Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One More Round With Mark Lyons: Klitschko/Arreola, Jean Pascal, Duran vs Jackson, etc...

Mark Lyons is back with his weekly take on the previous weekend's boxing action, as well as a look ahead to what's coming up.

Last week we saw a couple of over matched challengers get beat up and unfortunately I didn’t see a bang up brawl between former lightweight champions. Not a whole lot on the docket for this week, but lets get to it.

My take on this past weekend's action...

- As I mentioned last week, Arreola gave it his all in a losing effort. Only surprise for me was that he displayed even more toughness than I thought he had. Unfortunately for the challenger, his skill set and conditioning were lacking. While I applaud his effort, smashing your face into Vitali’s gloves for ten rounds isn’t going to bring back much interest in the Heavyweight division.

- With Cristobal’s style, he needs to be not only in great shape, but better shape than the guy he is fighting. There is no other way to put it. He wasn’t in nearly the shape he will need to be in to accomplish his goals. Lets hope the whole situation was a wake up call. But I’ll just let time be the judge of that.

- Vitali did everything he needed to dominate. That is something you can pretty much count on. While his resume is on what I would call invisible paper at this point, he is always in great shape and thrashes whoever is put in front of him. The older Klitschko would likely be a handful for just about any of histories great Heavyweights, but his lack of credible opponents - which is not at all his fault - will leave him well short of any kind of historical standing.

- Jean Pascal breezed his way through an older and out gunned challenger. Silvio Branco has been pretty much a gate keeper to alphabet straps for many years and this was probably his last dance at that level. With the foot and hand speed to stick and move, the Canadian once again showed a desire to be exciting.

- In a fight I sadly didn’t see. David Diaz returned from a long layoff to edge Jesus Chavez in a fight you know had to be packed with action.

Looking Ahead...

Not a whole lot going on this week. So I’m going to peak into my crystal ball and we will see if it is working properly, or if I need to send it back to the shop.

- One fight I would love to see is tonight's battle between Nobuo Nashiro & Hugo Cazares for a Jr Bantamweight strap. I only have seen Nashiro’s win over Martin Castillo for his first swing through alphabet corner. But I came away impressed that he had such poise in only his seventh fight. Cazares was always huge for Jr flyweight, so it’s yet another intriguing lower weight contest in Japan. They seem to pop up frequently.

- I’ll believe David Tua is fighting when he and Shane Cameron touch gloves

- Paul Williams is in position for a Hopkinsesque run at Middleweight. I’m sure he will go searching up in weight for a challenge, but I see him holding the Middleweight belts for the next four or five years. Yes, I realize he doesn’t have them yet. But his challenge of Pavlik will buy my Christmas presents

- Chad Dawson and Jean Pascal will hook up in a hard core fans super fight within two years.

- Arthur Abraham over Carl Froch in the Super Middleweight Tourney finals.

- Wladimir Klitschko will never again face anyone with power. EVER.

- The buy rate for Mayweather/Marquez ensures that we will never see Mayweather vs Pacquiao... and it wont be because of Floyd.

- Timothy Bradley, Edwin Valero & Ivan Calderon will all lose their titles before the end of 2010.

- Erislandy Lara & Guillermo Rigondeaux will both be belt holders by mid 2011

- Ravens 28 Patriots 20

A fight I’ve been thinking about...

Julian Jackson vs Roberto Duran

The Hawk was relentless and one of histories most punishing punchers. That’s just the way Roberto Duran liked them. He would take the best Jackson threw at him and counter with his patented right hand. I imagine Jackson would win the first few rounds during some furious exchanges and then the old master would take over behind a brutal body attack and laser right hands. Give me Duran by stoppage in eight or nine.

You don’t tug on Supermans Cape
You don’t spit into the wind
You don’t pull the mask off that old Lone Ranger
And you don’t try to knock out Duran

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mpar1 said...

I think the same about Floyd/Manny. Floyd has now outsold him on PPV on 3 occasions, including huge disparites in buy rates for De la Hoya and Hatton. Still, some will insist Manny is the bigger draw.

Mark said...

He will demand a bigger cut and a catch weight. Floyd should get at least 55/45, he is the biggest draw in the sport.