Friday, June 19, 2009

Adrian Diaconu vs Jean Pascal Predictions

Versus will be in Montreal tonight for the clash between local light-heavyweights Jean Pascal and Adrian Diaconu. For Canadian fans, the fight is available on Bell ExpressVu PPV.

The Boxing Bulletin writers give their predictions on what promises to be an action packed match-up.

This is a very interesting fight, the only one of the weekend. I have only seen Diaconu fight twice, so I'm going in a tad bit blind. But I think Pascal's speed will carry him to a very close decision, maybe a split.

He is going to have to use some movement, because the compact champion will be tough to catch inside. Pascal showed a lot of toughness against Froch, and that loss looks better by the day.

- Mark Lyons

Pascal is a little bit better in terms of overall skills, but I don't think he's crafty enough to avoid getting into a slugging match, and Diaconu appears to be the harder hitter. That said, the way Diaconu struggled with his stamina against Henry has to be a big concern, and if he doesn't do some real damage early (which he's more than capable of) Pascal should have the better of things as the fight moves into the later rounds.

It's a tough call on who's going to win. A year ago, I would have picked Diaconu, but Pascal showed enough against Froch that I'm leaning ever so slightly (so slightly that I might change my mind by fight time) towards him in this one.

- Andrew Fruman

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I really like this fight and I'm surprised it's not been picked up by Sky over here. Pascal is the quicker, more skilled fighter and probably has the edge in stamina. Whilst Diaconu doesn't have one quality that stands out, he's a very good all-rounder and has looked a strong and determined character in the handful of fights I’ve seen of him.

I think the move up to light-heavyweight will suit Pascal, who will also have height and reach advantages over Diaconu. I sense the early rounds will be very close but I believe Pascal’s body punching will have an effect on Diaconu late on and Pascal will finish strongly in the last four rounds to edge an enjoyable and close fight around the 116-112 mark.

- Dave Oakes

I think the styles will mesh in a very entertaining way. Both are going to have to bring their biggest guns to the dance. I'm not sure either is going to exactly out man the other, but I guess I'll take Pascal's flash to snatch the very close decision.

- Lee Payton

Also on the card will be this past season's Contender winner Troy Ross. He'll be taking on Michael Simms in a scheduled 10 rounder.