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Jean Pascal vs Silvio Branco: Round by Round Blog

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live round by round blog coverage of the light-heavyweight clash between Jean Pascal and Silvio Branco. If you're looking to watch the fight live, the show is being broadcast via online PPV at

Make sure to check us out tomorrow night as well, as we'll be doing a live round by round blog of the heavyweight match-up between Vitali Klitschko and Cristobal Arreola.

Jean Pascal 23-1 (175) vs Silvio Branco 59-9-2 (174.2)

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Refresh this page often as updates will be frequent

8:10 PM EST... Right now, the 3rd preliminary bout of the evening between cruiserweights David Whittom and Carl Handy is in the 5th round (scheduled for 6). Still to come before the main-event is an 8 rounder between Sebastian Demers and Jose Spearman as well as a scheduled 12 rounder between Adonis Stevenson and Jermaine Mackey.

I would estimate Pascal and Branco will be coming on between 10:00 and 10:30, and updates will start as soon as soon as the fighters make their way towards the ring. Check back with us earlier though in case the show moves along a little quicker than expected.

8:21... Handy just finished pounding out a unanimous decision over Wittom. Scores were 59-55, 58-56 and 60-54. Wittom finished the bout with some nasty looking brusing under his right eye.

8:24... Jose Spearman is in the ring, with Sebastian Demers on his way in. I'll give periodic updates of these next two bouts, but will save the detailed round by round updates for the main-event.

8:31... Just over a minute into the opening round, Demers dropped Spearman for the 10 count with a right hand, followed by a left hook to the body. It looked like the right hand did most of the damage and I think Spearman was already heading down when the body shot landed. The official time was 1:18.

8:34... On the replay it looks like Spearman was definitely finished by the right hand. He had his gloves up high with his back to the ropes, and the punch looked like it caught him just behind his guard.

8:44... Adonis Stevenson is heading in. Jermain Mackey is already in the ring. This one's scheduled for 12, and I'll be giving periodic updates.

8:52... First round is in the books. Stevenson looked like he hurt Mackey with a left hand to the body with about 30 seconds left in the round, and backed the visiting man up into the ropes with a follow-up flurry.

8:56... Not too much to report from round 2, although during the closing seconds, Mackey stuck his chin out at Stevenson, daring the Canadian to take a shot. Stevenson responded with a jab and a 1-2, but couldn't connect as Mackey dodged his head out of the way. Guy Jutras has it 2-0 for Stevenson.

9:00... A good round for Stevenson. Mackey's a shifty customer, able to slip most shots upstairs, but Stevenson has made a concerted effort to fire to the body with both hands and has had success doing so.

9:05... Stevenson put Mackey down at the end of the 4th round, putting an exclamation mark on a very one sided round. He landed a couple of hard straight lefts early in the frame, while continuing to work the body. With about 45 seconds left, he landed another hard straight left, and landed several more, which had Mackey in all kinds of trouble before he went down just before the bell.

9:07... That's it. This one's over. It looked like they might might stop it before the 5th round, as the doctor took a look at Mackey before allowing the round to begin. Stevenson immediately went on the attack, and after it appeared the ropes prevented Mackey from going down near the corner, the ref jumped in and called it off. Good stoppage.

9:08... The official time is 0:20 of round 5. Stevenson the winner by TKO.

9:12... With Demers and Stevenson both winning early, we might be in for a bit of a wait before the main-event. I'll keep you posted.

9:20... While we wait for Pascal and Branco, highlights from the night's earlier bouts are being shown. I'm going to guess we'll be waiting at least another 15-20 minutes before the main-event starts.

9:24... Adonis Stevenson is chatting with the commentators. If I could understand French, I still wouldn't be able to relay what's being discussed as the audio from the booth isn't coming through at all. That's been the story throughout the broadcast. I'm wondering if the American feed is any different from the Canadian feed? English commentary? Or is it the exact same broadcast?

9:29... Now Joachim Alcine is helping to fill some air time.

9:34... I just checked Bad Left Hook's fight night coverage, and they're reporting no audio from the commentary booth as well. Not a big deal, as at least we're getting the sounds from the arena, the ring announcer, etc.

9:37... Now a more worrisome concern than the lack of audio has developed, as the picture has frozen up a few times in the last couple minutes. Hopefully that does not happen during the fight.

9:40... Yvon Michel just had his turn in the booth. Now it's Antonin Decarie. Still having some picture problems.

9:46... There are flags in the ring visible behind the commentators. That's a good sign. Anthems must be coming up very shortly... then the fight.

9:51... Branco's in the ring, and Pascal is about to join him there.

9:52... The ring announcer is Christian Gauthier.

9:53... Gerry Bolan is the ref.

9:56... The crowd's buzzing as Pascal's name is announced. Looks like we're moments from getting under-way. Bolan about to give the fighters their final instructions.

10:01... We're underway. Branco immediately moves forward looking to press the action, while Pascal circles. Pascal moving to his left. Branco with a probing jab. Pascal keeps moving. Now he sticks a jab out. Branco short with a jab to the body. No punches landed in the opening 60 seconds. Pascal is short with a jab, and then gets on the move. Now he jumps in, but doesn't land. Branco is short with his jab. Branco short with another jab. Cautious stuff here. Branco now fires a right hand over the top, which may have just landed. Now Pascal fires back, but misses with a hook. 30 seconds left in the opening round. Pascal with a jab, and lands a follow-up glancing right. There's the bell.

10:02... 1-0 to Branco on Jutras' card.

10:05... Pascal circling to his left as Branco follows. Pascal now stops and jabs to the body, but is short with it. Branco with a 1-2, but neither lands. The right hand was blocked. Branco misses witha jab. Pascal fires back with a right hand, but he's short with it. Neither man really committing much here in the early going. Pascal with a 1-2, but he's short. Branco misses a right hand, and misses with a follow-up left hook. Now Pascal coming forward, and throws a right hand, but doesn't connect. Now he gets one home. Branco short with the jab. Pascal moving to his left, then his right, then to his left. Now Branco comes forward and Pascal ties him up. 30 seconds left in the round. Branco with a couple jabs that are short. Pascal jabs to the body. Now they exchange, but neither man gets anything home, and Pascal wildly goes forward and misses. Pascal misses with a hook. Two rounds in the book and neither man has landed a telling punch yet.

10:09... Round 3 is underway. Branco is up off his stool first. 1-1 on the Jutras score-card. I'd say that's about right. Not much has happened so far, and neither man deserves an edge. Branco with a right hand that's blocked. Pascal standing his ground a little more to start the round, but now he's on the move again. He throws a jab to the body that is short. Now Pascal edges forward, and tries to get in a jab, but Branco ties him up. Action in the center of the ring here. Branco looks to have caught Pascal during an exchange and I think Pascal is a bit buzzed, He backs off to the ropes with his gloves up and Branco goes after him. Now it looks like the Canadian is okay as he comes back throwing. 1:00 to go in round 3. Pascal throws a a bit of a wild 1-2 as he comes forward. Now he paws with the jab. Branco just misses with a 1-2. Pascal fires wildly back with his right hand. Some action here. A little sloppy, but both men looking willing to throw. Pascal with a jab, catching Branco on the way in. Pascal tries to fire off a lead hook. There's the bell to end round 3.

10:10... We're getting a replay of the moment when Pascal was slightly buzzed. Looked like a little right hand thrown in the clinch did it.

10:14... 2-1 Branco on Jutras' card. Branco comes out pressing, with Pascal circling. Branco with a right hand that got through as Pascal had backed up near the corner. Now the action shifts back to the middle of the ring. Pascal trying to jab his way in... very cautiously, and doesn't land. Pascal with a jab to the body which he's short with. Pascal now fires home a jab. Branco jabs to the body. 1:30 to go. Pascal looks a little unsure of himself here tonight. Now he comes forward with some aggression, backing Branco into the ropes, but the Italian fires back and backs Pascal off. 1:00 to go. Branco with a jab, and a left hook that's blocked. Pascal now comes forward with a jab and a hook. Branco ties him up. 30 seconds left. Pascal with a 1-2, but the right hand sails too high. Now Pascal gets home a right hand and aggressively goes after Branco. He throws him to the ground. The ref is counting. Is he calling that a knockdown? That happened just at the bell. Branco's up. We'll have to see that again.

10:14... It looked like a right hand from Pascal landed on the back of Branco's head while the two were tangled along the ropes.

10:15... The ref ruled that a knockdown, and that's going to be a 10-8 round. I think that's a little crazy, but that appears to be the way it was called.

10:18... Pascal a little more aggressive here in round 5. He's coming forward and letting his hands go. Now he backs off and looks to counter. Branco edges forward and Pascal fires a left hook that's blocked. Now Pascal catches Branco with a counter. Branco comes back with a 1-2 that lands. Now Pascal is on the move again, circling away to his left. He jumps in with a right hand that misses. 1:00 to go. Branco edging forward and tries to flurry, but Pascal ties him up. Pascal with a jab, but he's short. Now Pascal backs up and Branco follows him to the other side of the ring. Branco with a series of jabs into Pascal's high guard. Pascal now edges forward and throws a chopping right that is blocked. Branco fires his own right hand that doesn't get through. There's the bell.

10:22... Round 6 is underway. Jutras gave the 5th to Pascal. He's got him up 3-2, plus the alleged knockdown. A decent exchange as both men let their hands go and appeared to land. Pascal with a jab. Branco with a 1-2, but misses. Now Pascal fires a right hand over the top that misses. Branco misses with a jab. Pascal to the body with a jab. Branco edging forward here. He flicks out the jab. Now he fires a 1-2 into the guard. Pascal responds with a couple of shots to the body. Now Pascal witha bit of energy, fires off a hard flurry. Pascal now digs to the body. Branco on the ropes now fires back and gets out of there. Some good moments for Pascal. He's really not gone to the body at all in the early going with any purpose, but made a real effort to during that sequence. Branco now edging forward. He jabs into Pascal's guard, and now Pascal slips away to his left. Pascal now comes forward and fires off a 1-2 and I think the right hand got home. Both men fire off shots as the bell rings.

10:23... 4-2, 58-55 on Guy Jutras' scorecard.

10:27... Branco came out and backed Pascal in the corner and fired off a right hand. Pascal got out of there, firing off his own. Now Pascal with a combo. Pascal misses with a hook. Branco coming forward, with Pascal moving to his left. Now Pascal goes to his right and fires off a 1-2, but misses. Branco resumes coming forard. Pascal with his back to the ropes, looking to counter. Branco fires a right, and gets tied up. Pascal with a hold of Branco, who tries to fire a right in the clinch. Branco jabs into Pascal's guard. Now Branco with a hold of Pascal, and Pascal bangs a right hand to the back of Branco's head during the clinch. He's warned about it and the ref spots some loose tape. Action resumes and Pascal lands a right hand. Branco tries to fire back and then grabs a hold of Pascal's left hand. 15 seconds left in the round. Pascal with a right hand to the body, and then tries to flurry with both hands downstairs and then tosses Branco to the canvas... and this is called a knockdown. That didn't look like it. We'll have to see the replay, but I think Mr.Bolan has got it wrong again.

10:27... Looked like Pascal was throwing a punch, but still looked more like a push than anything else. Ruled a knockdown though.

10:31... 68-63 on Jutras' card after 7. Pascal is short with a jab to the body. Branco misses with a right hand. Pascal tries to rush forward, but he doesn't get anything home. Now Branco misses with a 1-2 and Pascal fires a right hand counter. Pascal misses with a sweeping hook. Pascal lands with a couple shots to the body. Now he gets home a right hand, and Branco grabs a hold of him. Pascal tries to flurry, but gets tied up. 1:30 to go. Branco fires a right hand that may have just landed. He's edging forward. Pascal moving to his left. Now Pascal has his back to the ropes. Branco pawing with the jab, looking to throw the right, but he doesn't let go with it. Now Pascal ties him up. 45 seconds left in the round. Action in the middle of the ring. Pascal misses with an overhand right. Pascal fires an uppercut, and then slips away. Branco gives chase. Branco goes to the body with a right hand and Pascal fires back with his own. 10 seconds left in the round. Branco with a couple of jabs that are short. Pascal fires back, and Branco comes back with a couple shots, although not sure if either landed. There's the bell.

10:36... 78-72 on Jutras' card. Branco comes out moving forward and misses with a right hand. Pascal is moving to his left. Now Pascal tries to flick a couple of jabs and come forward, but neither landed, and he goes back to the ropes looking to counter. Branco with a jab into the guard. Branco with a right hand that's blocked. Branco flicking out the jab, but not landing it. Now he fires a 1-2. Pascal fires a right hand in response. Branco tries to flurry, and Pascal fires back with a right hand. Not sure if it landed though. Branco immediately resumes coming forward. He fires a right hand into the guard. 1:00 to go. They clinch. Action in the middle of the ring. Branco tries to fire a hook, but misses. Pascal with a counter but doesn't connect. Now Pascal comes forward winging shots, as Branco backs up into the ropes. Down goes Branco. Not sure if he was hit low, but he suddenly went to the canvas. He's got some loose tape on his gloves anyway and Bolan takes him over to the corner for some work. They are back at it, but there's the bell to end the round.

10:37.. While Branco was having the tape on his gloves fixed, they showed a replay. Wasn't really clear if Pascal hit him low or not. Pascal fires to the body with both hands, and after a second, Branco went down. 88-81 on Jutras' card after 9.

10:40... Branco came out pressing as usual. Not much success though. Pascal just missed with a wild hook. Branco now pushing forward. He throws a 1-2 into the guard with Pascal's back along the ropes. Pascal now jumps forward with a hook to the body. Branco coming forward, missing with the right hand. Pascal meanwhile misses with a counter hook. Now Branco edges forward, firing a 1-2 into the guard. As the action moved in the center of the ring, Pascal catches Branco with something and sends him down. He's claiming he was hit behind the head, but he's up at the count of 9. Pascal goes after him, with both hands. Pascal lands a hook and down goes Branco again, and his corner quickly jumps into the ring and this one is over.

10:41... The first knockdown was a right hand that caught Branco while he was bending over. It did kind of catch him behind the head, but the way he was leaning over, that couldn't have been helped. Pascal went after him hard, and landed a couple decent hooks, the last of which sent Branco down again, prompting his corner to throw in the towel.

10:43... Pascal now has the microphone and is saying a few words to the crowd.

10:45... I didn't think Pascal really looked all that sharp tonight. Very tentative early, and didn't go to the body the way he's capable of. Still, he got the job done.

10:47... Pascal's now chatting with the commentators, and since there's no audio and I wouldn't be able to translate anyway, I might as well sign off. I hope you enjoyed our coverage of tonight's show and check back in with us tomorrow night for the Klitschko/Arreola heavyweight showdown.


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