Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Updated P4P: Pacquiao still Top - Mayweather Grabs #2 Spot

With the successful return of Floyd Mayweather Jr., it's time (okay, it was probably time last week, but we've just got around to getting the votes tabulated now) for The Boxing Bulletin to update our P4P rankings.

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The two main questions facing our voters this time...

How far should Juan Manuel Marquez drop, and did Mayweather do enough to knock Manny Pacquaio off the top spot?

Also in action since our last update were Nonito Donaire, Ivan Calderon and Mikkel Kessler.

1. Manny Pacquiao (vs Miguel Cotto - November 14)

The Pac-Man remains atop the Bulletin's P4P list simply because he is willing to take on all comers, and is out there not only to dominate, but destroy.

2. Floyd Mayweather Jr. (NEW, UD over Juan Manuel Marquez - September 19)

"Money" looked like the same guy who retired almost two years ago. Not surprising really, considering his natural talent and obsessive work ethic. Now that he's back, the question is, who's next? Mosley, or the Pac/Cotto winner?

3. Bernard Hopkins

This might be the last time you'll be seeing The Executioner on our list, as it's getting close to 12 months since he dominated Kelly Pavlik. Also, his future plans include a tune-up and then a possible match-up with Roy Jones. Neither fight does anything for is P4P status.

4. Shane Mosley

Sugar Shane STILL can't get a big-fight, or even a suitable TV date. Unreal. He blasts out the scariest welter around and then sits out a year??? Seems like he'll have to face young Andre Berto to keep his name out there while the big money names decide whether they want some or not. Probably not.

5. Paul Williams (vs Kelly Pavlik - December 5)

"The Punisher" is scheduled to face off against Kelly Pavlik for the Middleweight Championship Of The World, December 5th. I call this remarkable fighter Mr. Pound For Pound because he is a true threat to anyone from 147 to 160, and it says here that he'll be removing Mr. Pavlik from his throne when all is said and done.

6. Juan Manuel Marquez (down 4, lost UD to Floyd Mayweather Jr. - September 19)

The magnificent Marquez probably came in too heavy, too slow and too old for the defensive genius, Mayweather. If he wasn't already declining going into that megafight, he is now. He showed all of the heart and guts that made him a future Hall of Famer in surviving 12 rounds, but was just outgunned. It's hard to figure out where he goes from here, but it was a helluva ride while it lasted.

7. Chad Dawson (vs Glen Johnson - November 7)

"Bad" Chad has a lot of tools to work with, and now he has the support of the major networks, so the sky is the limit for the speedy southpaw. We'll get a better sense of exactly where he stands as a potential great when he laces them up for a second time against iron-willed Glen Johnson, who pushed him to the brink last year.

8. Nonito Donaire (up 1, UD over Rafael Concepcion - August 15)

Since his demolition of Darchinyan, Nonito has done little. It's quite frustrating as a fan because he's a young, fast, exciting and well-schooled fighter who can create some buzz for the little guys in boxing. Perhaps the move up to 115 lbs will open some new doors for him. Maybe now's the time for Donaire-Darchinyan II?

9. Juan Manuel Lopez (down 2, vs Rogers Mtagwa - October 10)

Juan Ma is another young fighter with the world at his feet. Great speed, accuracy and killer instinct are his main assets, but he's also developed some of the most shocking counter punching in the sport. We know he can dish it out, but can he take it? His promoter, Bob Arum, is planning a showdown between Lopez and undefeated Cuban Yuriorkis Gamboa. That match-up should deliver some answers.

10. Miguel Cotto (down 1, vs Manny Pacquiao - November 14)

Whatever your opinion of Cotto, you have to respect his schedule. He's faced off against 3 welters no one else wanted any part of in Mosley, Clottey and Margarito. You can make the argument that he didn't really "win" any of those, but to be right there with those guys is admirable. He's earned the paycheck that comes with fighting Pacquiao. Should be an all out war for as long as it lasts.

11. Ivan Calderon (Technical SD over Rodel Mayol - September 12)

The tiny Puerto Rican is still regarded as perhaps the most pure boxer out there, but it looks like Father Time is catching up quickly. If he wants to remain a P4P player, he's got to sign a significant fight soon because he's starting to settle into a cautious matchmaking pattern.

12. Mikkel Kessler (TKO4 over Gusmyl Perdomo - September 12, vs Andre Ward - November 21)

With the managerial issues hopefully behind him, Kessler is set to prove that he belongs among the elite. The first step is defeating Andre Ward in the brilliant 168 tournament hosted by Showtime.

13. Timothy Bradley (vs Lamont Peterson - December 12)

While his last fight with Nate Campbell proved little, we were probably a little bit late in including "Dessert Storm" as one of the 15 best out there. At first glance, it's easy to miss a lot of what makes him a very difficult guy to beat. He doesn't have crazy speed, or monstrous power, but he is solid at every facet of the game. While it may not make him the most exciting fighter out there, he just may be the most dangerous guy at 140.

14. Carl Froch (vs Andre Dirrell - October 17)

The hard man from Nottingham is proof that boxing is no beauty contest. There's nothing "pretty" about him, except his undefeated record. He's made up for athletic deficiencies against Pascal and Taylor with grit and conditioning. He'll need the same kind of effort when he meets undefeated Andre Dirrell in the first round of the 168 lb tourney.

15. Hozumi Hasegawa (NEW)

Those who closely follow the Asian scene may be thinking "it's about time" the Japanese destroyer gets some P4P love. None of his last 4 opponents have seen the end of the 2nd round. Included among those is a fellow named Alejandro Valdez, who beat up Fernando Montiel just a few weeks ago.

Just missing the cut...

Vic Darchinyan, Lucian Bute, Rafael Marquez, Celestino Caballero & Wladimir Klitschko

Also receiving votes...

Kelly Pavlik, Jean Pascal, David Haye, Arthur Abraham, Chris John, Fernando Montiel, Glen Johnson & Tomasz Adamek

Not ranked due to inactivity...

Israel Vasquez

To make our top 15, a fighter must have had at least 1 bout during the previous 12 months.