Monday, September 7, 2009

The Boxing Bulletin Pick'em Game - Week 2

The Boxing Bulletin's Pick'em game is back for week 2. There's a lot more activity around the boxing world this weekend, and that's reflected in the fights on this week's game sheet.

If you played week 1, scroll down to the bottom for standings. If you missed the opening week, that's not a problem, as you can join right in this week.

Our game is a little different than most of the variations we've seen online, as it's a combination of picking the winners straight-up and beating the odds. If you're ready to match your prognostication skills against other boxing fans, then let's get started...

How to play:

The game is strictly for fun, and entry is free. The deadline to enter this week is Thursday night at 11 PM EST. We'll post the pick breakdown on Friday, and have the results tabulated and posted with Monday's Week 3 game sheet (please check this post's comments for early results, as we'll try getting them up there by Sunday).

Pick The Winners

This part's easy - 2 points for each correct answer.

Beat The Odds

This is where it gets a little more involved, as you will have the option of choosing 2 fights to risk multiple (double or triple, but only one can be a triple) points on. Points gained (and lost) will be multiplied by two and three times respectively for these fights.

You do not need to risk points on every fight. If you wish to skip a fight, just check "pass" for both fighters.


We will keep standings for the full year, although each game will only last for 1 month. At the end of the month standings will be reset and a new game will begin.

We've got a few details below on the fights in play this week, but if you're ready to get started, here's the Week 2 game sheet.

This Week's Line-up - clicking on the fighter's name will open up their boxrec page

September 11

John McDermott (25-5) vs Tyson Fury (7-0) - 10 rounds - English heavyweight title - Brentwood, Essex, United Kingdom (Television: Sky, UK)

Having finished off his first 7 opponents inside the distance, Fury will be facing his toughest test to date in McDermott.

For a short preview of McDermott vs Fury, check out The Boxing Bulletin's British Scene Season Preview Part One by Dave Oakes.

September 12

Mikkel Kessler (41-1) vs Gusmyr Perdomo (16-2) - 12 rounds - WBA super-middleweight title - Herning, Denmark & Andre Ward (19-0) vs Shelby Pudwill (22-3-1) - 10 rounds - Temecula, California, USA (Television, Showtime)

With all due respect to Shelby Pudwill, he doesn't belong in the same ring as Andre Ward. Granted Ward needed a stay busy fight while Kessler fulfills his mandatory obligations against Perdomo, but Showtime might as well flash "Super Six Informerical" on the screen for as long as this extremely poor excuse for a main-event lasts. We're only offering it as an over/under, the the total has been set very low.

Ivan Calderon (32-0-1) vs Rodel Mayol (25-3-1) - 12 rounds - WBO light-flyweight title

Calderon has been one of the best in the sport for many years, but has has shown signs of slipping and was given a tough go by Mayol in their abbreviated draw back in June. On home soil, the masterful southpaw is the definitive favorite to take the rematch, but considering the odds, Mayol might be worth a pick.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (39-0-1) vs Jason LeHoullier (29-1-1) - 10 rounds - Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico (Television, Top Rank PPV)

Is LeHoullier good enough to pull the upset? Probably not, but we're also offering this one as an over/under which should make it a little more interesting fight to play.

If you're ready to play, click here for the week 2 game sheet.


Andy said...

This Week's Totals

1. Michael Nelson 25
pocoroba 25
3. Andy 20
4. musmustail 12
Mark lyons 12
Keithzilla 12
7. Bartalot 11
8. Dave Oakes 9
9. dna 7
10.DaveKnuckles 6
11.edub 5
12.Matt Chudley 5

September Rankings

1. Andy 52
2. Michael Nelson 45
3. pocoroba 45
4. Matt Chudley 39
5. Lee 29
6. dna 15
7. musmustail 12
8. Mark lyons 12
9. keithzilla 12
10.bartalot 11
11.Dave Oakes 9
12.Dave Knuckles 6
13.edub 3
14.Dynamic Hispanic 0