Friday, September 11, 2009

Photo Gallery: John O'Donnell vs Tom Glover

This past Saturday night's ITV4 main-event featured rising young London fighter John O'Donnell (pictured right) battling it out against Britian's Cinderalla man, Tom Glover.

Photographer Justin McKie was ringside at the Waftord Colloseum to capture all the action from the welterweight contest.

John O'Donnell vs Tom Glover

Photos © Justin McKie - Click on the images to enlarge.
Trainer Rob McCracken offers some final instructions for Commonwealth welterweight champion John O'Donnell before the young welterweight heads to the ring. O'Donnell captured the title in his last outing, edging Craig Watson over 12 hard fought rounds.

In the other dressing room, upset specialist Tom Glover prepares for his toughest task to date. Despite bringing a 4 match winning streak into the contest, the Maldon bricklayer enters as a sizable underdog.

Glover brings a record of 9-5-3 into the contest, while O'Donnell enters with a flashy 21-1 mark.

Glover came out pushing the action, but it was O'Donnell that had the edge early on. The London fighter used a sharp right jab, while mixing his attack up nicely with some body work.

Already fighting an uphill battle, Glover's chances took a major hit when he suffered a broken nose in the 3rd round.

A hard left uppercut that split Glover's guard appeared to do the damage.

O'Donnell kept the heat on his injured opponent, while making sure not to forget going downstairs.

Despite the broken nose, Glover doggedly pressed forward and found the mark on his taller foe with his share of shots, but it was always O'Donnell landing the heavier blows.

By this stage it was clear the fight would not go the distance, but the game underdog from Maldon wasn't quite done yet.

Here he lands a left hand during a good exchange that nearly dislodges O'Donnell's gum shield.

O'Donnell catches Glover with a right hand as referee Richie Davies looks on.

Sensing his opponent was ready for the taking, the lanky London fighter turned it up a notch, forcing Davies to call a halt to the action at 2:43 of round 6.

The classy Glover applauds as O'Donnell has his hand raised in victory.

O'Donnell and promoter Mick Hennessy talk with ITV's Jim Rosenthal about the fight and future prospects. Up next is a mandatory title defense against Ghanaian Philip Kotey, and possibly a British title challenge soon after.

Finally it's back to the dressing room where McCracken removes the fighter's blood stained hand wraps.

Bonus pre-fight video of O'Donnell warming up courtesy of Justin McKie.