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Live Blog: Vic Darchinyan vs Joseph Agbeko

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of Vic Darchinyan vs Joseph Agbeko. With two hard hitting tough offensive minded fighters going at it, we should be in for a good one.

Coverage will start at 9 PM with the main supporting bout of the evening featuring lightweights Antonio DeMarco and Anges Adjaho.

Thanks for joining us for tonight's Boxing Bulletin live blog coverage. If you've been with us before for a live blog, welcome back. If this is your first time, thanks for checking us out. Feel free to participate by giving your scores and comments.

Coverage starts at 9 PM EST

Antonio DeMarco 134.5 lbs (21-1-1) vs Anges Adjajo 135 lbs (25-1) - 12 rounds

Vic Darchinyan 117.5 lbs (32-1-1) vs Joseph Agbeko 116.5 lbs (26-1) - 12 rounds

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8:30 PM... Check back with us in 30 minutes for the start of tonight's round by round coverage.

Before we get started, The Boxing Bulletin wishes to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Arturo Gatti. RIP Champ.

9:03... Showtime boxing is on the air. If you're watching at home along with us, feel free to use the comment form to share your scores and any other opinions you might want to add.

9:06... Gus Johnson and Al Bernstein will be calling the action.

9:09... First up is Antonio DeMarco vs Anges Adjaho. The fighters are in the ring, waiting for the introductions.

9:10... Tale of the tape is almost identical. Both fighters are 5'9, with an almost identical reach. Al mentions that DeMarco's used to being the taller man, so this will be something he's not used to. I'd imagine the same is true for Adjaho.

9:11... Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the intros.

9:14... Intros are complete. Final instructions are being given.

9:15... We're underway.

9:18... DeMarco fighting out of the southpaw stance, while Adjaho is a righty. Action is tentative to start. 1 minute in, and all we've had is some probing jabs from a distance. DeMarco just jabbed to the body, and Adjaho countered with a jab. As DeMarco came forward, he nearly stepped on Adjaho's foot. I have a feeling that might be an issue, as it often is with righty/lefty match-ups. DeMarco just landed a straight left. Johnson mentions that DeMarco is a natural righty and was converted to a southpaw. 30 seconds left in what has been mostly a feeling out first round. Adjaho just threw a jab, and DeMarco countered with a hard straight left on the money that backed Adjaho off and looked like it may have hurt a bit.

9:22... Round 2 is underway. Both fighters with their guard up, flicking jabs out and looking for openings. Adjaho just pressed forward and landed a right hand. Again he comes forward with a flurry. Both fighters very similar in their approach so far - except one is looking to land his straight right and the other his straight left. Al comments that Adjaho is using the jab and straight right, and having success with it. Other than that sharp left hand at the end of the first round, he's looked very comfortable. He's sticking the jab home nicely. Al comments that DeMarco is a little unsure of how to attack so far. Johnson comments that not a whole lot is going on early, and Al mentions that what is going on is coming from Adjaho. Some scattered boos from the crowd as the round comes to an end.

9:26... Johnson mentions that DeMarco also started off very slowly against Kid Diamond. Nice combo from Adjaho. He landed a good right hand to finish that up. He's jabbing, and throwing the right hand to the chest and upstairs. DeMarco looking very cautious. He's occasionally coming forward behind his jab and throwing a straight left. Al comments that DeMarco can't get into position to land his right hook. He just tried to counter a jab with a hook, and Adjaho ducked right underneath it. Adjaho doing nice work with his jab. He just followed it up with a right hand. DeMarco tried to respond but was a little late with his counter. Adjaho with a right hand to the body. Al comments on how passive DeMarco has been so far. Round 3 comes to an end with some more scattered boos from the crowd who wants to see more action.

9:27... DeMarco's corner just told him he's losing. "You got to fight, you got to fight, let's go!"

9:30... Adjaho is sticking the jab in there. Johnson comments that he's showing good head movement as well. He's slipping DeMarco's shots effectively so far, although DeMarco has been reluctant to open up. Adjaho also mixing in the occasional left hook. Good exchange there, with both men landing hard shots. Al again comments that DeMarco just can't find a way to get his right hook going. He lands a decent left hand though and pressed Adjaho up against the ropes. Adjaho fires back. Action moves back into the center of the ring. DeMarco trying to edge forward a little. He's letting his hands go more this round, and just landed a little upper-cut. He comes forward just before the bell with a jab/left combo. Better stuff that round from DeMarco.

9:31... Demarco's corner tells him he needs to keep putting the pressure on - "when you put pressure, he doesn't know whta to do." There was a clash of heads in the round, but no damage.

9:34... Adjaho starts off round 5 sticking his jab in. DeMarco tries to counter with a left, and Adjaho backs off. DeMarco is just short with another straight left. He does land a jab though. Adjaho misses with a hook. Al comments that never in DeMarco's dreams did he anticipate such a tactical fight. DeMarco with a jab and a left hand. He now fires a left tot he body as Adjaho backs into the ropes. He also lands a right hook. Adjaho comes firing back off the ropes though with his right hand. Action heating up here with about a minute to go in the round. Adjaho with a right hand, and then throws another to the body with his short. He just got a nice one through, and DeMarco comes back with his left, and then eats a right from Adjaho in return. Good action there. There's the bell. Good round.

9:35... Adjaho's corner telling him not to wait in there and to stay off the ropes.

9:35... Johnson comments that the two fighters have a lot of respect for each other and were friendly at the weigh-in. Adjaho had to weigh-in twice to make weight.

9:38... Adjaho is just landed a decent left hook about a minute into the round. Best punch of the round so far. He just landed a nice couple of right hands. DeMarco responds with an uppercut. DeMarco tries to follow up with some pressure, and lands a nice straight left. That was on the money. He just missed with a big upper-cut. DeMarco showing some initiative here, and he just landed a big right left hand, which had Adjaho holding on. Adjaho backing off here. DeMarco going after him. Adjaho holds on for a sec, and then fires back and quickly gets on the move. DeMarco just attempted a big left, and Adjaho stumbled as he alluded it - the punch didn't land though - and then as DeMarco went after him, he stumbled and went down. Good last minute of the round for DeMarco.

9:39... A replay showed that their feet got tangled right before DeMarco landed his big left. That's a concern with these two, as their front feet are right up against each other all the time.

9:39... Press row all have Adjaho up. 2 points on 2 cards and 1 point on the other.

9:42... DeMarco is slowly looking like he's taking control here. He's steadily moving forward and commanding his space effectively, while Adjaho is looking to move and then counter. Not too much happening in round 7. DeMarco stalking, but not really having the same kind of success he had in the last couple of rounds. Adjaho flicking out his jab. He just landed a decent left hook. One of the best shots of the round. DeMarco landed a couple good left hands that backed Adjaho up. There's the bell.

9:43... Al mentions that Vic weighed in 6 pounds heavier than Agbeko for the second weigh-in earlier today.

9:46... DeMarco just landed a decent right hook early in the round, but Adjaho responded with a nice right hand. He just landed another nice one. Now he lands a hard combo that shook DeMarco. Adjaho with another combo that backed DeMarco up and he goes after him. Only for DeMarco to rock Adjaho with a counter shot... and now it's Adjaho backing up. DeMarco goes after him. Adjaho doesn't look to steady. Now Adjaho is backing up and circling as DeMarco stalks. Adjaho missed with a hook, and then sticks home a jab. Adjaho looks like he's got his legs back... but he's still on the move. Now DeMarco with a hard left hand. Adjaho tries to counter. DeMarco pressing forward. DeMarco just missed over the top with a left and Adjaho ties him up. Adjaho using his jab to try and keep distance now. There's the bell. Best action of the fight in that one.

9:47... It was a good straight left hand from DeMarco that turned the tide in the 8th. Press row has Adjaho up 78-74, 78-75 and 78-74.

9:48... I have a feeling that it's a little closer than that. Adjaho was up 3-0, but I think DeMarco's won at least 3 of the next 5. Al also seems to think it's a bit closer.

9:50... DeMarco is moving forward, while Adjaho is backing up and circling. He's using his jab well to keep DeMarco at a distance. He's also firing off the occasional straight right, but not as many as he was throwing early in the fight. DeMarco needs to let his hands go a little more. He's been very economical so far in this round. Stalking, but not really opening up. Now he landed a decent left hand. Adjaho responds with a right hand, and a little flurry before moving. Al comments that the round is very close. 30 seconds left. Adjaho sticking some jabs home, and follows with a right hand. DeMarco with a ncie left hand that hurt Adjaho. He's down. He's not getting up. Adjaho says he got hit late. He's not happy. The ref has counted him out.

9:51... Let's see that again. Some confusion here.

9:52... Adjaho was hit by a left hand. He took a knee. DeMarco then hit threw a shot to the back of Adjaho's head - although it didn't really look like it connected with any force. Adjaho then went down face first. He took the count and then he jumped up. "Clearly he was looking for the call." - Al. It looks that way, and it's cost him the fight.

9:53... Adjaho screwed up big time. He should have got to his feet and then complained. The ref was counting over him. If the ref is counting, and you're okay... you get up. You don't wait until the ref's counted to 10 and then start to complain.

9:54... All Adjaho had to do was get to his feet. The round was almost over. He could have said what he had to then. Instead he mind bogglingly chose to stay on the canvas until after the count was done. Crazy.

9:55... Gus Johnson... "The man to blame is Adjaho himself."

9:57... According to the ref, Adjaho backed off and took a knee because he was hit in the eye. That explains why Adjaho backed off so quickly. Nothing though can explain what he did afterward. Even if he was hit while he was down, which is debatable on the replay (his knee may have been touching when the shot grazed the back of his head)... he still should have got up.

10:00... After a bit of a slow start, that was turning into a decent fight. Oh well. The judges had it 85-85, 86-84 Adjaho and 86-84 DeMarco after 9.

10:04... We're waiting for the main-event fighters to enter.

10:09... Still waiting.

10:13... Nate Campbell is in attendance, and being interviewed on his upcoming fight with Timothy Bradley. He's confident of being strong at 140.

10:14... That's coming up on August 1st. Devon Alexander and Junior Witter also on the card.

10:21... The main event should hopefully be coming up soon.

10:22... Vic is ready make his entrance. He's dedicating this fight tonight to the memory of Alexis Arguello.

10:24... Vic is in the ring. Gary Shaw gives him a big hug upon his arrival. Agbeko is now making his way in.

10:25... Agbeko has a big smile on his face as he makes his way towards the ring. Al comments that Agbeko's exuberance reminds him of Azumah Nelson.

10:27... In tribute to Michael Jackson, Agbeko is wearing a white glove over his left boxing glove.

10:28... Both fighters are 5' 5 1/2". Agbeko has a one inch read advantage.

10:29... The ref is Tommy Kimmons.

10:32... We've had the intros and the final instructions and we're ready to get this one underway.

10:36... Vic quickly comes forward, he's probing with the jab, and looking to land his hook. Coming from the southpaw stance of course. Agbeko with his gloves up, sticking out the jab. Now he throws a right which Vic alludes. Agbeko with a right hand that lands. He tries to jump in with a combo, but misses. Vic edging forward, but it's Agbeko who lands a counter. Now Agbeko lands a hook. Vic tries to come back with a left hand, but misses. Vic misses with another left. Now Vic lands a little hook inside. Al just guaranteed that this one isn't going 12 rounds. No chance he says. 1:00 to go in round 1. Vic with a combo, I think he might have gone one through... and then he walks into a big right hand from Agbeko that momentarily staggered him. Vic looking a bit wild here. Agbeko didn't try and press after that shot landed. A good exhange, as Agbeko pressed forward throwing his right. There's the bell. Interesting round. I think there might have been a clash of heads late as Vic was pawing at his head as he walked to the corner.

10:36... It was a right hand that nailed Vic. I think he was a bit off-balance more than anything.

10:40... Vic trying to edge forward and let his hands go. Agbeko though looking comfortable when Vic presses. Vic lands a little uppercut. Then he walks into a big right, but I don't think it quite landed flush. Now Agbeko with a hard right hand. They're trading power shots now. Agbeko tries to jump in with a shot and missed. Vic with a counter that missed. A good exchange there. Agbeko's left hand got in. Action in the center of the ring. Both guys loading up, unafraid to trade big shots. Agbeko a little off balance at times when he jumps in... and of course there's the danger of a clash of heads when he lunges in. Vic landed a nice left that landed. Agbeko responded with his right. Agbeko with acouple jabs. Vic with a shot to the body and a nice uppercut.

10:40... A clip of their heads clashing at the end of the round. Hopefully that doesn't cause a premature end to this one. Vic has a cut over his left eye.

10:44... Agbeko just came inside and tripped over Vic's foot. He went down, but no knockdown. Vic just misses with an overhand left. Vic just misses with a hook to the body. Agbeko with a right right. Vic is sticking the jab out, not trying to land it, but maybe trying to get Agbeko to open up when he does. Agbeko with a left right that's a little wild. Now they clinch. Al comments that Agbeko showing good ability to slip Vic's left. Agbeko jumps in with a right. Vic tries to respond. Agbeko keeps jumping in with that right hand. We'll see if Vic an time him with a bib uppercut or hook when he does that. Vic jumps in with a hook, but misses. Vic came charging in, and got caught as he did so, and nearly tripped over Agbeko's foot, and then they both threw wildly.

10:44... There's a highlight of Agbeko landing a nice straight right.

10:48... We've seen some wild exchanges so far. Someone is going to walk into something big. It seems only a matter of time. Vic just landed a nice left after they both missed with their initial shots. Agbeko again goes down - not a knockdown - this time a forearm combined with maybe a tangle of feet. Now Agbeko lands his lead right. Good action, although it's been a little messy. We've got the southpaw/orthodox thing going on, plus agbeko likes to really jump in when he throws his right. Vic misses with a left hand. Agbeko with a right hand. Al comments that the right hand of agbeko has been the story of the fight. He just landed another one. Vic meanwhile has not been able to land much this round. Vic with a left that misses. Vic with a a left over the top that landed. There's the bell. Vic had a little flurry at the end where he scored a couple of shots.

10:48... Vic's corner is telling him that Agbeko's tired. "He's not strong... take your time."

10:52... We should see some press row scores this round. Vic just missed with a left hand. He's missing over the top a lot with it. Agbeko still jumping in with his right hand. He's landing it. He lands a right to the body. Vic feints with the left and tries to land his right, but misses. Agbeko just missed with a left hook. Agbeko with a right hand. agbeko misses wildy with a left hook. Vic misses wildly in return with a couple of lefts. Now he misses with his hook. He's really having a tough time landing clean. Agbeko with a nice shot downstairs. Agbeko is warned for hitting in the clinch. Vic tries to push Agbeko back into the ropes. Vic with a flurry at the end, although not sure if much landed.

10:52... Vic's corner is working on his nose and his eye.

10:55... We're now in round 6. Agbeko starts it off by landing a straight right. And another. Now Agbeko jumps in and they clinch. He lands another one. Vic's not offering much in return right now. He's lunging in with shots, but having trouble finding the mark. He's flicking out the jab, but not following up. Now he lands a straight left. Vic fires a left hand that just misses over the top. Agbeko with a jab. Follows it up with a right. Vic tries to respond but is short, and Agbeko digs to the body. Vic again misses over the top. JOhnson comments that Vic is having all sorts of problems finding his range. He does just land a nice little uppercut though. Agbeko jumps in and misses with a right. 10 seconds to go in the round. Vic with a nice hook. There's the bell.

10:57... Press row has it 57-57, 59-56 and 58-56 for Agbeko.

11:01... Agbeko with a jab, and vic with a counter left. Agbkeo tries to come forward behind his jab, but is short with a right. Johnson comments on how relaxed Agbeko looks. Action a bit slower this round so far. Both fighers keeping a bit of distance. Vic just lunged forward with a couple shots that came up way short. Agbeko is jumping in with the occasional right hand still. Not landing them with much power, but they are connecting. Vic is responding, but he's having a difficult time landing clean. Vic with a nice left. Agbeko just went down at the end of the round. He says it was a slip, but it's being ruled a knockdown. We'll have to see that again. He's up right away. Not sure what happened there. The round should be over. Not sure what Kimmons is doing here. That was right at the end of the round. At least I thought it was. Finally the round is over.

11:01... Looks like a push there. But it counts as a knockdown.

11:02... Gus Johnson comments... "A number of mistakes in that round." An incorrect call on the knockdown, and an extra minute from the timekeeper.

11:02... Al comments that was a round that Agbeko had won almost all of. That could be a 3 point swing.

11:05... Agbeko just landed a nice combo, and Vic responded with a good shot of his own. Agbeko with a right hand. Vic wildly tries to respond, but misses. Agbeko with a nice right hand. That seemed to bother Vic a little. He tries to counter, but is wild. Agbeko with a right hand and a left hook. Vic is backing up here. Agbeko with a good spurt there. 1:00 to go in the round. Vic lunges in, and gets tagged in return with a hook. Now Vic lands a left. Agbeko with a right hand. Vic misses with a counter. Now Vic drills Agbeko low... and we'll have a break here. Agbeko says he's fine and is ready to go. 18 seconds left in the round. "Keep them up." Kimmons says. Some great action over the last 15 seconds, as both guys traded wildly. Agbeko looked a little wobbly as he goes back to the corner. He may have got tagged clean with something big during that exchange.

11:06... It was a right hook that landed low from Vic. Their heads were banging away at the end of the round, and that might have wobbled Agbeko.

11:10... We're now in round 9. Al comments that Vic's left hand has been a little more effective in the last couple rounds. Vic with a nice left hand. Agbeko took it well. Agbeko misses wildly and nearly slips, but regained his balance. Vic with a straight left. Agbeko jumps back in with a right. Now Agbeko misses wildly with a hook. Al comments on how wide both men are when they open up. Al comments that Agbeko's hands have come down a lot. Vic jumps in with a hook. He just misses with a left hand. Agbeko comes back with a wild hook. Vic with an nice right hand. A good exhange with both fighters landing. Vic with another decent left hand. 10 seconds left in the round. Another good exchange, which I think Vic got the better of. And they trade again as the round comes to a close.

11:10... Press row has it 86-85 twice for Agbeko, and 85-85 on the other card.

11:14... Agbeko jumps in and misses. They trade and Vic lands a little right hook in close. Agbeko is getting wilder. He just missed with a wild left hook. Perhaps getting a little tired. Now he lands a decent left hook. Their heads clash again. That's happened a bunch of times, but Vic wasn't happy about that one as he got the worst of it. Agbeko with a right hand. Agbeko with a left hand. Vic's right eye is bloody now. Agbeko with a right hand. Vic's looking a little rough suddenly. Now Vic throws Agbeko down. Agbeko gets right back up and he's ready to go. They get right back in there throwing. Vic misses over the top with a left, and Agbeko fires to the body. Agbeko with a right hand. Vic misses with a left. Agbeko with a hook, and Vic responds with a left hand. Agbeko fires back with his own right. 20 seconds to go in the round. They both miss with shots. Agbeko working the body in close. Now they clinch. There's the bell. Vic's eye looks nasty. It happened from that clash of heads.

11:14... Vic's face is a bit of a mess right now.

11:17... Agbeko with a right to start the round. Now he lands a left hook. Vic complained about a low blow, but Kimmons missed it. Now Vic responds by pushing Agbeko backwards and to the ground. Agbeko gets back up and we're back underway. Things are getting rough in there. Al comments that Vic very well might need a knockout to win. Agbeko jumps in with a right. Agbeko with another right. Vic needs to get something going here if he's going to pull this out. Agbeko is the one showing more initiative this round. Vic tries to hold him in close, and Agbeko drills a couple shots into the ribs. 1:00 to go in the round. Gus Johnson brings up the controversial knockdown which might loom large when the final totals are added up. Agbeko though is taking things to Vic this round. He's the one throwing shots and coming forward. Vic is looking a little ragged. Agbeko with a flurry. Now there's a clinch. Both flurry as the round ends.

11:21... Agbeko with a right hand early in the round that lands. They got a bit tangled up int he clinch there. Vic lunges in wildly and misses. Agbeko with a right hand that lands. 2:00 left in the round. Vic lunges in again and misses wildly. Agbeko lands a straight right. Both men looking tired, as they clinch. Agbeko jumps in, but misses with a right. 1:30 to go in the fight. Agbeko tries to throw his right, and they again get tied up. Vic tries to respond, and there's another clinch. Been a sloppy 12th round. Agbeko misses with a hook. Vic tries to respond, but he's short. There's another clash of heads. Agbeko jumps in with a right. They clinch again. Agbeko with a good right hand. Vic misses with a left hand. Vic tries to jump in and flurry here as the round comes to a close. There's the bell.

11:22... Agbeko is jubilant at the bell. Vic looks quite subdued.

11:23... Agbeko gets a hug from Don King who says, "You did it! You did it!"

11:24... Don King with some choice words about Tommy Kimmons. Vic's eyes both have nasty looking cuts. They show a replay of the "knockdown", which I imagine is one of the things that upset Don. It should be said that it was a rough encounter all around and not the easiest fight to ref.

11:25... Jimmy Lennon Jr. with the scores... 116-111, 114-113, 114-113 all for the winner... Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko.

11:26... I think those scores are a little generous to Vic.

11:27... Jim Gray talking with the winner. He's a very happy man.

11:28... Press row had it 116-112, 116-112 and 115-112 for Agbeko.

11:30... Jim Gray is talking with Darchinyan. Vic has no complaints with the decision. He said he was trying too much to land one big shot. Vic credits Agbeko's movement for not letting him find the position to land something big. To close he says, "I'm going to work on my mistakes."

11:31... That's it for the Boxing Bulletin's live blog coverage of tonight's show. Antonio DeMarco and Joseph Agbeko are your winners. I hope you enjoyed our coverage, and please join us again next time.


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