Friday, July 17, 2009

Amir Khan vs Andriy Kotelnik Predictions

Making his first start at 140lbs, Amir Khan headlines tomorrow night's Sky Box Office show at the M.E.N. Arena in Manchester against veteran junior-welterweight Andriy Kotelnik. Can Khan build on the performance he gave last time out against Marco Antonio Barrera, or is the German based Urkanian fighter too big of a test for the youngster's questionable durability?

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Khan's talented, until he proves he can take a punch though, I'm picking him to be stopped by any good fighter around his size. No, Kotelnik's not a banger. But his punches are short and accurate, which I feel will be more than enough to hurt and ultimately stop Amir. If one needs to be reminded how easily Khan can be hurt, they can just review the Prescott fight and see how he got rocked by the first jab that landed. The same Prescott that couldn't hurt Humberto Toledo.

Kotelnik by knockout.

- Michael Nelson

I agree with Michael, Amir doesn't have the defense or the mentality to stink it out and Kotelnek has a granite chin. I think Khan will have a lot of success in the first two rds and then get ground down. Kotelnek by late stoppage.

-Mark Lyons

I'm taking Khan to move a lot and land a little on his way to a boring UD. I don't think he'll let Kotelnik get close enough to land much.

- Lee Payton

I think Khan will be too quick for Kotelnik to cope with. Freddie Roach's gameplan will be for Khan to be in and out of range before Kotelnik has a chance to catch him with anything substantial. Kotelnik is a good all-rounder but I can see him struggling to get into this fight early on, his best chance may come in the latter stages of the fight depending on how Khan's stamina holds up in his first major fight. I'm picking Khan by UD with all three cards around the 118-110 mark.

- Dave Oakes

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It's a tough fight to call. Khan's overall skills are clearly superior, and he's got the hand and foot speed to beat Kotelnik to the punch while getting out of harm's way quickly. But Kotelnik throws straight accurate shots and unless Khan fights the perfect fight, you have to feel he's going to get hit clean a bit... and what happens when he does?

If I was a gambler, I think I'd sit this one out.

- Andrew Fruman