Friday, July 10, 2009

Vic Darchinyan vs Joseph Agbeko Predictions

The "Raging Bull" Vic Darchinyan makes the move up to bantamweight tomorrow night when he takes on Joseph "King Kong" Agbeko at the BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

The Boxing Bulletin writers offer their thoughts on the match-up after the jump...

Check back with us at 9PM EST Saturday night for our live blog of this event starting with the supporting bout between Antonio DeMarco and Anges Adjaho.

Very tough fight for me to get a handle on. Both men are powerful and tough, Vic is probably a bit smarter in there. I know that sounds odd but he isn't as crude as we all thought he was. I have a feeling it's going to be, rough, exciting & tight. I'll take Darchinyan by split, with zero confidence in the winner or the method.

- Mark Lyons

I'm really looking forward to this one. Two tough fighters with an offensive mentality in there means we should see some real fireworks. As for the winner - I'm in the same mind as Mark... leaning ever so slightly towards Darchinyan, but not by enough to make a confident pick.

- Andrew Fruman

I'm taking Agbeko by late stoppage.

Basically, I'm not confident Darchinyan can take heat from a strong guy his own size. Donaire, Pacheco, and Gorres all hurt him to varying degrees. Mijares isn't much of a puncher and Arce barely laid a glove on him.

Still a hard fight to call since Agbeko is wide open for a counter uppercut, Vic's bread and butter. But I feel upset season began with Maidana, continued with Chambers, and will keep rolling this weekend.

- Michael Nelson

Agbeko's poor balance will hurt him at times, but he'll be the one throwing more, and I think he'll find a home for the straight right. Should be a real war. Could go either way after 12.

- Lee Payton

I like Darchinyan here. Agbeko is a world class fighter, but Vic is a more dynamic commodity and I think his speed and power advantage will be evident early. Should be an entertaining fight either way.

- Jeff Pryor

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Additional Thoughts from Boxing Blogger, Joseph R. Holzer:

Darchinyan's bottomless well of confidence will prove to be his greatest disadvantage if he chooses to stand and trade with Agbeko. The Raging Bull must become the matador and catch the charging Ghanaian from various angles. Agbeko can bang with both hands, so Darchinyan -- who tasted canvas against Nonito Donaire -- can't be content with standing in the titlist's wheelhouse. If Vic goes flat- footed, he'll be on his back again.

I don't think the three added pounds will diminish Darchinyan's pop, either. He has the quicker hands of the two. Agbeko, who appears off balance anyway, won't be able to load up hard right hands if Vic utilized his awkward lateral movement consistently. Darchinyan has to stay on his toes and use the ring, much like William Gonzalez did in the ninth round against Agbeko. It was the clearest round for Gonzalez that night. His decision to shy from that approach throughout the middle rounds lost Gonzalez a close decision.

I don't know what they put in the water in Accra, but -- like countryman Joshua Clottey -- Joseph appears to have a solid beard. Gonzalez landed some devastating-looking straight lefts, and Agbeko seemed unphased. He doesn't go to the body as much as he should, and that would be beneficial against Darchinyan. Taking the wind out of Vic's sails early is key.

King Kong showed signs of running out of steam in the championship rounds with Gonzalez. He's only fought three times in the last two years as opposed to Darchinyan, who has doubled that amount against quality opposition including Mijares, Arce and Gorres. Agbeko has shared the ring with only about seven guys with a pulse, so there is a question of whether he can acclimate to a bout of this prominence.

Agbeko's jab is all but non-existent, so Darchinyan should be able to land his patented sneaky right hook often. Joseph leads with his head, often inviting the uppercut. That's his downfall, and that's my call. Vic lands said uppercut, sidesteps right for the hook and flattens King Kong with a straight left in the 11th round of a fight of the year candidate.

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Anonymous said...

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