Friday, September 18, 2009

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez Predictions

With the big fight a little over 24 hours away, it's time for The Boxing Bulletin writers to chime in with some predictions. Keep in mind that these were made before today's weigh-in.

Make sure to check back in with us tomorrow night for our live round by round blog coverage of the entire card.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez

While Marquez' intelligence and combination punching will keep it competitive, I got Floyd by decision, 8-4 or 7-5 in rounds. His foot speed and reach advantages will allow him to stink it out when the going gets tough.

- Michael Nelson

There are so many X factors that it will be fascinating to see the questions answered as the rounds unspool. This in mind, you could draw up all sorts of entirely plausible scenarios, but... I think Juan is going to be very determined here and I think his timing and relentless combos are going to surprise Floyd. My guess is Mayweather's speed embarrasses Marquez in some flashy moments, particularly early as Floyd will come out more aggressive than usual I believe, but I think the sports supreme adjustment maker, does what he does best, and Marquez takes advantage of a slightly older now, slightly rusty, slightly overconfident, slightly more conservative Mayweather as the fight goes on.

If Marquez could take Pacquiao's speed, I think he can handle Mayweather's, and with his more consistent output and immaculate counter punching, he pulls the upset. I think on occasion he tags Mayweather cleaner than almost anyone ever has and, dare I say it... maybe even rattles "Money". I'm going to go with Marquez by decision in a more entertaining fight than might be expected thanks to Marquez putting it on the line and making the fight. It'll probably be close enough so that Floyd claims robbery.

- Jeff Pryor

I agree with Michael. I think Floyd's speed and reach edge will be the key. Marquez will just have a real tough time getting into range, without getting tagged first, and Floyd's not going to be stick around to get banged in return. I think the rounds will be tactical and close, but clear for Floyd. I see 116-112, 117-111 type scores, with no argument from anyone who the rightful winner is at the end.

- Andrew Fruman

I've wrestled with this fight for months now and trying to pin down a winner has proved near impossible. I'm exhausted, so I'm just going to call it a 6-6 draw at the end of 12.

I have no idea who is going to get the decision, but it should be a very close fight. Floyd has never fought anyone as good as Marquez, nor has he ever proven to be the better man. I'm not sure anyone has their way with a patiently aggressive counter puncher who throws effortless combinations with power.

The pot shots Mayweather loves so much will be timed eventually by a great fighter and adjuster. If pressed to pick a winner, I'd take Marquez close because I think he has the mental edge (smarter man, nothing to lose, more secure, perhaps hungrier...) going into the fight. If pressed to pick who will get the decision, I'd take Mayweather close, because he seems to get love from the judges even if he seems to get the benefit of the doubt when nothing is happening.

- Lee Payton

As long as Marquez keeps the pressure on Mayweather by cutting off the ring and throwing in combination, he’ll have a good shot. And I’m giving him more than most. I just don’t see Floyd dominating JMM by running and pot-shotting. This isn’t Ricky Hatton or an old De la Hoya. It will be Mayweather’s toughest fight since Jose Luis Castillo, but this time a Mexican will be awarded the decision.

Marquez, in the upset, 115-113.

- Joseph R. Holzer

I see the fight similarly to Andy and Michael, I believe Marquez will put in a good performance but I just can’t see him being able to match Mayweather’s foot speed or natural ability. I also think Mayweather’s size advantage will play a major part in the fight; I’ve got serious doubts as to how effective Marquez will be with the additional weight.

I think Mayweather will box too cautiously to get the stoppage but will be a clear winner around the 116-112 mark.

- Dave Oakes


LatinoPorVida said...

My heart is with "Dinamita" yet I can't see him being able to catch Floyd. I believe Mayweather will be too dam fast and strong for Marquez. Floyd's boxing skills are above Marquez. Floyd has tremendous defensive skills therefore I don't think Marquez will even touch Floyd. I got this fight ending in a unanimous decision maybe even a late stoppage for Floyd Mayweather Jr although I will see be rooting for my latino fighter Marquez! Marquez! Marquez!

Randyman said...

Through perseverance, an incredible work ethic, sound technical skills, a big punch and a granite chin and will, Juan Manuel Marquez has finally stepped out of the shadow s of his countrymen and contemporaries, Erik Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera, defeating Barrera in the process in their 2007 fight.

I have only recently became a real fan of Marquez. Marquez has displayed tremendous heart in almost every fight he has been in, including and especially, in his fights with the great Manny Pacquiao, fighting back from early knockdowns to finish strong and come within a hair’s breadth of winning in both fights, getting a draw in their first fight and split decision in the second. This is an indication of just how good Marquez is.

Marquez has proven himself to be one of the top pound for pound fighters in the world today and rightly so. He fights Floyd Mayweather Jr tonight (09/19/ 09). Mayweather is favored to win. I’m hoping that Marquez can pull off an upset against Mayweather. It’s tough hill to climb but between the two, Marquez is the only one to face a current pound for pound champ in his prime. That has to count for something.

Marquez is moving up in weight. He’ll be fighting at 142 for the first time. Mayweather is the bigger man and will probably be fighting at around 160. I’m hoping that Marquez can handle both the weight and Mayweather’s speed. With timing and solid counterpunching, he just might pull it off. No prediction here, just a very strong hope. Let the best man win.