Monday, September 21, 2009

British Scene Weekend Recap: Daws Defeats Morrison To Regain Title

Dave Oakes recaps this past weekend's British light-welterweight title fight between Lenny Daws and Barry Morrison.

Photo © Justin McKie

Lenny Daws (pictured right) captured the vacant British light-welterweight title on Friday night after gaining revenge over Barry Morrison at the York Hall, Bethnal Green. Morrison, the only fighter to have defeated Daws, was stopped in the tenth round after a bruising battle eventually took its toll on the hardened Scotsman.

Daws made an uncharacteristically fast start to the fight, pushing Morrison back with stiff jabs before flailing away with hooks. Morrison responded with hooks of his own but it was the higher work rate of the Londoner that secured the first round.

The frantic pace continued in the second round, though it was Morrison who was bossing the round this time. Both fighters were happy to take a punch to land one, with Daws walking onto a beautifully timed uppercut before retaliating with a classy straight right later in the round.

The pattern of the fight had been set in the first two rounds, with the next four rounds being close, hard fought and difficult to score. Neither man was prepared to surrender ground or slow the pace down, every time one landed a solid punch, the other would land something just as impressive in return.

I had the fight scored even going into the seventh round but felt that Daws was looking the physically stronger fighter. The seventh was another close round but it seemed to me that Morrison was starting to tire late in the session.

Daws won the eighth round comfortably and was starting to push Morrison back with ease. Again, it was noticeable late in the round that Morrison was starting to wilt under Daws’ relentless pressure. At one point Morrison dropped to his knees, even though the referee didn’t issue a count, it was a clear indication as to how tired Morrison was.

Morrison tried to buy himself time in the ninth by spitting his gum shield out twice but it was to no avail as Daws kept upping the pace. Despite the fact Morrison made a valiant effort late in the round, it was Daws who clearly took the round.

The end came midway through the tenth when the tiring Morrison was caught with a three punch combination that sent him sinking to the canvas. His head looked clear but he was visibly exhausted and he elected to stay down on one knee whilst the referee counted him out.

Daws now moves to 20-1 and will be looking to have a more successful reign this time than he had the first time he held the title.

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