Saturday, June 20, 2009

Live Blog: Wladimir Klitschko vs Ruslan Chagaev

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of Wladimir Klitschko vs Ruslan Chagaev. Coverage will start at 5 PM EST.

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4:55 PM... Updates will start in 5 minutes.

5:01... The largest indoor crowd to ever watch a fight in Europe is in attendance according to commentator Robert Flores. B.J. Flores is the other commentator. The fighters are already in the ring, and Michael Buffer is doing the intros.

5:04... The national anthems have finished.

5:05... Eddie Cotton will be the referee.

5:06... "The undefeated Ruslan Chagaev..." Met with some scattered cheers/boos.

5:07... "Dr. Steelhammer... Wladimir Klitschko..." Much bigger reception for Wlad.

5:08... Cotton has just given his final instructions, and we are second away from getting underway.

5:08... Wlad has a 5 inch heigh advantage. The ring looks huge, but maybe that's just the camera angle.

5:11... Chagaev tries to work his way inside, and eats a jab, but managed to get a right hand home. Wlad is pawing with the jab. Chagaev with his hands up, head tucked a little, trying to look for an opening. Action very tentative so far. Wlad hasn't opened up with anything, just the jab, while Chagaev is cautiously looking to see where he can attack. He eats a stiff jab, and a few minutes later tries to come forward with a right hand, but he's short. There's the bell to end an uneventful opening frame.

5:12... B.J. gave the first round to Wlad.

5:15... Chagaev trying to get in range, but he's having difficulty. He just tries to launch an overhand left, but was short. Now he comes in behind his jab, and throws another left, but he's short again. Wlad is keeping his distance, flicking out the jab. Chagaev is again short with a couple more lefts, as Wlad evades the charge. Now Wlad catches Chagaev with just about the first good right he's landed, and down goes Chagaev. He's up quickly, and takes the eight count...

5:16... Chagaev didn't look hurt, but it was a clean shot. Wlad didn't jump on him, and the round comes to a close. B.J. commented that Chagaev has to do something to disrput Wlad's jab, which set up the right hand. It landed on the chin.

5:16... B.J. has it 20-17.

5:20... Chagaev comes charging forward, but Wlad manages to smother him as he threw a left. Chagaev has his gloves up high, trying to block Wlad's jab and then throw his own shots. He managed to just got a straight left in to the body, but he's getting slowly peppered with jabs for his trouble. B.J. comments that Chagaev's movements are putting him in range for Wlad's right hand. Wlad just managed to smack home a hard straight right... and another. Chagaev is now backing up into the ropes. Wlad with a jab, and just missed with another right hand. Chagaev now on the defensive as Wlad is edging closer, and just as I say that, Chagaev jumps in with a left. There's the bell.

5:21... Round 4 is underway. All Wlad so far.

5:21... "Chagaev has no chance to win this fight unless he starts forcing Klitschko to do things he doesn't want to do." - B.J.

5:24... Wlad with a solid 1-2, and B.J. comments that you just can't stand right in front of a bigger, longer man. Wlad popping the jab home. Wlad with 1-2. Wlad with a jab. This is easy stuff here for Wlad. Chagaev is edging forward, trying to gt inside, but he's having no luck. He's just eating hard jabs. Now Chaagev lunges in with a left hand that lands. Wlad immediately gets back to popping the jab home. Wlad is circling to his left here, sticking the jab home as Chagaev follows. Wlad with a right hand. Wlad in complete control here as round 4 comes to a close.

5:25... Round 5 is underway.

5:25... B.J. comments that Chagaev's body language doesn't look good. He has the look of a frustrated fighter.

5:28... Wlad is now starting to edge forward a little and back Chagaev up. He lands a jab and follows up with a right hand. Another jab. And another. Chagaev tries to come back with a left, but he's short. Now Chagaev tries to get inside, and they clinch. Wlad sticking home the jab. Chagaev trying to duck under these shots, and look for an opening, but he just can't get close enough. Wlad's keeping his distance, sticking the long jab out there and controlling the fight. Not thrilling, as it looks like Wlad could open up and really do some major damage, but he's got things firmly in control here. There's the bell.

5:29... "A clinic by Wladimir Klitschko." - Robert Flores

5:29... "Chagaev looks absolutely befuddled out there." - B.J. Flores

5:32... 50-44 on B.J.'s card. Wlad sticking the jab home. Chagaev just can't get close enough without eating jabs. Chagaev throws a left, but he's short. He throws another left to the body and manages to land it. He's lunging though with these shots, and not much steam on them when they do land. Chagaev tries to come forward again, and Wlad ties him up. Wlad with a 1-2. Chagaev with a left to the body. Wlad sticking the jab out there, but not really throwing many rights this round, which has been a better one for Chagaev. There's the bell.

5:36... B.J. has it 60-53, but he comments that what people really want to see is a heavyweight champion that wants to go in and takes his opponents head off. So far, Wlad hasn't shown an inclination for that. He's got things under control, but he's not taking any chances. Just the jab, and the right hand... and he just landed a good one as I type that. Chagaev edging forward, and throws a jab and a left to the body. Wlad responds with a jab and a right hand. Wlad with a right hand. B.J. says he would like to see Wlad step on the gas a little. Wlad with a right hand. Chagaev continues to follow Wlad around, now he jumps in and tries to land a right, but Wlad ties him up. Wlad with a right hand. Chagaev tries to throw his left, but is short. Chagaev looking a little more urgent for a moment as he moves forward and throws a left. He throws another. There's the bell.

5:37... Chagaev landed a decent left at the end of the last round, which was just replayed. He's definitely upped his intensity a little.

5:41... Wlad sticking out the jab, and fires a right hand into Chagaev's gloves. Chagaev throws a left. Wlad sticking jabs out there. Wlad with a right hand. Wlad with a hard 1-2. And another. Chagaev tries to respnd, but Wlad sticks him with a jab. Chagaev comes forward again, but Wlad manages to allude his rush. It's really a very big uphill climb for Chagaev. He doesn't have the range, or the speed to close the gap, and he's forced to eat jabs constantly for his troubles. Chagaev lands a right. He's pressing forward here, and throws a right and a left, but both are short as Wlad backs up. B.J. comments that he's not getting enough leverage on his shots. There's the bell.

5:41... Chagaev has a long cut over his left eye. A bit like the one that Miguel Cotto suffered last Saturday.

5:42... B.J. Flores has done a good job by the way. He doesn't say more than he needs to. I wouldn't mind seeing him regularly in the broadcast booth.

5:45... Wlad is edging forward here. He sticks his jab home. He follows it up with a 1-2. Chagaev is now backing up along the ropes. Wlad is following now, but not opening up much. Now Chagaev gets off the ropes. He's looking for an opening, but coming up short when he throws. He's short with a left, and with jab. Now he lunges with a left hand, but not much on it. Wlad responds with a jab. Another jab, and a right hand, and Chagaev has his back on the ropes again. Wlad pawing with the jab, and following it up with right hands now. Chagaev backs up into the corner. Wlad with a jab. Wlad now throws a right hand. Chagaev trying to get out of there, but Wlad with another jab and a right hand. Now Chagaev lands a right hook, and eats another right hand. And Wlad fires another one. There's the bell. Things are not looking good for Ruslan.

5:46... The doctor is taking a look at Chagaev's cut in the corner, and that's it. This one is over.

5:47... There was so really no sense in this one going on. Chagaev took a beating at the end of the 9th round.

5:51... A very happy Wladimir Klitschko is going from one corner of the ring to the other and standing on the ropes to acknowledge the crowd.

5:52... Michael Buffer with the announcement..."Referee Big Eddie Cotton realizes the challenger could no longer continue, winner by TKO, and now Ring Magazine champion... Dr. Steelhammer, Wladimir Klitschko."

5:53... Wlad moves to 53-3.

5:53... There's a shot of Vitali chatting with Chagaev.

5:55... Well that's it for The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of today's fight. Thanks for joining us, and come back again next week, as we'll be back for another live blog covering both the HBO show and the Top Rank PPV.

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glockw0rk said...

War, Dr. Steelhammer!

Andy said...

Thanks for checking in, glock. Wasn't thrilling, but Wlad got the job done in dominating fashion.

Michael said...

Worst commentating I'd ever heard on a boxing bout.

Anonymous said...

The sports of boxing is indeed a good sport and everybody enjoys watching it. Every fighter in the ring gives justice to how people believed in them. This is to tell that they are a fighter.