Gaudet, is giving Soto a hard time.

Anonymous said...

I Second That Motion for a Big Thanx to Andy. Appreciate this.
I just caught your tip to come on over at MaxBoxing. Man, that website is crowded and can get you all lost!

Thanx Again A-Man!
Mr. Eiger

Lee Payton said...

This should be great.

Lee Payton said...

No Blue Moon?

Lee Payton said...

This is incredible! Did Pac miss a punch?!?!

Lee Payton said...

I hope Hatton is OK. That was as frightening a KO as I have ever seen.

Michael Nelson said...

Was Hatton a bit overrated? Maybe.

But is there any doubt that Pac is one of the greatest fighters of all time? IMO, no.

Andy said...

Thanks Jim and Mr.Eiger for checking us out tonight. Glad you enjoyed it.