Tuesday, September 15, 2009

One More Round With Mark Lyons: Mayweather-Marquez, Chavez Jr, Montiel/Valdez, etc...

With his Top 40 at 40 countdown complete, The Boxing Bulletin's Mark Lyons turns his attention to the current boxing scene with a new weekly column.

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Welcome to the first edition of my new weekly recap/preview blog style column. Please feel free to email me with any disagreements regarding my recaps, predictions, etc. I’m all about slicing up a topic with a fellow boxing fan.

My take on this past weekend's action...

A lot of fights last weekend and here are some brief notes on the ones that I saw. I can’t say I bothered to flip on Showtime, but the results were far from surprising.

The ref in the Montiel/Valdez fight was despicable. I don’t even know where to begin... a do over on the knockdown in the second and then a TD on a cut that was never ruled the result of a butt. Weight is over dramatized in the sport today, but Montiel may just be too diminutive for bantamweight. Mijares is another that just doesn’t seem like he can cut it at 118, though I’ve yet to see his fight.

Chavez, Jr (pictured) has picked up a lot of disdain up to this point in his career. I will say this, the kid comes to fight and has engaged in some exciting scraps. This latest effort is a sign that they need to step it up a level. That complaint has been issued for some time, but when he was going to war with the guys in front of him, he was being matched up appropriately. He does put his punches together well. I’m not saying the kid is a future champion, but he is fun to watch.

Calderon/Mayol was almost intolerable to sit through. I like Ivan and have never expected him to be the type of fighter that is in wars. However, he seems to be having difficulty pulling the trigger on counters now. While his defense is still top notch, the signs of age are showing on what was an already limited offense. That being said, I didn’t see the controversial decision I am reading from a lot of people. I’m still waiting for him to get hit.

Tyson Fury is the weakest heavyweight prospect I’ve ever seen. Tye Fields, minus the power. That’s all I’ve got to say about that.

Looking Ahead to Mayweather vs Marquez...

I’ve been anticipating this fight for months now. First off, props to Golden Boy for giving us two undercard fights to look forward to. I know it should be the rule, not the exception, but they have delivered a great card here. Forgive me for not caring that the Judah fight is canceled.

There is no doubt in my mind that Katsidis/Escobedo will be explosive. I’m going to take the Aussie by tight decision, but with all kinds of trepidation. In fact, all predictions on this card are difficult to formulate. That’s what makes it such a special event in my opinion. I have to figure that Rocky Juarez will do just enough not to win. He is one of the coolest guys in the sport and I’ll be pulling for him, but I expect Chris John to box better this time and secure a decision.

On to the main course, I can’t tell you how interested I am in this fight. First off, the weight means nothing to me. Five to seven lbs vs a two year layoff is an even trade. I have to admit to not watching 24/7, so you wont hear anything about that here. I think Mayweather’s timing has to be affected by the layoff, at least early on. This will enable Marquez to get off to a faster start than he usually does.

That’s where the drama begins. While critics of Floyd run wild, I don’t think anyone can question how much that “0” means to him. If he gets overly aggressive, Juan will counter him to death. These guys are both facing a fighter with gifts that they have never faced before. Money’s defense is spectacular, but can he fend off a 4 punch combination thrown with anger, speed and absolute precision? I can’t wait to find out. The 3rd and 4th shots of the combo are where I expect JMM to do his damage and it’s hard to shoulder roll shots coming from every conceivable angle. On the flip side, Floyd is as accurate as they come and his lead right hand can off set what Marquez is trying to accomplish.

The fight will be tactical, but in a fascinating way. Marquez will ensure enough action to keep everyone interested. I imagine several swings in momentum and by the stretch both guys will be on about plan D. You’re talking about two of the smartest fighters to ever lace them up and the adjustments they both make will be subtle and brilliant. I’m expecting a very tight distance fight between two all time greats. That being the case, give me Marquez at +300 all day long.

A fight I’d love to see...

Each week I'll throw a different mythical match-up out there with my opinion of how the it might have played out. I'll start this week with Jersey Joe Walcott vs Archie Moore.

No idea why this never took place, but it should have, 4 or 5 times. 2 of the smartest fighters ever to lace 'em up, but neither shied away from a war. I have a sneaking suspicion that this fight would have a few tactical rounds and then would turn into a war. Both had power, guts and a chin that could be found. I think the ebb and flow would be fantastic, both guys see the deck and in the end Walcott escapes by the narrowest of decisions. Either guy taking it by any possible result wouldn’t surprise me in the least.

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