Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Photo Gallery: Carl Froch vs JermainTaylor

The April 25th battle between super-middleweights Carl Froch and Jermain Taylor featured a finish for the ages and will no doubt be receiving plenty of consideration for 2009's Fight of the Year.

Photographer Justin McKie was ringside for all the dramatics, and The Boxing Bulletin is proud to present a giant photo gallery from that memorable bout.

Photos © Justin McKie, click on the images to enlarge.

Jermain Taylor vs Carl Froch - WBC Super-Middleweight Title

Taylor started strongly, using his straight right hand and sharp left jab to great effect. It took Froch a little longer to get going, although he had his moments in a closely contested second round.

Late in the third round, Taylor hurt Froch with a hard right hand, and a follow-up barrage sent the title holder to the canvas.

Trainer Ozell Nelson (back to camera) offers instructions to the challenger.

Along with his jab and straight right, Taylor landed a number of solid left hooks, using the punch effectively to the body as well as the head.

Froch's best punch was his right hand. Here he drills the punch home through Taylor's gloves. He was also successful winging shots around the guard.

Showing tremendous resolve, Froch kept forcing the issue and steadily battled his way back into the fight.

While Froch was the stronger fighter late in the contest, Taylor still had his explosive moments.

Trainer Rob McCracken kept Froch focused late, reminding his fighter to keep it simple and stick to the jab/right hand combination.

Well behind on 2 of the 3 judges cards, Froch needed a big finish and turned up the heat against a tiring Taylor over the last few rounds.

Referee Mike Ortega sends Froch to a neutral corner after dropping Taylor with less than a minute remaining in the final round. Hurt and exhausted, Taylor somehow made it to his feet and bravely fought on before Ortega jumped in and called an end to the grueling fight with only 14 seconds remaining.

Froch celebrates his stunning victory while Taylor watches a replay of the dramatic last few moments on the big screens.

Tired and sore, the winner has his wraps cut off by Froch team member, Mark Seltzer.

A moment for reflection: It was close, but he'll be going back to Nottingham with the prize he came with.