Friday, July 31, 2009

Bradley vs Campbell & Witter vs Alexander Predictions

Showtime has a good looking night of boxing in store for us on Saturday with with a couple of intriguing junior-welterweight match-ups.

Leading off is veteran southpaw Junior Witter taking on talented youngster Devon Alexander, followed by what promises to be a terrific main-event featuring up and coming star Timothy Bradley going up punishing body puncher Nate Campbell.

The Boxing Bulletin writers give their thoughts after the jump...

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Timothy Bradley vs Nate Campbell

Very tough fight, should be an inside battle. Nate is a harder puncher. While Timmy is physically strong he really doesn't have anything to hurt Campbell with. Bradley does have a very strong will, but I think Nate takes a razor close decision that could go either way.

- Mark Lyons

Great fight. I think Nate has the edge on the inside, while Bradley has a more definitive edge on the outside. Nate's more likely to hurt Bradley than the other way around, but I don't think that'll be a determining factor. I don't see a knockout or either man being in serious trouble.

Timothy's jab and footwork is a little bit better and I see him using both to win the close rounds. In the end, I think he'll come away with a close, but clear victory.

- Michael Nelson

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I really like this fight. I hope it's as good on canvas as it is on paper. Tim Bradley is in great condition and has tremendous will, but Nate Campbell is also determined as he advances in age. If Campbell carries most of his power to his first (official) junior welterweight bout, Bradley is going to have problems. Not only is Campbell more experienced, he's also a flat-out better boxer.

Bradley might have an advantage in speed, and he was able to quickly recuperate from a first-round flash knockdown against Kendall Holt. Bradley was also wobbled in the final round and received a standing eight in that fight, though he won nearly every other round. Campbell is a different beast than Holt. He's just better than Holt, and he'll probably be too much for Bradley at this point of the younger boxer's career.

Nate by late-round stoppage. Campbell TKO10.

- Joseph R. Holzer

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I'm looking forward to what could be a great fight. For me it comes down to just how much damage Campbell will do with his bruising power. I'll take Nate to do more damage, while Tim grabs more rounds. 7-5 sounds right.

- Lee Payton

I've been looking forward to this fight ever since it was rumored to be in the works. With Campbell's penchant for bringing the heat on the inside matched up against Bradley's tenacity, there's really no way this won't be a very good fight.

As Lee mentioned, Nate's a bruising fighter, but I think he's in with a man this time that can take everything he dishes out without wilting. Bradley's quite a bit younger, naturally bigger, and quicker as well, and I think were going to see Nate struggling to impose his will in close and that's the only area he's got an edge in. I like Bradley by 8-4 type scores.

- Andrew Fruman

I think Bradley will win quite comfortably. I’ve never rated Campbell that highly and believe Bradley should be able to outbox him on the outside and match him on the inside. I like Bradley by a wide decision around the 117-111 mark.

- Dave Oakes

Junior Witter vs Devon Alexander

I'd be lying if I said I've seen Witter since the Bradley fight, so I'm not extremely comfortable in saying Alexander by 8-4ish decision. If Junior has slipped a bit, it will be wider.

- Mark Lyons

While Devon may very well outwork Witter, I'm not sold on his defense. Corley showed that he's not a difficult man to counter, and it's very easy to land clean, hard body shots underneath his guard.

If Witter doesn't knock Alexander out early, he'll likely fade late as he does against his best opponents. But I think he'll win most of the first eight rounds, and I have a hunch he'll get a knockdown or two in the process. I like Junior by close decision.

- Michael Nelson

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While he's untested at the world class level, Alexander's overall skills are impressive, and Witter's getting on in years. Generally in these type of match-ups, when I think it could go either way... I side with youth, so I'll take Alexander in a close one in what should be an interesting fight.

- Andrew Fruman

It’s hard for me to gauge just how good Alexander is, he’s looked a classy operator in the few fights I’ve seen of him but I haven’t seen enough of him to form a solid opinion of him. Witter has been looking great in sparring but he’ll be up against it fighting away from home against a young, undefeated prospect. I’ll take an educated guess and say Alexander will sneak a split decision.

- Dave Oakes