Saturday, May 30, 2009

Live Blog: Berto vs Urango, Angulo vs Cintron

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of tonight's HBO Bad double-header.

Coverage will start at 9:45 PM EST.

Up first: Alfredo Angulo (15-0) vs Kermit Cintron (30-2-1) ---- 12 rounds at 154

Main Event: Andre Berto (24-0) vs Juan Urango (21-1-1) ---- 12 rounds at 147

If you are here early, check out Michael Nelson's preview of tonight's fights:

Berto vs Urango & Angulo vs Cintron Previews

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9:30... 15 minutes until show time. Updates will start at 9:45.

9:47... Boxing After Dark is on the air. The venue is the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida. Bob Papa, Lennox Lewis and Max Kellerman will be calling the action.

9:49... Right now they are showing some highlights of Angulo from HBO's Ring Life. I assume the fighters will be making their way to the ring shortly.

9:51... Angulo didn't start fighting until he was 16. He preferred baseball as a kid. The switch in interests not surprisingly didn't please his mother.

9:56... Fight night weights according to HBO's unofficial scales -- Angulo is 159 and Cintron 169.

9:57... Cintron is making his way to the ring.

9:58... Angulo is on his way in.

9;59... According to Bob Papa and Lennox Lewis, there are rumors that Angulo was sick in the days leading up to the fight. He missed the press conference and was late getting into the event.

10:00... Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the intros.

10:01... Wearing gray trunks with red and white trim, with a record of 30-2-1 (27 KO)... Kermit Cintron.

10:02... Wearing black trunks with silver trim, with a record of 15-0 (12 KO)... Alfredo Angulo.

10:03... We are underway.

10:03... According to Bob Papa, Cintron claims to be in the best shape of his career. At 169 tonight, he's certainly bigger than he's ever been. Lennox says he likes the way Cintron is using his jab, but he'd like to see him step into it a little bit more.

10:05... "Measured approach from both." - Papa. Both using their jab. There was one exchange at the 1:30 mark, where they both threw hooks. Cintron landed a jab, and Angulo countered with a hard right hand. About 50 seconds to go in the round.

10:06... Angulo with a hard right hand that backs up Cintron. He's got Kermit retreating a little bit here as the round comes to a close. Cintron with a jab as he backs away. Round 1 is in the books.

10:06... Angulo's corner is telling him to throw the uppercut. Cintron's corner... "Stay busy with the jab, but feint him."

10:07... Harold's got it 1-0 for Cintron. I'd give it to Angulo.

10:07... Kellerman comments that boxing to Angulo is second nature, while Cintron seems to have to think for a second before he makes his move.

10:08... Cintron's doing well early in the 2nd. He also had a good start to the first. Angulo is steadily coming forward though.

10:10... Cintron is using his jab. Angulo with the guard up, follows, also flicking out his jab and trying to follow up with power shots. He lands a nice hook to the body. Angulo just landed a nice right hand over the top with about 20 seconds left. Cintron is standing his ground though, and he lands a nice hook. Angulo comes back and whacks the body as Cintron backs away. Good round. Good fight so far.

10:11... "jab, jab, straight right hand." - Angulo's corner.

10:12... Cintron is circling to his left, flicking the jab out. Angulo coming forward, misses with a hook. Cintron stops and fires off a combo, but Angulo blocks most of it. Angulo steadily keeps coming forward, but Cintron is landing the clean shots so far.

10:14... Lennox likes what he sees from Cintron. Cintron lands a nice left hook that got Angulo's attention with about 45 seconds left in the round. Cintron lands a nice right between the guard. Good stuff from Kermit here. Angulo keeps coming though. There's the bell. Very good round for Cintron.

10:14... Angulo's corner is telling him he's got to throw more punches and move his head.

10:15... Harold has it 3-0 for Kermit.

10:15... Kermit with a chopping right in close. Lennox comments that Cintron looks nice and relaxed. Kermit working the jab, moving backwards and to his left. Angulo's looking a bit slow in there. Makes you wonder if he really might be a little sick.

10:16... Angulo's hurt. Kermit catches him with a big right hand. Angulo's backing away. Kermit composed here as he goes after him. I think Angulo's got his legs though. 1:30 to go in the round. Nice combo by Cintron.

10:18... 1:00 left in round 4. Been a big round for Kermit so far. Angulo is following him around, throwing one shot at a time and eating counters. Angulo with a body shot on the belt line and is cautioned for it. Kermit with a nice right hand. Lennox wonders how many of those Angulo can take. There's the bell ending another good round for Cintron.

10:18... Cintron has a nick over his left eye just below the eyebrow. His corner tells him it's nothing and not to worry about it.

10:19... 4-0 on Harold's card.

10:20... Lennox comments that Angulo is just pawing with his left jab, which allows Cintron to counter with his right hand. Lennox says he needs to throw some double jabs on the way in. Cintron with a nice counter right, and Angulo takes it and keeps pressing. Nice jab from Cintron. Angulo with a chopping right and then missing with a right.

10:22... Angulo is moving forward all the time, but Cintron is looking very comfy. A good exchange there where they both threw power shots. Papa comments that Cintron's getting a little lazy with the jab. There's the bell.

10:23... 4-1 on Harold's card. He gave the 5th to Angulo.

10:23... The 5th was a better round for Angulo. Cintron didn't really use his jab as effectively as he had in the first few.

10:25... Angulo coming forward behind the jab. Cintron backing up, but he stops and throws a shot to the body before moving again. Kellerman again comments that Angulo didn't look good at the weigh-in.

10:25... Not too much happening other than Angulo following Cintron around, and getting tagged by counters.

10:26... Round 6 is done. Angulo really needs to do something big to turn this around. He's looking sluggish and well beaten so far.

10:27... 5-1 on Harold's card. "I love what Kermit's doing with that jab."

10:28... Full credit to Cintron for the disciplined job he's doing in there, but Angulo really does look poor.

10:30... Angulo keeps walking forward though. He lands a decent right hand with Kermit along the ropes with 1:20 left in the round. Cintron took it well though. Cintron backing up a bit and now he clinches. Angulo back on the attack. He switches southpaw as he comes forward. "He's trying everything." Lennox. He catches Cintron with a hook. Angulo showing a lot more urgency now and he's having more success. He catches Cintron with a right hand along the ropes, but Cintron roars back with a combo. There's the bell.

10:31... 6-1 on Harold's card. I think Angulo got that one though.

10:31... Kellerman says being generous Angulo may have won 3 rounds.

10:32.. Angulo pressing to start the round. He digs a hook to the body with Cintron along the ropes, and Kermit gets out of there. Not a good spot for him. Angulo pressing with the same kind of urgency he showed late in the last round, but eats a right hand as he comes forward.

10:34... 1:30 to go in round 8. Angulo with a right hand that lands. Cintron doing a good job though of standing his ground when he has to and countering effectively. Lennox comments that both fighters are a bit weary. Angulo pressing Cintron here along the ropes. The ref calls time with 11 seconds left in the round. A bit of loose tape on Angulo's glove. There's the bell.

10:35... Angulo's corner telling him he's losing the fight and needs to press.

10:35... Harold has it 6-2 now.

10:37... Angulo coming forward, Cintron circling to his left. Cintron with a combo, both were blocked though. Cintron now flicking the jab. Angulo coming forward, trying to work the body. Kellerman comments that he's now making a concerted effort to go downstairs.

10:38... 1 minute left in the 9th. Angulo with a left to the body and Cintron ties him up. Cintron flicking out the jab, now slips away to this right. Angulo not as active as he was in the previous round. There's the bell. We're done 9.

10:39... Round 10 delayed slightly due to the tape on Angulo's gloves. Harold has it 6-3.

10:40... Harold comments that Cintron's mouth is wide open and he's looking tired.

10:40... Angulo's corner told him between rounds that he needed a knockout to win.

10:41... Angulo is plugging away. Cintron throwing the jab. Both fighters are looking tired.

10:42... Lennox comments that Cintron's hands are coming down a bit. He's tired, but so is Angulo. Cintron with a little hook on the inside. Angulo fighting out of the southpaw stance again. He lands a hook to the body. Cintron flicking the jab and on the move. Angulo with a right hand over the top. He lands another decent right. Cintron backing away here. There's the bell.

10:43... This is the first time Angulo's gone past 10.

10:43... Harold now has it 6-4.

10:45... Cintron with a jab, and a right hand, and then ties Angulo up. Angulo with a long right hand over the top that lands. Cintron dances away to his left, and now to his right. Angulo comes forward and Cintron ties him up. Kellerman comments that even though Angulo's coming on a little over the last couple rounds, Cintron has remained focused and hasn't let the fight get away from him.

10:46... Cintron puts his shoulder into Angulo's chest and holds him. Angulo didn't appreciate it. Angulo pressing forward, Cintron flicking the jab out. Angulo with a right hand. Cintron backing away constantly now, but I don't know if Angulo has the energy to do anything about it. Angulo with a hook to the body. There's the bell.

10:47... "Forget the body, go for the top. This is the last round. Put everything into it." - Angulo's corner.

10:47... "This is the last round, keep your hands up." - Cintron's corner.

10:47... Now 6-5 on Harold's card.

10:48... A tired looking Alfredo Angulo going after a tired looking Kermit Cintron here. He lands a hook to the body. Cintron grabs a hold of him. Angulo pushing forward. Cintron fires a left and backs away. Angulo just misses with a right hand and Cintron holds him again.

10:49... Angulo with a couple short shots in close. 1:30 to go. Angulo with a hard right hand. That looked like it hurt a bit. Cintron backing away. He tries to hold again. Angulo tries to fight through Cintron's clinches.

10:50... 1 minute to go. Cintron is warned for holding. "1 more time and I'll take a point." Angulo trying to pour it on. Cintron is looking completely spent as he backs away. Angulo with a hard right hand. Cintron backing away, flicking out the jab and fires a right hand. Angulo comes back with his own right, and he digs the body. Gutsy stuff from both fighters here. Cintron backing away but firing still. Angulo keeps pressing. There's the bell. Really great finish.

10:52... Harold has it 115-113 for Cintron. He gave Kermit the last one.

10:53... Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the scores. All 3 judges have it 116-112 for Kermit Cintron.

10:56... Cintron is now with Max Kellerman. "This is my best performance to date in my career. We had 8 weeks in training camp... I tell you what, I give credit to my team."

10:57... "Is this redemption for the Margarito fights?" - Kellerman. "No, not at all, the past is the past."

10:58... Cintron says he feels he can still fight at 147.

11:03... Kellerman is going over the welterweight picture while we wait for the fighters.

11:05... Berto is 155 tonight, while Urango is 150.

11:06... Urango is getting ready to make his entrance.

11:08... Berto is on the way in now. There are stairs leading from the dressing rooms to the arena, and Berto's just got to the bottom of them.

11:11... Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the intros for the main event.

11:11... The ref is Tommy Kimmons.

11:13... "The challenger on my right in the blue corner, wearing black trunks with multi-colored trim... his record stands at 21-1-1 (16 KO), moving up in weight... known as Iron Twins, Juan Urango."

11:13... "Wearing white trunks with black trim, with a record of 24-0-0 (19 KO), the undefeated Andre Berto."

11:14... Final instructions have been given. We're ready to get this one underway.

11:14... Papa comments that Urango's a natural righty, but just felt more comfortable boxing as a southpaw.

11:16... Urnago moving forward, with his head going from side to side, gloves up. Berto flicking the jab out, as he circles to his left. He jumps in, lands and holds. Cautious stuff to start from both fighters. We're about half way through round 1.

11:17... A small clash of heads. That's going to be a worry with the southpaw Urango moving forward. They exchange again, and another clash of heads. Urango edging forward. Berto with a jab, and a right. Not sure either landed though. Berto flicking the jab out and they clinch. So far it's looking like the mesh of styles might not be so great. Several clinches and a couple head clashes. There's the bell.

11:18... Berto's corner telling him when he uses the jab, slide over, wait for Urango to reach in and then counter.

11:18... 1-0 Berto on Harold's card.

11:19... Berto jumps in with a right hand, and then clinches. He's looking to beat Urango to the punch and tie him up in close. That's not going to make for pleasing action.

11:20... Berto landed a right hand, and Urango caught him with a right hook, and Berto stumbled a bit, but it looked like he got his foot tangled with Urango's. Some more clinching. Berto with a counter right, and Urango with a shot on the inside in response. 1:00 to go in the round.

11:21... The ref warns Berto that when he tells them to break, to let Urango go. There's another clinch, this time Urango has his arm wrapped around Berto. Berto with a clean right hand, and they clinch again. Berto with a combo just before the bell.

11:22... Two in the books. This is kind of messy stuff so far.

11:22... They clinch immediately to start the 3rd round.

11:24... 2-0 on Harold's card. More clinching. Urango comes forward with a lunging left hand that misses. He misses another one. More clinching. Berto now circles to his right, and slips underneath a hook from Urango. Another clinch. Urango misses with a hook. 1:30 to go in round 3.

11:26... Urango misses, and they get tied up again. Urango comes in, and their feet get tangled and he goes down. It's not a knock-down and the action resumes immediately. That's the second time their legs have got tangled like that, with Berto almost going down in round 1. Messy stuff. 10 seconds left in the round. Urango lunges in with his left and Berto easily makes him miss as he backs away. There's the bell.

11:26... Urango's corner is telling him he needs to lets his hands go on the inside. Berto's corner tells him, "Only hold for a split second, so he won't call that."

11:27... Harold has it 3-0.

11:27... "Juan Urango just has to get busy and punch on the inside." - Harold

11:28... Berto catches Urango with a hook on the way in. He's landing the clean shots here, although clean shots are less common than the clinches so far. Urango lands a hard left, and Berto with a hard right hand. A real good exchange there. About time we've seen one.

11:29... Berto with a right hand. He makes Urango miss, and lands another one. Nice stuff there from Berto. The gap in hand speed is huge.

11:30... Lennox comments that he doesn't like the way Berto throws his combos and then looks to hold. Nobody does, Lennox, but it's working for him. There's the bell to end round 4.

11:31... Round 5 underway. Harold has it 4-0. Kellerman has it a shut-out as well.

11:32... Berto on the move, Urango catches up to him, and Berto grabs him. He releases and catches Urango with a left. He then lands a shot to the body and holds again. I got to say I absolutely can't stand the hit and hold tactics of Berto tonight. I'm a fan of his and usually enjoy his fights, but this isn't good to watch. The ref from the Collazo fight warned him about it early, and we got a much better fight because of it.

11:33... Berto flicking the jab, and then lands a combo. Urango tries to counter, but is a little slow to respond. Berto moving away to his left, and Urango follows, only to be held again. Berto times Urango with a nice uppercut. Lennox says Berto should be pushing Urango back in close, rather than holding. Berto with a jab, and then slips away. There's the bell.

11:34... Urango's corner telling him to use the uppercut in close.

11:35... 5-0 on Harold's card.

11:36... Berto circling away, as Urango follows. Berto tries to time Urango with an uppercut but misses. Urango misses a hook and Berto moves away to his left. Berto with a jab. Urango misses with a hook. 2:00 to go in round 6.

11:37... Urango with a decent uppercut in close. Berto with a right hand, and they clinch. Berto with a right hand, and slips Urango's counter hook. Urango following, trying to get in close, but Berto stays out of range and fires a combo. The ref tells Urango to work out of it, after Berto ties him up. A good exchange, as Urango lands a hook, and Berto lands a right.

11:39... Round 7 is underway. 6-0 on Harold's card.

11:39... Urango backs Berto into the corner and throws a couple of hooks. Berto ties him up, and gets out of trouble when they re-start. Harold says he doesn't know why Berto holds so much, but it's up to Urango to do more when Berto grabs him.

11:40... Harold also commented that Berto is almost back handing his jab.

11:41... This is not thrilling to watch.

11:42... "Urango continues to plod forward, while Berto dances around." - Bob Papa

11:43... Round 8 underway. 7-0 on Harold's card.

11:44... Urango tries to get inside and rough Berto up, but Berto ties him up. "Berto's holding and doing a very effective job of holding." Lennox.

11:45... There's really not much to say about the action. It's dull. Berto's too quick, and when Urango does get close, Berto grabs him.

11:45... "For Urango, it's basically you can't hit what you can't catch." - Papa

11:48... Berto on the move. He goes left. He goes right. Urango follows. Berto going left again. Right again. Bob Papa asks Lennox what Urango can do to make a fight of this. Lennox has no answers. In fairness, there's not much he can do. Berto's too quick, and if he can hold in close all the time, there's little Urango can do other than get a bit dirty. Perhaps getting a bit dirty is the answer though.

11:49... The crowd is starting to boo.

11:50... In between all Berto's dancing about, Urango landed a few shots.

11:50... Urango's corner tells him that when Berto holds, he needs to throw the uppercut.

11:51... Round 10 is underway. Thankfully, only 3 to go. Harold has it 9-0.

11:52... Harold said Tommy Kimmons should have taken a point away from Berto by now. That would be nice. Kellerman says that the ref might do Berto a favor by taking a point away for the holding, since it would make Berto fight more and he's the better fighter.

11:54... The 10th round of this ordeal is over. Only 2 more to go.

11:55... 10-0 on Harold's card.

11:57... Berto landing some jabs. Moving. Lands a right. Urango misses a hook. Some nice moves there from Berto. If he did more of that, and less of the hit and hold, we might have had a better spectacle. Berto with a nice combo. He can fight when he wants to. He's on the move again. Urango following. They hold. "Let him go." Tommy Kimmons. Urango lands a shot just before the bell.

11:58... "Don't change anything." - Berto's corner

11:58... Urango's corner tells him he needs a knockout.

11:59... 10-1 on Harold's card.

11:59... I'm struggling to pay attention here. I'm tempted to flip the channel and watch some basketball and hockey highlights. I'll hang in there though. 1 more round to go.

12:02... Urango pressing and trying to land something big. Not having any luck, although he's landed to the body a bit. Time is running out though. It's not going to happen for Juan tonight. There's the bell.

12:02... Lennox just said that Berto's getting better with every fight. This was not an improvement in my book.

12:03... 118-110 on Harold's card. Berto is pleased with his work. He's chatting away to the cameras. He got the job done. He won easily, but this was not a crowd pleasing performance. This was really not much fun to watch.

12:04... Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the scores. 117-111, 118-110, 118-110 for Andre Berto.

12:07... Berto tells Max Kellerman he was trying to stick to the game plan and not get into his fighting mode.

12:09... "Kermit Cintron was the story of the night." - Max Kellerman

12:10... That's it from The Boxing Bulletin for tonight. We'll be back in a couple of weeks for the next live blog event when Miguel Cotto and Josh Clottey go at it.


Anonymous said...

great job for the rbr for cintron

Anonymous said...

Nice work doc

Andy said...

Thanks. The Cintron fight was enjoyable. This one not so much.

dread said...

Doc Andy back with the rbr!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the rbr, awesome work as usual.

Andy said...

That was a struggle to get through. I was tempted to flip channels and watch some basketball and hockey highlights.

Michael Nelson said...

Great RBR. I know that wasn't easy to do. I started paying more attention to the TNT post-game show than to the Berto fight after a while.

Disappointing performance by Berto. He could have done more work on the inside, especially with the uppercut. He chose the safe route, and it's sad to see a 25 year old do.

I can't say I like his chances against the top 5 in the division.