Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vitali Klitschko vs Chris Arreola: Round by Round Blog

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live round by round blog coverage of the heavyweight showdown between Vitali Klitschko and Chris Arreola.

The HBO broadcast is set to begin at 10 PM EST, and updates will start as soon as the show starts.

Vitali Klitschko 37-2 (252) vs Chris Arreola 27-0 (251)

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9:50 PM EST... 10 minutes until the show starts.

10:05... HBO is live from the Staples Center, but first they are replaying last weekend's Mayweather/Marquez fight. According to Jim Lampley, it will be another hour before the heavyweights come on. I'll be back then for the round by round of Klitschko vs Arreola.

10:40... The Mayweather/Marquez replay is through 8 now. Hopefully tonight's fight will be starting around 11.

11:02... After the replay, Lampley interviewed Mayweather. Nothing really worth relaying, as Floyd didn't give anything away regarding his future plans.

11:04... Arreola is pacing inside his dressing room. Now HBO's going to do a little hyping with a Ring Life piece on the challenger.

11:10... Merchant on Arreola... "He jiggles in place he shouldn't jiggle in."

11:13... Now we're seeing some clips of Vitali. Neither fighter has made their way towards the ring yet.

11:15... Tale of the tape... Vitali has a 3 1/2 inch height advantage, plus a 3 1/2 edge in arm length.

11:16... Here comes Arreola.

11:17... Arreola is in the ring. He's wearing a black robe with silver trim, with the words "Chris The Nightmare" emblazoned on the back.

11:17... Vitali making his way towards the ring.

11:18... "Two very big men in the ring... let's go to Michael Buffer for the official introductions." - Lampley

11:19... The ref is Jon Schorle.

11:20... The crowd is buzzing as Arreola is introduced.

11:22... Not quite the same warm reception for Vitali.

11:22... Final instructions have been given. We are moments from starting.

11:25... Vitali with his left low, pawing with the jab as Arreola trying to get close. Arreola trying to get inside and eats a right hand. Vitali backing away as Arreola tries to get inside, and manages to tie Arreola up and get away. Arreola charges forward, but doesn't catch the big man. Now Vitali with a 1-2 that's blocoked. Vitali sticking a couple jabs home from long range. Vitali with a right hand uppercut. 1:30 to go. Arreola looking to get close, but no luck so far. Now Vitali ties him up. Vitali with a right hand, and another one. Now Vitali with that awkward jab/hook of his. 45 seconds left. Vit with a jab. Another jab, and a right that's blocked. Vit now misses with a right. Arreol is coming forward, but Vit keeping him at his range. 15 secnds left. Arreola tries to jab his way in, and gets one home. Now Vitali with a 1-2 that is short. Arreola tries to respond, but doesn't connect. There's the bell.

11:26... A lot of celebs in attendance. Mike Tyson got a big hand. Stallone and Arnold are there too. So is Kobe.

11:30... 1-0 on Harold's card for Vitali. Arreola with a couple jabs. Vit with a jab in response. Arreola with a right hand to the body, and Vit fires back. Vit with a 1-2, and Arreola fires back and pushes Vit into the ropes, but gets tied up. Vit with a jab. Vit sticking the jab home. Now a 1-2 from the big guy. Arreola coming forward, but not getting close enough. Now he eats a 1-2 again. Vit lands and then gets out of there. Arreola keeps following, but eats another right hand. Vit with a jab. Another jab and a right. Arreola keeps coming, but he's getting hit for his troubles. Arreola now chases Vitali accross the ring, but doesn't really land anything in the process, and Vit resumes banging Arreola with the jab and right hand. Another 1-2 from Vitali. Vit is also working that hook in there too. Arreola having to lunge to get close. There's the bell. Another round for Vitali.

11:30... Arreola is making Vitali work hard, but is he's taking some punishment in the process. Not sure he can do that for too long. We'll see.

11:33... 2-0 on Harold's card. Vit with a jab. Lampley commenting on Vitali breathing through his mouth, and then adds that he always does that. Vitali with a right hand. Arreola tries to respond, but misses. Vitali with a hook/jab. Vit just sticking the jab in ther as Arreola follows him around the ring. Vit is circling to his left. Now he catches Arreola with a 1-2. Arreola did get his own right hand in though. Now Arreola lunges in with a right, and gets caught again. 1:20 to go. Vit with a 1-2. Arreola keeps edging forward, he's got his gloves up when he does, but his head is too stationary and he's getting tagged with jabs. Vit with another 1-2. Arreola making Vitali use his legs a lot here. Vit with another jab. Arreola tries to respond just before the bell, but gets tied up.

11:37... Lampley mentions that Arreola's face is beginning to redden and show some damage. 3-0 on Harold's card. Arreola comes forward, eats a jab, but lands a right hand. Vitali on the move... going left. Arreola chases him and throws a 1-2, but is short as Vitali gets away. Vit moves back to the middle of the ring. Arreola comes forward and eats a jab. Vitali with a jab, but misses the follow up right hand. Vit with another jab. Arreola chases Vit into the ropes, and fires off a right hand that lands. Vit responds with a 1-2. Vit with a jab. Vit with a right. 1:00. Merchant commenting that Arreola is closing the distance a little bit, but still catching a lot more than he's landing. Vit with a jab. Arreola misses with a right hand. Vit sticking out the jab, and Arreola fires a right hand to the body. Vit with a jab. Vit with his left hand low keeps sticking out the jab when Arreola comes forward. There's the bell.

11:38... Between rounds, we got a highlight of a little left hook that Arreola landed on the inside.

11:41... 4-0 on Harold's card. Arreola coming forward, leans in with a jab that's short. Vitali responds with a right hand that lands. Vitali with another right, and then he slips away to his left. Now he goes to his right and Arreola tries to chase him down. Vitali though sticks the jab and moves. Vitali with another jab. Arreola lunges in and gets tied, but he bangs the body in the clinch. 1:40. Arreola charges forward, eats a jab, but keeps pressing and pushes Vitali into the ropes. Vitali with a right. Vit with another right. Vit is landing a lot of shots, but Arreola keeps coming. Another jab. "Arreola has got to find a way to get inside if he wants to stay in this fight." - Merchant. "Vitali not fighting like a 38 year old." Larry adds. Vitali with another jab. Vitali moving to his right. Sticking the jab home when Arreola advances. Now a right hand. Now a jab. Steward thinks Arreola's confidence is growing. Vitali with a 1-2 just before the bell.

11:46... Round 6 underway. 5-0 on Harold's card. Vitali moving to his right. He sticks the jab in. Arreola tries to respond, but doesn't have any luck as Vitali backs away and then slips off to his right. Vitali with a jab. Follows up with a right hand. Arreola edging forward, but Vitali bangs home a 1-2. Arreola pushes Vitali into the ropes and gets tied up. Vitali with a right uppercut. Vit with a jab. Action now in the middle of the ring. Arreola just not able to get inside, and he's not presing the way he did this round as he was in the previous round. Just as I say that, he forces Vitali into the ropes. Now Vitali lands a right, and Arroela comes back and presses Vitali again, but I don't think he got his shot home. Viali with a jab. 40 seconds left in the round. Vitali with a right hand to the body. Vit with a jab. Vit with a 1-2. Vit with a right hand. And another right. Arreola with a couple jabs, but is short with them. He tries to land a right, but Vitali backs away and the round ends.

11:50... 6-0 on Harold's card. I'd assume all 3 judges have it the same. Arreola eats a 1-2 as he tries to get inside. Vit with a right hand. Arreola rushes forward, firing his right hand, but Vitali escapes without getting tagged with anything serious. Vitali now moving away to his left. 2:00 to go in the round. Vit with a jab, and slips away to his left, now moves to his right and gets back in the middle of the ring. Arreola resumes following, but just can't get inside. Vitali sticks home a body shot. Vitali with a right hand. Vit with a jab. 1:00 to go. Vit got turned around and Arreola whacked him in the back. He's given a quick word by the ref. Vitali with a 1-2. Vitali with a right hand to the body. Larry comments on Vitali's fantastic conditioning. The pace of this round is a little slower. Arreola tries to get something started in the last few seconds and rushes Vitali. There's the bell.

11:50... Vitali has to be getting tired with all this movement, but at the same time, Arreola's pace seems to have slowed as well, and he's taken a great deal of punishment so far. Even if Vitali tires a little, not sure if Arreola will have anything left to press him with him.

11:54... Arreola resumes following Vitali around. He gets inside and Vitali grabs him, but with a free hand he bangs the body. The ref has been very quick to break them on the inside as he does so on that occasion. Harold pointed that in the previous round. That's certainly not helping Arreola. Now Arreola chases Vitali into the ropes, and he lands a hard left hand that got Vitali's attention. He followed up with a right hand, and Vitali was forced to hold on. Vitali fires back, but Arreola with some real energy fired off another right hand that forced Vitali to clinch. Now Vitali ties him up again. Vitali with a right hand. Arreola rushes forward, eats a right, but keeps coming and pushes Vitali into the ropes. Arreola looks like he's going for a broke here. Vitali fires to the body. Arreola fires a right hand. Lampley points out that blood is coming from Arreola's nose. Vitali fires a right hand. Vitali with a right hand. Arreola appeared to tag him with a counter, and then chases the big guy into the ropes. There's the bell. Definitely Arreola's best round so far.

11:54... Arreola's corner tells him to keep doing what he's doing.

11:54... Vitali's corner urging him to keep using his jab.

11:58... Arreola comes forward to start the round. Vitali with his hands down, firing off the jab. Arreola now tries to jab his way in, but Vitali slips away to his right. Vitali with a jab. Arreola pushes forward and eats a 1-2. Action in the middle of the ring now. Arreola fires off a hook, but misses. Vitali digs to the body with a right hand. Arreola comes forward and wings a right hand, but gets tied up. Now Vitali slips away and sticks Arreola with the jab. Now they clinch. Vit with a 1-2. Vit with a hard right hand that got Arreola's attention, but Arreola immediately comes forward. Vit with a right hand. Merchant comments that this is as one sided as last week's Mayweather/Marquez fight. Arreola tries to get inside, but gets tied up. Vit with a jab. Vit with another jab. Arreola is looking tired here and Vitali backs him into the ropes just as the round ends.

12:02... Round 10 coming up. Harold has it 8-1. Arreola comes out pressing. Vitali keeping his distance with the jab. Arreola following Vitali and eating jabs here. Arreola trying to get inside, but having no luck. He just chased Vitali into the ropes but couldn't land anything and Vitali responded with a 1-2. Vitali digs a shot to the body. Vitali with a 1-2. Vit with another 1-2. Arreola not pressing with the same enthusiasm he was earlier. His rushes forward are getting increasingly infrequent. Now he comes forward and misses witha hook. Vit with a jab. Vit with a right hand. Vit with another right hand. Vit with a jab. Vit with another jab. This is very one sided stuff. Vit with a 1-2.

12:02... It's over. Arreola's corner has ended it.

12:03... Or maybe the ref is the one that called an end to it. Either way it was a good decision, because the last two rounds were extremely one sided and it was looking like it was only going to get worse.

12:05... Here's Michael Buffer with the official announcement. He asks for a round of applause for the courageous challenger. "Referee Jon Schorle steps in and calls a halt to the bout at the end of round 10. The winner by TKO, Dr. Iron Fist, Vitali Klitschko."

12:06... Merchant is with Vitali. "Was this as easy for you as it looked to us?" Merchant asks. "It's never easy."

12:08... Arreola comes over and has a congratulatory word for Vitali. Now Larry's talking to Arreola, and he's really broken up. "I didn't want to quit. I wanted to the full 12 rounds."

12:09... "I just couldn't get to him, man." - Arreola

12:10... Larry tells him that he gained a lot of fans tonight. He gave it his all tonight, you have to give him that.

12:11... That's it for our coverage. I hope you enjoyed it and please check us out again next time.