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Live Round by Round Blog: Ivan Calderon vs Rodel Mayol

Welcome to The Boxing Bulletin's live round by round blog coverage of Ivan Calderon vs Rodel Mayol. If you're not in the US, Puerto Rico or the Philippines, you can watch the fight via online PPV at

Our round by round coverage is the next best thing to watching. Check us out tonight, and next week when we'll be covering Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Juan Manuel Marquez.

Ivan Calderon 30-0-1 (107.4) vs Rodel Mayol 25-3-1 (107.3)

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10:15 PM... Coverage will start shortly.

10:22... We just saw a clip of Calderon having his hands wrapped. The Martinez/Viloria fight is in the 6th round, and I'd guess the main event is at least 30 mins away.

10:34... Martinez in control through 8 (up 7-1 on the commentators cards). Viloria hanging tough, but he's getting much the worst of it.

10:41... Martinez finished Viloria at 2:59 of round 9.

10:43... My attention is a little diverted, as I'm watching the Ward/Pudwill fight on Showtime now. I'm sure that will be over long before Calderon and Mayol are ready to go.

10:50... We just saw Calderon warming up in his dressing room. Now we're going to get a few words from Calderon. He says he's ready for the fight, and he plans on moving a lot, and using his southpaw stance to box Mayol. "It doesn't matter if it's Madison Square Garden or where it is, I'm ready to fight."

10:54... Mayol has made his entrance, and now Calderon is heading towards the ring.

10:56... I jumped the gun a bit. Mayol had left his dressing room, but was still waiting to enter. Now he's on his way in.

10:58... Now Calderon is on his way in.

11:00... We're set to go. Lupe Contreras with the introductions.

11:01... The ref is Luis Pabon.

11:02... A mild reception for the visiting fighter Mayol when his name was called.

11:04... A bit more noise for Calderon, although the crowd is quiet for the most part.

11:08... We're underway. Mayol the more aggressive of the two to start. He's trying to fire off the right hand, coming in behind the jab. he's edging forward, with Calderon circling away. Calderon sticks a right hand in, and flurries quickly in close before slipping away. Mayol mising with a 1-2. he'd edging forward, with Calderon moving from side to side. Calderon gets in and out quickly, while Mayol tries to respond with a 1-2, but misses. Calderon slips a right hand and ties Mayol up. 45 seconds left in the opening round. Calderon jumps in with a left and then holds. Mayol comes forward, and gets tied up after missing a right. Mayol again misses with a right. There's the bell. Not too much of note landed, although Calderon got in a few shots.

11:09... By the way, the commentators are Bob Sheridan and Benny Ricardo.

11:12... Mayol keeps edging forward, but Calderon sticks a jab in and ties him up. Mayol is now warned for hitting Calderon in the thigh. Mayol moving forward, Calderon side to side looking to counter. Calderon jumps in,b ut is short with a left. We just had a head clash. The second of the round, and always a worry with southpaws/orthodox match-up. Mayol misses with a hook. Mayol again short. He misses with another combo. Calderon not really making him pay thoguh when he misses. Mayol keeps coming forward, but Calderon on the move, circling away. There's the bell. Other than the low blow warning and the head clashes, not much of anything happened in the round.

11:16... Calderon standing his ground more this round to start. He comes in with a 1-2, but neither land and they clinch. Mayol with a right hand that I think landed. Mayol edging forward now, with Calderon sliding off to his right. Now they clinch. 1:30 to go. Mayol is short with a 1-2, and they tie up. Mayol comes in behind the jab, with a right hand, but Calderon slips under it. Calderon with a hook that his short. He now fires a left that goes low, and there's a split second break in the action. Mayol comes forward, Calderon moving right, then left. Mayol with a jab. Sheridan has it 3-0, but stresses the rounds have been close.

11:20... Ricardo points out the battle between the two fighters for foot position, to get on the outside of the opponents lead foot. Calderon jumps in with a left that is short. Mayol edging forward, and throws a right, but misses. Mayol misses with a left uppercut. Action in the center of the ring here. Mayol throws a hook, and gets tied up. Calderon making Mayol miss, but not landing anything in return. Neither man doing much offensively here. "Very technical fight." - Sheridan. Mayol misses with a right. Calderon now ties him up. Mayol again misses with a right. Mayol tries to flurry and is tied up. Sheridan comments that Mayol may have won the round, but Ricardo disagrees.

11:21.. Calderon did nothing last round, and at least Mayol was coming forward trying to make the fight. I'm with The Colonel I think with that round.

11:24... My apologies, but my connection cut out during the round and I couldn't load blogger. Nothing much landed though for either man. Sheridan gave the round to Calderon.

11:28... "Calderon slightly out in front of the fight as he's slightly winning each round." - Sheridan. Mayol coming forward, firing a 1-2, that's short. Now he appears to have got through with a right hand. Calderon jumps in with a left, and ties Mayol up. Both fighters try and throw at the same time, and there's a clash of heads. Appears to be no damage thankfully. Mayol loads up with a right, and misses and gets tied up. Action (or lack of) in the center of the ring. Calderon misses with a left. Calderon short with a jab. Mayol misses with a right. Mayol wildly misses with a left hook. Calderon with a left, and then clinches. Mayol misses with a hook. Now they clinch again. Calderon with a straight left. Mayol tries to flurry, but misses, and then both fighters exchange shots at the bell. We are now through 6.

11:32... Round 7 underway. "We're enjoying the fight... and I hope you can appreciate the technical fight that we're watching." - Sheridan. Bob's enjoying it more than I am. I don't mind watching Calderon play keep away, as long as he lands his share counters, but he hasn't landed much himself. Mayol manages to get a right hand through. Calderon misses with a straight left, and they tie up. Calderon fires a looping left that is short. They clinch. Mayol with a 1-2, but is short. Now there's a bad looking clash of heads. Time is called. Calderon appears to have been cut. It's up high near the hair line and it's a bad one. The doctors are taking a long look. This one is over. We'll be going to the cards.

11:34... The left side of Calderon's head clattered into Mayol's head.

11:36... Lupe Contreras with the decision... 68-65 Calderon, 68-65 for Mayol, and 68-65 for the winner by split (technical) decision is Ivan Calderon.

11:37... An unfortunate ending to a bout short of thrills.

11:40... That's it for our Live Round by Round Blog coverage of tonight's show. We'll be back next week for Mayweather vs Marquez, with coverage of the entire show including the under-card bouts.


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Thank you very much!!!

angel said...

hello im michael
otra vez fria esto es el cuento de nunca acabar

angel said...

and thanks for the round by round coverage, you are the winner

Anonymous said...

Calderon is Champ again by headbutts..nothing new..keep it coming..

Andy said...

You're welcome Michael. Thanks for checking out our coverage.

I noticed while browsing the forums, some dissent regarding the decision.

I can understand the sentiment that Mayol should be rewarded for making the fight, but he rarely landed anything. Calderon was extremely economical, but he did catch Mayol with the occasional jab and straight left.