Saturday, June 27, 2009

Live Blog: Lopez vs Lontchi & Ortiz vs Maidana

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of Saturday night's twin-bill action with round by round updates of both the Top Rank PPV and HBO BAD shows.

Coverage will start at 9 PM EST with the under-card of the Top Rank show. We'll then jump over to HBO at 10 PM to cover Victor Ortiz (pictured right) vs Marcos Rene Maidana, and then back to Top Rank in plenty of time for the main-event between Juan Manuel Lopez and Olivier Lontchi.

Thanks for joining us for tonight's Boxing Bulletin live blog coverage. If you've been with us before for a live blog, welcome back. If this is your first time, thanks for checking us out. Feel free to participate by giving your scores and comments.

Top Rank PPV starts at 9 PM EST

Main-event: Juan Manuel Lopez 121.5 lbs (25-0) vs Oliver Lontchi 120 lbs (18-0-2)

Also on the show: Vanes Martirosyan vs Andrey Tsurkan (10 rounds at 154), Cornelius Bundrage vs Yuri Foreman (12 rounds at 154) & Jorge Arce vs Fernando Lumacad (12 rounds at 115)

HBO BAD starts at 10 PM EST.

Victor Ortiz (24-1-1) 139.7 lbs vs Marcos Rene Maidana (25-1) 140 lbs

Vicious Victor Ortiz pictured right in his quick TKO win over Jeffrey Resto last December, photo © Ray Kasprowicz

Just one fight on the HBO show due to the cancellation of the rematch between Chris John and Rocky Juarez.
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Coverage will start at 9 PM EST.

8:15 EST... The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of tonight's events will start in 45 minutes. Please join us then.

9:05... Martirosyan and Tsurkan will open up the show. Jimmy Lennon Jr. will be handling the intros momentarily.

9:06... Jimmy Lennon... "Welcome to Boardwalk Hall..."

9:07... Steve Smoger is the ref.

9:08... Intros are complete. Smoger with the final instructions.

9:09... We're underway.

9:12... Vanes landed a couple of nice right hands. Tsurkan is the one coming forward, and he's getting caught clean on the way in. Vanes just went to the body hard with a hook, and was warned for straying a little low. 1:00 left in the opening round. Tsurkan keeps plodding forward, while Vanes is circling and landing all the clean shots. There's the bell for round 1.

9:16... Vanes just landed a good upper-cut just over a minute into the second round. Much the same pattern as the first with Tsurkan moving forward, and Vanes circling away and loooking to counter. Vanes is also sticking the jab home. Tsurkan is following but not too busy and when he does throw is having a tough time landing clean. Meanwhile Vanes is landing clean jabs, while mixing in the occasional right hand. Round 2 in the books.

9:16... Tsurkan's corner is telling him he needs to get busier in there.

9:20... Raul Marquez just commented that Tsurkan is lunging in and starting to look like a walking punching bag. Vanes just nailed him with a clean right upper-cut. Tsurkan keeps moving forward, but he's having a tough time getting set. When he does open up, he's also getting tagged. Vanes just landed a nice combo. Vanes looking very comfortable in there. That's it for round 3.

9:24... Marquez just commented that it's 3-0 on his card. That goes without saying. It's been one way traffic. Vanes just landed a solid shot on the button that buckled Tsurkan's knees. About 50 seconds left in the 4th, and Vanes just landed a nice hard combo that seemed to momentarily stagger Tsurkan. There's a clean upper-cut as well. Round 4 coming to a close. This is starting to get a bit pointless.

9:25... The doctor is in Tsurkan's corner having a look. He's getting tagged flush a lot, and there's a swelling developing under his left eye.

9:28... About 2:00 minutes left in round 5. Tsurkan just got drilled with a clean right hand. He's taken a lot of punishment and it's still early. Clean shots on the button. Raul Marquez comments that Tsurkan is just taking a beating. Rich Marotta says Tsurkan needs to get inside and rough Vanes up. He's not quick enough. Let's be honest - there's really nothing he can do here. He's outclassed. There's the bell.

9:29... "Don't put me in a position here, you've got to throw shots!" - Tsurkan's corner. I imagine that's a threat that they'll stop it if he doesn't get back in the fight. I'd say if round 6 resembles the previous 5, that's a very good idea.

9:32... Marotta comments that Vanes is doing a great job not letting Tsurkan get set to throw. He's moving nicely and disrupting his rhythm with his jab. About 1:30 left in the round. Tsurkan just landed a decent left hook. Give him credit for battling on. Just not quick enough to get inside. Round 6 coming to a close. It's been a quieter one for Vanes. There's the bell.

9:33... There's a conference in Tsurkan's corner. Tsurkan wants 1 more round, but it looks like he's being overruled. This one is done. Good stoppage.

9:35... Jimmy Lennon with the announcement. He tells us that the ringside physician suggested Steve Smoger call this one off.

9:36... Next up is Cornelius Bundrage vs Yuri Foreman. This one's an eliminator and scheduled for 12.

9:38... Rich Marotta says that Foreman is on his way to becoming a rabbi. At 28, he's the younger man by 8 years.

9:39... Eddie Cotton is the ref for this one.

9:41... Jimmy Lennon giving the intros. Bundrage is wearing light blue with yellow trim. Foreman is wearing black with gold trim.

9:45... Marquez comments that Foreman's not a big puncher - "big asset is his footwork." We're about a minute in, and nothing's happened so far. A few catcalls from the crowd on the lack of action. Foreman then bulls Bundrage into the corner, and they clinch. A bit of rough stuff there from both guys as Bundrage reacted by whacking Foreman in the back of the head while in the clinch. Marquez says that Bundrage can't be waiting here, he's got to put the pressure on or he'll get outboxed. Round 1 coming to a close. The crowd not enthusiastic about this one so far.

9:46... Just a reminder, we'll be jumping over to the HBO for Ortiz vs Maidana, and then coming back to the Top Rank show. Foreman's corner by the way told him to stop feinting with the jab and actually throw it.

9:49... Curt Menefee just commented that Rich Marotta's having some technical issues. I assume his mike is not working. Not much for Rich to comment on. Not much for me to comment on either. Round 2 is almost in the books. Bundrage has been a little more aggressive, but the action has still been limited.

9:53... Bundrage just tried to land a right, but Foreman pulled away. Now they clinch. A lot of clinches so far. A lot of moving, feinting, clinching... not many clean shots landed. Foreman using his jab. Bundrage trying to attack here and there. Rich Marotta (he's back) just said that Bundrage can't be backing away. He's got to get aggressive in there. Foreman jumps in with a quick combo and gets out quickly. Bundrage is trying to land his right hand, but not having much success. There's another clinch. Foreman just landed a nice hard overhand right that really got Bundrage's attention, and Marquez think that buzzed Bundrage a little bit. Bundrage just whacked Foreman on the break and is warned by Eddie Cotton. There's the bell.

9:54... Foreman was cut in that round around the right eye from an accidental headbutt.

9:55... This one is over, and it's a no contest. That cut is nasty. Just over the right eye.

9:57... The clash of heads actually took place immediately after Foreman landed that hard right hand.

9:58... Jimmy Lennon... "Yuri Foreman the recipient of an unintentional head-butt and deemed unfit to continue by the ringside physician... no decision."

9:58... Up next is Jorge Arce vs Fernando Lumacad, but we'll be heading over to HBO.

10:01... First though, we've got Rich Marotta interviewing Juan Manuel Lopez, who's having his hands wrapped. Through the translator..."I'm excited. This is where I won my title a year ago." Is he effected by the raised expectations? "No pressure, of course I know the expectations are out there, and I'm looking to deliver on those expectations, but no pressure at all." Marotta asks about Lontchi - "We've seen a lot of tape... he doesn't have the style to beat me..."

10:02... "We have to come prepared for every fight. It's not a question of being over-confident. It's a question of doing your work and being confident about what you've done."

10:03... Off to HBO.

10:05... Bob Papa, Max Kellerman and Emanuel Steward handling the commentary.

10:06... This one's at Staples Center in LA.

10:10... HBO's showing a little feature on Victor Ortiz' story. I'll have to watch that later, but for now let's flip back to the Top Rank show, as a quick check reveals that the fighters are in the ring and ready to go.

10:12... Arce and Lumacad is underway.

10:14... Arce edging forward. He just tried a sweeping right hand, and missed as Lumacad ducked underneath it. Action in the center of the ring. Every so often, Arce edges forward, and Lumacad backs away and circles. Arce flicking out a few jabs. He's now short with a hook. Caution action here so far. Lumacad now tries a hook that misses. there's a clinch with a bout 20 seconds left. Very much a feeling out round. There's the bell.

10:15... We'll stick with this one for a little longer. Maidana is entering the arena over in LA. I'd say that one's still at least 5 or 6 minutes from starting.

10:18... Marquez comments that this isn't the Arce we usually see. "We usually see him start fast." Arce comes forward with a hook that is short, and a right hand that misses as well. Lumacad is moving nicely here. Marquez says Arce needs to get more aggressive and try and work the body. Arce tries to throw a right, that's blocked. He's showing more initiative than Lumacad, but hasn't had much luck yet. Lumacad is moving side to side, circling. Under a minute left in round 2. Lumacad ties Arce up as he tries to get inside. Lumacad now misses a hook. Lumacad goes to the body and then ties Arcue up again. Lumacad is moving when he can, and looking to try and beat Arce to the punch and tie him up in close. This round is coming to a close.

10:19... Arce suffered a cut just under his eye at some point during the round. It apparently won't be a problem.

10:20... Maidana and Ortiz are in the ring. The intros are underway.

10:20... The ref is Raul Caiz Sr.

10:21... Heading back quickly to Arce vs Lumacad... and it's over. Wow. Okay, let's see what happened here.

10:21... Hopefully I can catch a quick replay before heading back to the start of Ortiz vs Maidana.

10:22... Here's the replay. Huge right hand counter over the top of Lumacad's left jab. Right on the chin. That was that.

10:23... Wer're back with Ortiz and Maidana. Round 1 is underway.

10:26... Maidana off to a good start early. He just landed a nice counter right hand as Ortiz came inside. Ortiz though kept coming, and landed his own shot. Maidana tried to fire back, and was dropped along the ropes. Now Ortiz is down by a huge right hand! Wow. They traded knockdowns. Ortiz doesn't look good. He's unsteady and Maidana is after him. Ortiz is trying clinch. Maidana is banging the body. Now Ortiz comes back hard and drives Maidana into the ropes. 20 seconds left in the round. Maidana tries to bang the body and Ortiz holds on tight. Ortiz now fires a combo. Maidana fires back! There's the bell. What a round!

10:26... Crazy action round 1. Immediately after the fight resumed after the first knockdown - which was a right hook by Ortiz - Maidana landed a short straight right on the button.

10:27... Harold has it 10-10. I gave it to Maidana. His knockdown was certainly the better one, and I thought he had a slight edge in the round.

10:30... Maidana is putting the pressure on, trying to make this a brawl. He just landed a hard looping right hand. He's getting inside on Ortiz, and digging the body as well. Ortiz firing back with a straight left, and Maidana backs off. Terrific fight so far. Maidana is short with a right hand as he backs Ortiz up. He's got Victor backing up here. Now they clinch along the ropes, but both guys working in the clinch. 50 seconds left in round 2. A little clash of heads, but no blood. Now Ortiz just loaded up with a huge left. He missed. But he came back with another huge right, that caught Maidana and dropped him. Ortiz trying to finish now! Maidana trying to survive the round. 10 seconds left. Maidana is down again. He's up quickly. There's the bell. Wow!

10:31... Here's the replay of the knockdowns. A big right hook dropped Maidana the first time. The second time looked like a right hook as well. Not quite as crisp though.

10:31... 10-7 round for Ortiz on Harold's card. He has it 20-17.

10:34... Maidana just missed with a wild hook. Ortiz patient so far this round. He's not going full out trying to step on the advantage he had at the end of last round. Maidana catches him with a good right hand, and Ortiz responds by coming back hard with a flurry that drove Maidana into the ropes. Maidana came right back with a right hand though. 1:30 to go in round 3. Action now in the center of the ring. Maidana looking to line up the right. They clinch, but work out of it. Caiz yelling for them to let go. Ortiz just got the better of a good exchange. Ortiz misses with a hook, and Maidana counters to the body. They clinch again. 30 seconds left in round 3. Maidana is just short with a hook. Ortiz just misses with a big left hand, and follow up right hook. Steward comments that Maidana is getting a little wide with his punches. There's the bell. Round 3 is in the books.

10:35... Round 4 is underway.

10:35... Harold has it 30-26.

10:38... Maidana just caught Ortiz with a little right hand, as Harold is explaining his score. Kellerman comments that Maidana is getting a little sloppier, but is still very dangerous. Ortiz just landed a nice straight left hand. He's backed Maidana up for a moment. Another good left from Ortiz. He's just short with another one. Maidana trying to dig to the body with his left hand. Steward comments that if Ortiz utilized his right jab a bit more, he'd be having an easier time. 30 seconds left in round 4. Maidana tries to jump in with a right, and they clinch. Action a bit slower here. Ortiz fires off a combo and landed a left hand. He landed it just after the bell.

10:39... Round 5 is underway. 39-36 on Harold's card.

10:42... Ortiz with a hard right hook, that started off a nice flurry. Maidana ties him up. Steward comments that Ortiz just doesn't need to trade his much. Maidana lands a solid right. They clinch and Maidana is warned for hitting behind the head. Ortiz with a nice right hook. Another clinch. With Ortiz fighting out of the southpaw stance, they are coming together awkwardly a bit, resulting in a lot of these clinches. Maidana tries to come forward, and lands an uppercut. Ortiz responds with a combo. They exchange power shots. I think Maidana got the better of that exchange, but Ortiz fires right back immediately. Great action there. 45 seconds left in the round. Ortiz was cut during that exchange. Might have been a clash of heads. Ortiz misses with a counter hook, as Maidana tried to come inside. They clinch with about 15 seconds left. Maidana with a hard right hand down the middle that snapped Ortiz' head back. Another huge right hand by Maidana as the round ends. Some solid shots there.

10:43... The ruling was a punch caused the cut. Ortiz' corner is frantic. They aren't pleased with defensive lapses. It was a right hand on the eye that caused the cut.

10:44... Maidana immediately comes out and rips Ortiz with a right hand. Maidana is landing his right hand clean almost at will. Ortiz is in trouble. He's backing up. Maidana is going after him. Victor is in big trouble. Down he goes. The ref is taking him over the doctor. This is over. Marcos Rene Maidana with a stunning stoppage victory over Victor Ortiz.

10:45... Ortiz got up after the knockdown, but didn't look eager to continue, prompting Caiz to took him over to the doctor.

10:46... That's a nasty cut just over Victor's eye. The time of the stoppage is 46 seconds of round 6. Terrific fight.

10:47... Back over to the Top Rank show. The main-event still looks like it's at least a few minutes from starting. Neither fighter has made their entrance yet.

10:49... Back to HBO. Max Kellerman interviewing Maidana. He's asking how badly hurt he was early in the fight. "I was okay. My legs were a little shaky, but I was okay."

10:50... Max asks Maidana how he was able to get up from the knockdowns. "I was well prepared. Well trained." Maidana also says Ortiz was making some mistakes and he knew that he could eventually take him.

10:54... Victor's eyes don't look good. He's being interviewed now. Big swelling under the left eye. Nasty cut over the right eye. Victor says after he'd put Maidana down twice in the 2nd round, he was still in a bit of a daze. Kellerman asks Ortiz what convinced him to stop fighting. "I was hurt. I'm going to lay down on my back for nobody. That way I can sleep well when I'm older."

10:54... Over to the Top Rank show. Juan Manuel Lopez is ready to make his entrance and the crowd is buzzing.

10:56... Both men are in the ring. Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the intros.

10:58... From Montreal Quebec, by way of Cameroon... Olivier Lontchi. A very mild reception for Olivier.

10:59... The crowd with a big ovation as Lopez is introduced.

11:00... The ref is Alan Huggins.

11:00... We're underway.

11:03... JuanMa is stalking already. He's short with a right hand. Lontchi circling to his left, now to his right. He lands a jab, and Lopez counters. Lopez now comes forward behind his jab and fires off a combo, as Lontchi backs away. Lontchi ties Lopez up on the inside. Lontch tries to come inside, and trips over JuanMa's foot and goes down. No knockdown. 1:30 to go in round 1. Lontch tries to throw a right hand, but gets hit with a counter left. JuanMa misses with a hook, and Lontch tries to clinch, but gets pushed down by Lopez instead. No knockdown there either. Almost a clash of heads there. Lontch is doing a lot of holding early. He's playing spoiler here early. JuanMa pushing forward, misses with a left, but digs a hook to the body. Lontchi lands a right hand and quickly gets on the move and then ties up Lopez. There's the bell.

11:04... Lopez' trainer telling him that he's got to throw the right hook.

11:04... Round is underway.

11:07... Lontch tries to work the body, but he's not standing in. He's throwing one shot quickly and getting out of there real quick. Lopez steadily pushing forward. He just missed with a hook, and Lontchi ties him up. Lopez edging forward. Lontchi bouncing around on the move. Juanma tries to dig downstairs with a hook. Olivier not standing still at all. And I said that, he got caught in the corner... and down he went. He's up quickly. 1:30 to go. Lopez trying to jump on him. Lontchi looks to have his legs here. He's on the move again. Juanma is chasing. Lontchi trying to jab and move now. He's in full scale defense mode. Lopez with a combo as he catches Lontchi on the ropes. Lontchi quickly gets out of there and tries to throw a right hand, but he's short. Marotta comments that Lontchi is getting the occasional shot home, but it's not enough to discourage Lopez from steadily coming forward. Round 2 coming to a close. There's the bell.

11:08... Howard Grant asks Lontchi if he was hurt. "No, I'm okay." The knockdown was a glancing right hand that caught Lontchi maybe a bit off balance.

11:11... Lontchi moving from side to side. Lopez tries to jump in with a hook, and they clinch. Lopez stalking Lontch from one side of the ring to the other. Lontchi backing away and circling. Lopez just short with a left hand. Lopez chasing. Lontchi running. Now Lontchi clinching. Come'on Olivier... let's get in there. Now Lopez tries to back him up along the ropes, but can't get Lontchi to stand still. Now Lopez backs Lontchi into the corner, but gets tied up. Lopez is getting frustrated from all the holding. Lopez with a counter, and Lontchi ties him up again. This is not thrilling stuff. Round 3 is done.

11:12... "Relax Juan, the knockout will come." - the word from Juanma's corner.

11:15... Lontchi tries to jump in with the occasional shot, but it always seems very hesitant. He's kind of jumping in, looking to maybe land and then hold right away. Now JuanMa pushes him back into the ropes and tries to flurry, but Lotchi fights his way out of danger. Lontchi throwing a few more shots this round. Juanma misses with a left, and Lontchi tries to flurry. Again a bit of a flurry by Lontchi. He's letting his hands go a little more. Lopez steadily coming forward. Lontchi standing his ground a little bit more thoug. Now Juanma pushes him back again, and they clinch. Marquez comments that Lopez needs to put his punches together a little better. Lopez throws a right, and Lontchi ducks under. Another clinch. 20 seconds left in the round. Another clinch. More holding and grabbing, as Lopez misses and gets tied up. That's it for round 4.

11:16... Lontch is being told he needs to hold ground more and throw some punches. I think we'd all like to see it as this isn't very entertaining so far.

11:19... Lopez is not having much luck with his straight left. Lontchi is ducking under it almost every time. Now Juanma comes forward, tries to throw a combo, but gets tied up. Lopez again misses over the top. If Juanma went to the body a little bit more, I think he'd have some more success. Suddenly Lontchi lands a decent right hand. Now Lontchi disgs to the body. Lopez tries to counter, and they clinch again. Lontchi looking a little bit more confident. Lontchi again lands a clean right right. That was on the button. Suddenly things are looking up from the man from Canada. Lopez keeps pushing forward. Lontchi firing back though. Good round from the big underdog. Lopez a little frustrated as he pushes Lontci back against the ropes. Lopez is short with a left hand. Lopez tries to flurry, as Lontchi dances away. Much better performance from the challenger.

11:20... "You've got to use your jab, JuanMa" - Lopez' corner.

11:20... Round 6 is underway.

11:23... Raul Marquez gave Lontchi the 5th round. Marotta agrees. Lopez edging forward. Lontchi gets away from a left hand and tries to jump in with a combo, and then quickly dances away. Juanma again missing over the top with a left. Juanma should be using that jab, going to the body. He's not having much luck going upstairs. Lontchi with a right hand. Decent left by Lopez. Lopez is short with a left. 1:00 left in the round. Lopez with a couple of left hands. Lontchi fired back though. Lopez fires off a left, and there's another clinch. Now Juanma goes downstairs hard with a couple shots, but Lontchi responds again by throwing back. There's the bell.

11:24... "You've got to get inside and hit him in the body." - Lontchi's corner.

11:28... Lontchi fires off a right hand into the guard. Lopez short with a left. Lontchi with a right hand into the guard. Lopez with a nice left hand to the body. Lontchi gets caught with an uppercut. Lopez follows up with a hook, but it's over the top and misses. Lontchi fires back with a right, but it's ahort. Lopez keeping plugging forward, trying to land his power shots. Lontchi dancing away to his left. He flurries, and gets out quickly. Lopez witha hard digging left hand to the body. Lonchi with his guard up, is vulnerable downstairs. Lopez with a hard combo and drives Lontchi into the ropes. Lopez forces Lontchi in the corner, and flurries, only for Lontchi to fight his way out of the corner. Lotnch now grabs a hold of Lopez in close, trying to buy a few seconds. Now much time left in the the round. Lopez comes forward and digs another hard hook to the body as the round ends. That's really what he should be doing. Lontchi has the guard up, but he's open downstairs.

11:29... I should mention The Boxing Bulletin's Michael Nelson said he thought Lontchi had a good chance to go the distance. He's almost 2/3rds of the way there.

11:31... Lopez is making a concerted effort to go to the body here. Lontchi on the move. Lopez with a nice combo. Lontchi trying to come back with something, and they clinch. Lontchi's legs perhaps starting to show the effect of all his moving. He just landed a decent counter right though. Lopez keeps coming forward though. Lopez with a decent combo. Lontchi ties him up though. Lontchi tried to hold on there, and Lopez pushes his head down. Lopez with a decent uppercut. A clash of heads. Looks like no damage. They touch gloves. Juanma pushing forward. He's digging downstairs. Now he catches Lontchi with a little hook. Very good round here for Lopez. Lontchi is looking a little ragged as the bell rings.

11:32... Lontchi's corner tells him he's losing energy moving so much. He's got to stand and try and work on the inside. Easier said than done with the power of Lopez.

11:36... Round 9. Lopez backs Lontchi into the ropes, and flurries. He backs Lontchi into the ropes and bangs him downstairs. Lontchi fires back, but it's low and Lontchi is warned. Lopez takes a quick breather, and gets back in there. Lopez fires over the top with his straight left. Lontchi tries to fire his right, but misses. Lontchi back on the move. He tries to stop and throw, and then quickly back to circling. Lopez with a big left hand. That landed flush, and down goes Lontchi. He's up. He doesn't look steady though. Lopez patiently comes in to try and finish. He catches Lontchi with another hook. Lontchi managing to hold on though. Lontchi has a hold of Lopez' left. Lontchi hanging in there and now throwing back. 10 seconds to go in the round. There's the bell.

11:36... The knockdown came from a jab, followed up by a straight left.

11:37... This one is over. Lontchi's corner has stopped it. Good move. He wasn't going to win, and he was starting to get banged up.

11:38... Raul Marquez applauds the decision to call it a day.

11:40... Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the official announcement. "Upon advice of the corner, the fighter is unable to continue... winner by knockout, Juan Manuel Lopez."

11:44... Rich Marotta with Lopez for the post-fight interview. "Every fight is a learning experience. Tonight I learned a lot. He was a difficult tough guy style wise." Juanma says he took his time, he knew he had him. Marotta mentions the 5th round where Lontchi landed a few clean rights, did they hurt? "I did feel his punches. He doesn't have a lot of knockouts, but he does have a hard punch." Marotta asks about Juanma's body punching... "In the corner, they told me don't forget the body, you go to keep throwing there to slow him down. I listened to my corner and it worked." Who's next? "1 more defense at 122 in September or October, then moving up."

11:46... That's it for The Boxing Bulletin's live coverage of tonight's shows. We'll be back in a couple weeks for Vic Darchinyan vs Joseph Agbeko on July 11.

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Michael Nelson said...

Great work as always.

Nice to see Maidana introduce himself as a top 140 pounder. He's now been in two of the best fights of '09. I'm a fan.